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  1. LMAO! LOTR movies are boring, but the books are not. I agree with @alienarea... LOTR is better if for no other reason than the fact that it is at least a complete story. GRRM does seem to get carried away with hype, and as his hype has grown, this series has not. ASOIAF has the potential to leave LOTR in the dust, I would agree, but as of yet it has not.
  2. How ya doin Voice? It looks like we have become victims of the very split-personality disorder that so many of our theories recall.

    May the old gods be with you, ser.

  3. I could write up a little something, but it's already late and I'm a procrastinator. :cheers: I could take it, but I'm working on another OP, and I'm far more interested in that one than I am in Jon's parentage. I am confident in Stark+Dayne=Jon from a purely analytical standpoint. I prefer Ned+Ashara from an emotional one, but it is hard to argue against the logic of Arthur. Gerold seems the most unlikely, which makes it very hard to discount him, given GRRM's penchant for subtlety.
  4. Can't believe there's no Ned+Ashara :(
  5. LOL. From what I've seen so far, I must agree. Lucifer means Lightbringer is a Heretic too, but he's still in denial. I have H6 permalinked. Great stuff. I thought you dismissed Old Nan's tales, BC? ;)
  6. I've always felt this Prophecy page could be a lot better: I: 136-137 - The Storm, the Giant, the Heart of Winter In light of the adjacent chapters to Bran's falling dream, he seems to be seeing realtime events, and people, with prophetic elements superimposed upon them. Relevant Chapters (AGOT): Chapter 15 - Sansa I Chapter 16 - Eddard III Chapter 17 - Bran III Chapter 18 - Catelyn IV Chapter 19 - Jon III The part of the essay I find most questionable is the discussion of the three shadows surrounding Bran's family at the Trident. Sandor Clegane is of course the first. But Jaime doesn't make sense as the second, as he's already accounted for in the dream, and Bran, rather than think him beautiful, is terrified of him. The third shadow as Ser Gregor also makes no sense, as he has no bearing on the Starks, and is not present at the Trident. My analysis of these three shadows is here.
  7. I'd rather be reading the Winds of Winter...

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