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  1. The Egg

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    He said in one of his blog posts a while ago actually. He confirmed that he was writing it (not alone though, right?) and he concluded with something like "looks like I'll be releasing a book in 2018, maybe 2, a man can dream", so I concluded that he was pretty confident that he'd finish this by the year. Let's hope this gave him the push to write TWOW too, I like his fake histories but I don't really feel the need to read them if the main stories don't come out.
  2. The Egg

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    We knew about it, but still.... Where's Winds?
  3. The Egg

    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    I know, I know, I follow him basically everywhere. I just prefer telling a nice lie to myself than the ugly truth :/
  4. The Egg

    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    Well, 25 months is still months. Plus he might have finished everything and he's waiting for the TV-junk to come to an end to publish with less pressure. A man can dream.
  5. I want to reply to your post in the Two Books thread that is now closed.

    I agree with you. It would have required a chapter or two from Feast moved to Storm, like Arya arriving in Braavos, and Bran getting to the Cave (it was only two chapters really). My only problem with the 5 year gap is having the White Walkers just milling about as no significant action of that sort should happen off screen.

    But a a few paragraphs for each character to remember how hard training had been or whatever for Arya, how much vision gained for Bran and how much preparation each side had done for Jon, along with the weather getting continuously worse, and maybe the first hints of winter. The Boltons could have claimed Winterfell but faced continual insurrections and found the expense of maintaining both castles ruionous (the number one killer of businesses is expansion without sufficient planning).

    Ah well, the path not taken, now I don't think we'll ever see a written form of the end of this series.

  6. The Egg

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I think the problem with TWOW is simply that he should stop pretending he has any interest in writing it. He doesn't, and that's fine, it's his talent, his life and his books, he can do whatever he wants with all of them. But he clearly prefers to do anything that's not writing TWOW, and I think at least he should be clear on that. In any case, if you have any hope you'll see the ending of this story in the books by his own hand, just drop it. You won't
  7. The Egg

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Yes, thank you, I still hadn't got to the scene with Osney, so I didn't remember at all that he was intended to be sent to the Wall after bedding Margaery. Of course, Cersei didn't have time for that, after the High Septon election... ...speaking of which, I'm on my second read and my thought about the foolishness of reforming Swords and Stars hasn't changed in these two years. I can't believe she asked so little in change of something so big the HS couldn't even dare to hope for, she gave him his wildest dream and asked little more than nothing in change, no to mention that she didn't see the (obvious) harm in having an army of tens of thousands onto which she had no power in her own city. Ok, she thinks she's Tywin Lannister with tits, aye, but that was even more foolish than I remembered. Sorry for the rant, but here comes my small question: Given that Cersei was the embodiment of stupidity in this particular case, how do you think she should have handled the whole Sparrow thing? Her solution proved to be the worst possible, but it must be given her that the situation wasn't easy at all. And she couldn't drown them all as Tywin did with the Castamere, unfortunately.
  8. The Egg

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Small question on Feast + Dance: I'm rereading Cersei's arc in Feast, and in one of her first councils My question is: do this men actually arrive at the Wall? And
  9. The Egg

    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    Definitely, NO. Especially now that he KNOWS he's not going to complete it on time.
  10. The Egg

    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    Not at all! Writing THE Teon chapter would've been a major spoiler and I can't see Martin doing that. He'd have used "a" even if there only was a single Theon chapter, or else he'd have implied Theon dies after the preview chapter, or at least loses his POV, so you can't take that as a clue, let alone a proof. Anyway, I believe the released Theon chapter strongly implies that he still has much to do and his arc is not over... You don't "waste" a chapter like that on a doomed character, IMHO
  11. Can this Minecraft map be regarded as a "ASOIAF-related mod"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWgvu8QBph8&feature=youtu.be
  12. Don't wake the dragonlord