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    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I don't think it's that simple. I mean while it's true Bran and Co. Are in the same place geographicly as before they were taken hostage their not in the same emotional place at all. The whole scene was done for character's development. In the previous seasons We've never seen Bran and Jojen stood up for themselves and the ones they love. Osha basically called Jojen a wuss because he was always getting protected by his sister and he never hunted nor did he do any chores, his sister always did everything for him. Bran untile now has always submitted to everything that has hapened to him whithout much of a fight ( loosing his legs, Winterfell getting taken by Theon, The maester dieing, going north and I'm sure I'm missing some) Bran is a character that isn't driven by what he wants but by what he has to do ( half of his lines in season 3 start with "I have to" ) He's pretty submissive. At the keep, for the first time, it was Bran and Jojen that saved the day, by manning up! They've also discovered a very darker side of themselves. Seriously how creepy/badass was Jojen? And Bran just did one of the most morally ambiguous thing that has ever been done in the show, he killed a man while using an other and ripping him of his personal choice. The horror in Hodors eyes and his inability to immediately follow Bran's order is a good translation of how wrong his action just was and yet there is no question that he did it for the greater good.