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  1. Voice

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    LOL. Only if we are talking about fan fictions (which of course would include the HBO universe).
  2. Voice

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    A very conventional analysis. Mayhaps one day you will invent a round disc that will fit this heavy barrow of mine. Seriously though, westeros.org is missing out if they don't start marketing these sorts of insights on rubber stamps. Jon = Blue Flower, in particular, would be perfect for stamps and stencils, coloring books, flash cards, stuffed toys...
  3. Voice

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    The complete list of things we know about the tower long fallen: Eddard Stark pulled it down himself after nearly dying in combat with Arthur Dayne It contained enough bloody stones to build 8 cairns It was said that Rhaegar called it the tower of joy ("tower of joy" is not a proper place name) Ned and Howland once rode away from it It represented a bitter memory for Ned and was in his dream
  4. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Bumps heard as a lean grey wolf buries dragonglass north of the Nightfort.
  5. Voice

    Jon Snow

    Preach. The weirnet has many eyes – not just the ones carved on trees. Yup. I would only add that both Weirwoods and Ravens are nourished by blood and death. They are not only symbiotic, their dietary motivations are in perfect harmony. The damned Others, of course, undo death and hoard away that source of nutrition.
  6. Voice

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Sansa will decide she does not have to marry once she finds her blossoming physical desires are completely satisfied by Val. Rickon will return to claim Winterfell.
  7. Voice

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    LOL! Love your avatar pic.
  8. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    BUMP! I heard Benjen is boycotting the next season of Game of Thrones in hopes that a canonically accurate anime adaptation will replace it.
  9. Sounds to me that BC is well on his way.
  10. *Symeon. And I didn't mention him.
  11. Excellent company to be in, to be sure. Thank you, AGiW. You might also enjoy our (extra heretical) other forum, The Last Hearth.
  12. Soon you'll be saying that Brandon the Builder was the Night's King.
  13. Welcome to the dark side. These Starks are not like other men, who trembled and froze and remember their origin as "the Long Night".