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  1. Voice

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    100% Correct. The Wall blocks wargs, not the blue-eyed lot. A Song of Vaginal Warg-Blocking
  2. Voice

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    In that case, I eagerly await his menstruation bloody bed.
  3. Voice

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    A very conventional analysis. Mayhaps one day you will invent a round disc that will fit this heavy barrow of mine. Seriously though, westeros.org is missing out if they don't start marketing these sorts of insights on rubber stamps. Jon = Blue Flower, in particular, would be perfect for stamps and stencils, coloring books, flash cards, stuffed toys...
  4. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Bumps heard as a lean grey wolf buries dragonglass north of the Nightfort.
  5. Voice

    Jon Snow

    Preach. The weirnet has many eyes – not just the ones carved on trees. Yup. I would only add that both Weirwoods and Ravens are nourished by blood and death. They are not only symbiotic, their dietary motivations are in perfect harmony. The damned Others, of course, undo death and hoard away that source of nutrition.
  6. Voice

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    LOL! Love your avatar pic.
  7. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    BUMP! I heard Benjen is boycotting the next season of Game of Thrones in hopes that a canonically accurate anime adaptation will replace it.
  8. Welcome to the dark side. These Starks are not like other men, who trembled and froze and remember their origin as "the Long Night".
  9. Now THAT is a name! I'm already a fan, @Weirwood Ghost.
  10. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    I have tickets to the real Ricky Gervais next month. Looking forward to it. Bastards Understand Moody People
  11. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Benjen Understands My Problem
  12. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    I'm so sorry to hear that LB! I hope you live in a state with medical mj. And if you ever need an additional escape from reality, the Hearth is always open.
  13. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Ah, I see. Do explain. well said. Very interesting. And I can't help but wonder, which came first? The Bump, or the Benjen? Great argument. It was definitely the bump.
  14. Voice

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Shame on you all. How could you remain silent whilst your uncle roams the north, seeking a way home? Bump, so that he may hear!