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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    This is my first post and won't go making an ass of myself just yet, but I will say I like the Stannis theory the best as the person who wrote the pink letter. Stannis understands war and deception better than anyone. Mance doesn't make sense - far too many holes which have been covered previously (how'd he get ink, quill, forge a signature, etc etc). Ramsay kind of makes sense, but there'd likely be a body part or flesh accompanying the letter to drive his point home. Stannis probably wouldn't think that dark to create a deception due to his honour and just nature. Stannis writing it makes sense. It serves him best. But then does Stannis' plan get ruined because Jon gets stabbed? Maybe that's for another thread. But you know what I love about this chapter? How murky it is! It raises SO many questions and answers bugger all. What a great sample chapter to keep tongues wagging. TWOW can't come soon enough.