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  1. Two titles spring to mind in such an obvious way that I will be sorely disappointed if they don't get used: "Fucking like dogs" "Always support the bottom"
  2. Surely, there is an episode waiting to be titled "You win or you die".
  3. In my opinion, the titles of the chapters should be a mix between quotes and abstract titles. As long a quote (or a misquote)can be found that resumes adequately the essence of the episode, they should go for it. Other times, an abstract title could work better. I like when the title of an episode doesn't ring a particular bell at first, but then stays with you once you've seen the episode itself, for instance Whore!from Spartacus:Blood and sand, or Suffer the little children from Deadwood. Then, I love also when the title warms you up with expectation about the things they're going to unfold in front of you (ie. Kill them all from Spartacus:Blood and sand
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