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  1. The hardhome sequence made this episode a 10. i don't give ten's easily. it just had everything i would've pictured happening at hardhome in there except our boy jon snow was there with longclaw to up the anxiety. loved it Oh and Cersei saved the rest of the episode being boring. 10/10 for lena headey.
  2. What makes you sure that the 'green whore' is actually a prostitute? we've seen her with an unsullied (so she knew they wouldn't have sex) and in the courtyard she didn't actually do anything with the guy. Why would they even bother showing her- not only that but showing us she is a part of it- for two scenes if there's not something more to her? She seems to be wearing green so i think she might be some sort of replacement for the green grace (who may be behind the attacks in the books) There's also Yezzan who was announced in the big casting video last year at Comic Con and they have yet to actually show him on screen. I'm not sure why he was advertised as having a big role this season, i think he'll be in two episodes at the most. EDIt: btw to add tot he discussion of adapting AFFC and ADWD... It kind've pisses me off how people assume criticism of the show means that person hates the show. NO! it doesn't! D&D have made some bad decisions already regarding character choices this season. And its not because we 'hate the show' its because some plots don't make sense and you can't keep the main plots of the book but change everything in between and expect it to have the same effect. eg Tyrion's escape.
  3. Honestly if i was barristan's actor and i read the books and had to play out a premature death scene i'd be pretty pissed about it too. Especially since they bothered to bring him back in the first place. I don't believe Barry's actor would have reacted badly to it though. he is a professional.
  4. Mance was kind've hippocritical. At one stage he says "fuck my pride" and then he says "i will not kneel" wtf?!?! Jon was absolutely right in calling him out on that. I agree giving Loras a 'im gay, no really i am and i don't care if anyone finds out' storyline because he has nothing to do is really annoying. Make him kingsguard Cersei. Solves all your problems. But no, he is the heir to highgarden. they don't seem to care that much about continuity so why don't they just add in Willas and stop this nonsense. It makes Loras seem really superficial when in the books he was devoted to Renly and a D&M kind of guy. So cringe at Sansa and LF. Those people who keep saying 'sansa is playing LF' are wrong imo. she didn't even get close to playing him in her scenes in ep 1.
  5. Well i guess its just that all my unsullied friends knew who Catelyn was
  6. People haven't forgotten who Catelyn is. I'm pretty sure they'd connect the dots with Cat plus Lysa constantly babbling about her sister. They could've changed it to 'Only your sister' 'Only Cat'
  7. No, i don't like this argument. More unsullied are confused as to who Lysa Arryn is but they thoroughly established that with her scenes with Sansa. Everyone knows who Catelyn Stark is. I agree with everything Caerl Targaryen said. This season was so disappointing, if it was any other series i would stop watching
  8. i agree 100% on the CotF portrayal. did they run out of makeup artists? supposed to look something like this http://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/3/30/Asoiaf_snowylocks_by_sickdelusion_by_sickdelusion-d6wgdf3.jpg i understand the furs because its cold but sigh
  9. I'm voting on this, not just as an episode but as a season finale, and in that it was lacking. 5/10 lowest score for me.
  10. i thought it was more a realisation that they can't kill each other. And Jon happy that she's alive and loves him too
  11. He showed happiness when he saw her, he was smiling. I agree that that part was a bit off, but when Ygritte was dying i thought it was perfect
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