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    [Spoilers] EP610

    I liked how Jon was almost elected, wildings bringing some democracy up in here. I can't believe how many people are calling Jon an usurper. Like really, even Sandra agrees with the Kitn proclamation. I think she is more worried about LF. She pretty much read between the lines of what Lf said. She realized, he only cares for himself. Gives some speech on how He sees himself in the It, and her at his side. Then immediately talks about Sandra rallying the North. She realized he is a huge threat, and when Jon is proclaimed Kint by the major North houses, she is happy, then looks a LF and worries. She doesn't underestimate him. I have huge hopes for Sandra next season and I'm Hoping she out plays LF. And the audience.
  2. ser charles candle

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Like i said keep it up 10/10 post, would read again.
  3. ser charles candle

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I'm hoping the boy is finally dead, and the man came back.
  4. ser charles candle

    [Spoilers] EP602

    keep posting how bland and underwhelmed you are maybe the more you do the more people will agree with you