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  1. jbob

    [Spoilers] EP607

    She wanted her to suffer. That was plainly obvious in the other episode when Jaqen told her to make it quick and painless.
  2. jbob

    [Spoilers] EP607

    I want to writ about Arya easily getting stabbed because I've seen people criticise this part for some reason. Arya gets stabbed immediately as she turns around. There was no time for her even think. It's obvious to us because we're watching the show and we saw the old lady longer than Arya did. And obviously for Arya to get back to Westeros she has to get out and talk to people, and especially trust someone even a little bit. She has to take risks somehow.
  3. jbob

    [Spoiler] EP604

    She lucked out. Why would they move them? Even if they did she'd just walk to them. Why would she be bound? That be a sign of weakness for a group of men to have to tie a small woman. Some Khals.
  4. jbob

    [Spoiler] EP604

    What if doesn't apply because she knew where the lanterns were already. There was an entire scene set in that same place. You make it sound like she planned it last season or something.
  5. jbob

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Dany is fireproof. She's the one that's a one off. For some reason, she was chosen to be fireproof. Just like, for some reason, she was chosen to have dragons and that was a one off. Her being fireproof is no more inconsistent than her being the only one to have dragons. Actually, it's even more consistent. The criticism is unbelievable though. In a series that have character coming back from the dead multiple times, Dany being fireproof bothers you? Really?
  6. It's still an army. It's still proof that the WW are building an army. They know they exist yet still commit this. But, in the end, it's supposed to be stupid on their part. They can't let go of their hatred. And it's worse in the books because they kill him in front of everyone.
  7. Anyway, I once had a theory that D+D were delaying things deliberately to give GRRM more time to come up with concrete ideas. People shot it down and I backed off on it. But I'm starting to wonder if I'm right after this season. The books did have an army of undead. They had the Battle of First of The First Men. An army of undead almost wiped out 300 men. And enough of them survived to tell the others. And people saw Sam kill a WW. So you could make that exact argument with the book characters as well then.
  8. How they'd butcher that? I don't understand, what was wrong with it? Actually it makes more sense than it does in the books. Why assassinate him in front of everyone. In front of Wildlings and King's men? Doing it in secret makes sense to me.
  9. They were too busy having sex with other pros? Perhaps they ditched the bastard since he was an asshole to them and didn't seem all too happy at him being a pedo.
  10. 1. No. You can't blame them for stupid expectations. Mother's Mercy is no different than any other vague title they've had. It's your fault for thinking LSH. Like you can't mention mother without people thinking of LSH. 2. How where they trolling by having him say Olly? Where did they even mention Jon warging or hinted at it? 3. Again, what trolling? Benjen was mentioned. Again, it's your own fault having these ridiculous expectations. 4. Maybe. Or could done offscreen in the books as well. It's not the first time GRRM didn't show a battle. I remember complaining about the lack of Fist battle yet it's like the book. 5. He wasn't a great military commander. But just because you're great doesn't mean you can't lost. Napoleon eventually lost to lesser men than him. 6. What's the point of keeping it ambiguous? Everyone already knows any way. Ambiguity doesn't work any way because clearly there's a body there carrying Cersei. Is it ambiguous that Robert Strong exist or something?
  11. I don't believe it at all. It's not that disconnected. I mean, might as well have killed off Davos and Mel at the battle alongside Stannis. Mel will resurrect him as a lot of people predicted she would.
  12. But like I said. It's a figure of speech. One horse is hardly worth mentioning. Why mention that one horse? What good what that have done? The point the guy was making was horses are pointless now.
  13. And Jon's not dead. He'll come back. What else are they going to do with Davos and Mel? They're connected to his story.