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  1. I'd likely watch anything they put out. I'm just interested in that universe, so no matter how much I moan about it, I'd probably watch it. I would at least try it out. If it bores me, I'd probably drift away.
  2. Did it, though? She was screaming about taking what was hers with "fire and blood" in season 2. She looked basically aroused listening to Drogo promising to "rape their women" and "enslave their children" (speaking about the Westerosi). What do you think happens to the smallfolk in this scenario? This scene made me sick. Lots of people knew if she ever did cross the narrow sea, there would be a LOT of suffering in the name of her "taking what is hers". To me, we view Daenerys' character in fundamentally different ways. I would say that one of characteristics that she has ALWAYS had, is being totally certain of herself and what is right, and what she is owed. So she wouldn't ask the question "am I wrong?" or say "I'm afraid of what I'm becoming". That's not her. That would have been totally OOC in my opinion. Some people are attracted to her certainty and "strength" but as she got to be more certain of herself as the seasons went on, my liking of her decreased. She grew arrogant and unaware of her brutality. The gentleness that Jorah had seen, faded away. She would never question her actions the way Jon did, because they are nearly opposite personalities.
  3. Well, he did kill his commander. While he was too young to be in that role, he was mutinous. And besides all that - you can hardly say that Jon didn't bat an eye at doing it. It was obviously difficult for him and he didn't want to do it. It was more similar to Ned beheading NW deserters, whether he wanted to or not.
  4. Really? Any other character? What things did Jon do that were cold and ruthless, without batting an eye?
  5. I think there IS a difference between how Daenerys often killed people and how most of the characters on the show killed people. Her methods and total lack of feeling towards those she felt deserved it always chilled me. Crucifixion is supposed to be one of the most painful and drawn out deaths imaginable. Burning people alive. Even very early on, her reaction to Viserys being 'crowned' was pretty chilling. When Arya killed her victims, she sometimes did it in really horrible ways, too. I disagree that we were to really "cheer" her. I have a hard time believing (but judging from this thread, it's true) that people honestly "cheered" Daenerys when she would kill her enemies in various horrible ways without even batting an eye. Didn't her ruthlessness ever make you uneasy? That said, I also felt that her decent from killing her enemies without mercy, to killing innocent civilians without mercy, was - as almost everyone has been saying - too rapid. This was the woman who had been broken up over her dragons killing a child. How many children did she command her dragon to burn in KL? But for those who are offended that Tyrion was basically addressing the viewer when he said "we cheered her"...maybe it is worth looking at one's reactions to violent death on screen. I know it is "just" fiction. But I do find the exultation over graphic and terrible deaths (even when they are bad people) to be kind of disturbing. If Daenerys was supposed to be without a doubt a heroic figure in earlier seasons, why are there quite a few people who didn't like her ruthlessness and her arrogance and felt uneasy at the prospect of her crossing into Westeros to destroy "her enemies"?
  6. I just don't want that for her. I don't like the way they did her arc, but she pursued the wrong things. She thought the wrong things were her destiny and her right, and that it would make her happy (it wouldn't have). I think peace in death is the happiest ending she can have, now. What we saw a hint of in the House of the Undying.
  7. Many people die horrific deaths. That doesn't mean they can't rest in peace.
  8. Let her rest in peace. What she thought she wanted, was the IT, though the draw of its power corrupted her and the pursuit of it steadily stole everything from her. What she really wanted, was to be loved and truly understood. Let her go and be with Rhaego and Drogo.
  9. I feel kind of discombobulated, so I'll just do some point form... - I was quite confused by the NW thing. Why in the world would there still be a NW? I'm really shocked that Grey Worm actually let Jon go and didn't kill him immediately. So I guess Jon filled everyone in on what happened, since they knew he had stuck a knife in her heart? LOL. Classic Jon! I was happy to see him reunited with Ghost. So he is just going to go roam the North now? Is there anyone left at Castle Black, or is just abandoned now? So many questions! - I was pretty surprised by how overwhelmingly "go Stark's!" the ending was. I know we began the show with them and that they have kind of been the focus and heroes, but it was less subtle than I anticipated! - I wonder what Drogon did with Daenerys? - I found a few scenes to be surprisingly dull. Such as the "trial" scene where they chose Bran as king. - and other scenes I found a bit cheesy. Even though I'll admit, I did feel a bit emotional seeing the whole Stark family separating and going their own way, I did find the way everything felt so...tied up with a bow, to be slightly cheesy. I guess its just the result of things being so rushed this season. - pets for Ghost! Huzzah! - I want to talk about Daenerys. I haven't been much of a fan of hers for a few years now. I did think she was pretty cruel. I often got the feeling "are we really supposed to be cheering her on as she destroys this or that person, just because they were bad men? Does that make it right?" There was always the worry of: what if she decides a group of people are evil...but they really aren't? And that's exactly what happened. Anyway, all that said, I found her ending actually really depressing. So much time spent on her, watching her evolve and grow. She came so far. From a beautiful girl with no power whatsoever, to the most powerful person in the world, basically. Everything she thought she wanted, was in her grasp. The IT was so close. But in the end, she lost everything. The home she had always wanted, was actually lost long ago, the little family that couldn't be, in that tent she saw in the House of the Undying. Drogo and Rhaego. I went back and rewatched that HotU scene and it broke my heart all over again. I haven't liked Daenerys for awhile...but I certainly felt compassion for how lost she was in this episode (and since she came to Westeros). This sounds silly, but I hope she found her way back to that tent, in the end. Home at last. No distant sounds of dragons calling her on, no need for the IT anymore...just family, acceptance and love. The point of all that is to say: in the end, I felt much more sorry for her than I thought I would.
  10. I thought the exact same thing. At the very least, the guards standing in the background should have been roasted. Their plot armor is strong! Yes, death by Drogon is relatively merciful. Compared to burning at the stake...
  11. This was my impression. I'm not sure that it meant anything more than that Varys knew he was going to die for what he was doing, but he thought it was so important, he did it anyway.
  12. One other thought on the smaller details - I was kind of surprised that Cersei apparently was in fact still pregnant. I guess that means that all those moments where she wobbled on tears or looked sad and distant were about Jaime abandoning her/being alone, rather than sadness over a lost baby.
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