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  1. They've already canceled the rest of the season, though.
  2. Poor Adrian. Fuck Adrian. That was an incredibly impressive display up until Adrian's customary brain fart. It was an absolute barrage. Everyone stepped up, everyone played out of their skin. A bit more luck/skill with the finishing, and we would've been out of sight. Ox and Gini each played one of their best games for us. Hendo was immense, Trent was razor sharp. Everyone gave absolutely everything. Feel like we were desperately unlucky to lose that. Alisson might have saved that second goal as well. Not a sure thing, but not unimaginable. Weird day, though. Feels like everything is about to be cancelled in the coming week or two. Well, I'd rather see Real fucking Madrid win the CL than this outfit of anti-football playing fuckers.
  3. City might drop more points before the derby.
  4. City with Kdb > City without Kdb
  5. Filthy stats, making it look like we were clearly the better team and deserved the win by a good margin. I'm glad West Ham came out and played. It makes the game more entertaining. They were lucky to score with their first two shots on goal, though. We were a bit off the pace, but still just kept grinding West Ham down. They never looked likely to hold out. The belief, discipline and hunger in this team are fantastic to witness. Must be so easy/tempting to take your foot off the gas at this point. Gini had a great game, as did Trent (although Felipe had him on toast a few times). Keita was disappointing, but I still think he'll come good. Ox looked fantastic when he came on. Pretty much all of his contributions were creative and dangerous. Shooting, passing and crossing all on point. Too many unforced giveaways all around, but I trust Klopp to iron that out. Some of the one-touch passing was bordering on sublime in this game. I reckon we're a week or two away from hitting our spring form, and then I don't envy any team going up against us, in Europe or at home. What a team. What a season. Incredible to witness.
  6. As a Liverpool fan, and one who's constantly being told by mates that I'm too critical of my own team, reading the posts on here is a trip. As Mormont said, this is a ridiculously good side which will go down in history as one of the greatest ever (barring some spring collaps (*knock on wood*)). Reading these threads, you'd think they were struggling to qualify for Europe next season. Salah's shit, Gini's shit, Bobby's shit, Origi's shit, Hendo's shit, Mané's shit, what is Klopp thinking, etc. Obviously everyone has the right to their opinion, but the freedom of expression includes the freedom to comment on those opinions. And the armchair general-meter is through the roof. No one is saying Klopp is perfect (ok, maybe I am), but the negativity from certain fellow fans is mind boggling, to put it politely.
  7. You must be new here. Klopp is a fucking moron who's lucky to get away with being a clueless jackass game after game. He'll never amount to anything. On a more serious note, we struggle away in Europe. It's not a new problem. Over the past 2,5 seasons, we've been good enough at Anfield to nullify it, but it does look like one of this team's few weaknesses. We've looked out of sorts after the winter break. I did feel like this was the worst draw for us, stylistically. I think we'd have a better time against every other team left in the competition. The game couldn't have played out better for Atletico. Early flukey goal followed by incredibly disciplined defending and shithousery on an artistic level, with a ref that certainly didn't do us any favours. Still, not being able to muster a shot on goal isn't good enough. A deserved win for Simeone and his subjects. Origi and Ox both looked very rusty when they came on, and Milner contributed nothing of note, so I'm not sure if the team selection was the issue (I guess he could've started Minamino and Keita, but he would've had criticism if they'd played and achieved the same result, so it's a bit of a Catch 22). It does tell you something about our stature that the Atleti players and the whole stadium were celebrating as if they'd won the final, though. Hopefully our Anfield mojo will see us through. Think it's going to be a slog, though. Hoping to be proved wrong.
  8. Another ridiculous (albeit technically correct, by the letter of the law) VAR decision to rob Wolves of the win. It's not even close to being used in the spirit of the game. There is no advantage gained from his cleat being offside when he does a little lay-off. I hope they change the rules or its interpretation.
  9. https://twitter.com/asaintmaximin/status/1225421605783949312?s=20
  10. Looks like footybite has bit the dust. Does anyone know any *legal* aggregator streaming sites one might visit?
  11. Virgil and Gomez = spotless
  12. Virgil and Joe = getting away with a cheeky one.
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