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  1. Ive just watched the episode and slightly underwhelmed, it looks like they are going to sandwich in Stannis's moment of glory in with Tyrion's escape etc next episode, they could easily have done it all in this episode though I think, Blackwater was a lot better imo. I personally think they have botched the entire story-line at castle black this season, Craster's keep diversion which took up a few episodes looks more and more pointless, its saving grace was Burn Gorman

  2. Speak for everyone why don't you?Glad you were all trolled coz the level of Stanfan shite had become nauseating.Stop watching the show and throw all your toys out of the pram.

    Oh,and ignore the possibility that that Stan's arrival may be even more effective in the final episode.

    Well its not as if its not a major plot point in the entire series which also sets-up most of the key interactions from AFFC, if they have truly thrown that out of the window it is worrying frankly

  3. The fights scenes have never really been a strength of this series. Other than Blackwater, I can count only one really memorable and exceptionally well executed fight scene in 3 and 1/2 seasons (The Hounds vs Beric). Other than that, they range from mediocre, to clunky, to down right awful. The Battle at Craster's Keep is definitely in the latter camp for me. It was if the Director simply yelled out "Sword Fight" and off the actors and extra's went. The result: A poorly paced silly sequence with guys wildly swinging their pretend swords.

    The thing is, it is possible to put together compelling action sequences on television. It's shame Cinemax's Banshee seems to be able to do better at this each week on 1/8 of the budget of GOT.

    I mostly agree, but I really rated the sword fight between Ned Stark and Jaime in the first season, it was really well choreographed even though it was brief, but thats the sort of thing they seem to be cutting corners on now.

  4. I mean more the sword work from the actors rather than the scale of the battles. I usually feel like I'm watching people who are obviously fighting to a script, and would rather the show runners cut down on fight scenes then make up new ones and devote episodes to them, but I seem to be very alone in that, heh.

    The fight scenes (the few that havent been cut) have gone way down hill this season, ive always been a big fan of the show but i'm starting to think they are all resting on their laurels a bit now, probably thinking about all the hollywood films they will be in when they get killed off.