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  1. Gave it a 9. Overall excellent, but with some minor flaws. Best episode of the season. Other than some time traveling issues and some half-assed writing, I thought the season was overall pretty good. Way better than Season 5, on par with Season 6. I do think it would have benefited greatly from having a full 10 episodes instead of 7, but, it is what it is. At this point I don't expect too many more surprises, but it will feel nice just to have the storyline wrapped up next season.
  2. 10/10. Easily. Best GoT episode to date for me. Something that was pointed out to me today: Varys at the end could make sense, as the fleet that is sailing with Dany was flying banners of Targaryen, Tyrell, and Martell. So the fleets came together to make one massive fleet. There is a ton of time going on behind the scenes and I don't know how much it makes sense to sail the Tyrell fleet to Meereen just to sail back to Westeros, but it did provide an epic effect. Hard for me to be critical of that one shot when the rest of the episode was just spectacular.
  3. vividox

    How would you rate episode 602?

    10/10. Excellent episode, felt every scene was somewhere between well done and excellent, nothing dragged out too much, lots of stuff happened. Felt a lot like a Season 1 or 2 episode to me.
  4. Question: Why the hell does anyone care even a little bit about last words? Lots and lots of complaints around here about Jon's final word. Final words don't mean a damn thing.
  5. Stannis & Co.: Well then. Half of Stannis' army abandons him, Selyse hangs herself out of guilt, Melisandre leaves him, Boltons slaughter his entire army, and Brienne shows up in time to finish Stannis off herself. That escalated quickly. I did like how they showed Stannis fighting right up toward the end, and how he kicked the shit out of those two guys even though he was badly injured. Brienne: Of course Brienne leaves a second before the candle is lit. Because plot timing. Sansa and Theon: Wow. Miranda's death was brutal. Headsplat right onto the stones below. I rather enjoyed that. Sansa and Theon into the snowbank, we all know they survive. Dorne: Jesus Christ this plot sucked this season. Typical GoT shock value with Jaime and Myrcella having a nice father-daughter moment and then Myrcella dying in his arms. In case I haven't said it enough times this season, Ellaria's character was befouled in the making of this series. Arya: Well I guess that was kind of cool. Meryn Trant all of a sudden acting like one of the most sadistic characters on the show was completely unneeded and out of left field, but hey, Arya got her kill in. I hate that they left out Arya's cool, "I didn't kill him, Arya Stark killed him" answer. You know, the line that made her progressing in her training make sense. Meereen: Okay then, Tyrion and Varys are ruling Meereen now. Hurrah. Dany is surrounded by the swirling Dothraki horse vortex of doom. Walk of Shame: I thought the lead up to the walk was kind of weak. It made it feel like the walk came out of nowhere. The walk itself was probably the most well done scene out of the entire episode (season?). A damn near perfect representation of what happens in the books. But why the hell didn't Cersei immediately ask for Tommen at the finish line? Cersei's #1 character trait is caring about her children, and she didn't ask about him, WTF? The Wall: Why the hell is Jon having that conversation about the White Walkers with Sam? Why isn't Alliser there? And Dolorous Ed? And every other high ranking Night's Watch left? Why does Sam have to ask to go to Oldtown? Why is Show!Jon the absolute worst commander ever, sulking in his chamber reading scrolls and doing nothing? Why does the Night's Watch need the Benjen ruse to kill Jon? Most of this seemed rushed, unnecessary, or downright trite. Lots of what happened in this episode could have been spread throughout the season and done better. Jon's "dead" though, and they made quite the point of putting Melisandre in the same locale. --- I'm generally not one to shit on the show because books, but there were so many changes in so many storylines that detracted more than they added. Even with all the big things happening this episode, I can't help but feel pretty disappointed by it. Perhaps that's just a reflection of the season as a whole. I'm having to suspend more and more disbelief just to continue watching the show. I had started coming to grips with the disparity between the show and the books last season, now it's hard to find the similarities. 6/10. I think that's tied for the worst rating I've given in this show. And it's getting increasingly harder to justify giving sixes.
  6. After sleeping on it another night, I'm changing my rating from a 6/10 to a 7/10.
  7. Good for you. Mad Men is probably my least favorite drama I've ever attempted watching. It's awful. Kudos for them for having great acting, great writing, great direction, and all that nonsense. It's completely wasted on one of the most worthless mediums of entertainment I've ever experienced in my life. Game of Thrones, on the other hand, has resulted in me devoting a significant amount of my leisurely time to following. The book is certainly better than the TV series, but the book is sublime and TV gets more crap than it deserves for not following the book to a T. As far as overall TV series goes, I'd give GoT a 9/10 and Mad Men a 2/10. Saying GoT is a 1/10 on the Mad Men scale is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read on the internet. Alright, I'm done, agree to disagree, have the last word if you must.
  8. A good story with a few plot holes is objectively better than a shitty story with no plotholes.
  9. Huh? Blinding was never a punishment. Blinding was a reward. That's the first step in actually becoming a Faceless Man. Up to that point they didn't think she could do it. When she kills Daeron and says Arya Stark did it, that's a sign that she can be a Faceless Man, and they reward her with beginning her real training. First step - take away her sight.
  10. Mad Men is fucking awful. /tangent /opinions
  11. You do realize there is an extremely strong correlation, right?
  12. I don't understand why the people who give the show a 1 every single week keep watching the show at all. For me, a 1/10 means the episode was one of the worst things you've ever watched in your life. If that's the case, why are you wasting your life watching it? I mean, honestly, outside of a few X-Files episodes that were monster-of-the-week, ridiculous, poorly written, and nothing at all to do with the overall plot, I don't think I could give a 1/10 to anything I go out of my way to watch.
  13. Bah. The Fighting Pit scene was probably my favorite moment from FFC/DWD and Sons of the Harpy version felt like butchery. Arya - For the first time, Arya's plot kind of annoyed me. We all saw the Arya - Meryn stuff from a mile away, did we really need all of these scenes of lead up? Deed should have been done with the amount of time this was given. The Wall - Safe through the gate, and Castle Black doesn't look to be supporting Jon's reign anymore. I would have thought Jon would have gone straight to Alliser and told him about the White Walkers. Or talked about the White Walkers to anyone for that matter. Stannis - Jesus mother f--king Christ, are you Goddamn serious?! For f--ks sake! Dorne - So I guess the necklace / threatening message was sent by Ellaria? Jesus shit they have absolutely defiled her character in this show. Bronn escapes death yet again. One big happy caravan to head back to King's Landing. Meereen - Dialog between Tyrion/Dany/Hizdahr/Daario - superb. Everything after that - meh. I think one of the best things about the books is GRRM truly keeps you on the edge on your seat. But the TV rendition with all the Harpies... all our heroes were surrounded by Harpies and you recognized this scene from Attack of the Clones instantly - Yoda is going to come in with a bunch of clones and save the day. Enter Drogon. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these scenes were beautiful and Drogon looks great, but all the long pauses where you are getting a moment between Missandei and Dany or Drogon and Dany... I'm just sitting there going "WTF, where did the Harpies go, shouldn't they be slaughtering these people in their moment of reverie?" And if they had so many spears to throw at Drogon, why the hell weren't they throwing those at Dany/Jorah/Tyrion/Missandei/Daario when they were surrounded? Oh yeah, and I guess Hizdahr isn't the Harpy in the show version either. I guess Jorah really getting the point across that he lives to serve Dany was kind of nice, hopefully he didn't give her greyscale. I think I'll give this one a 6/10. Really disappointing follow-up to Hardhome, despite some impressive visuals.
  14. vividox

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Incredible. Best episode of the series so far for me. Dany and Tyrion scenes were awesome. Arya on the docks was awesome. Then Hardhome, my God. Best battle sequence yet. Just amazing. Easiest 10/10 I'm like to give. VALYRIAN STEEL!!