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  1. Mme Erzulie

    Player of the tournament so far

  2. Mme Erzulie

    2018 Semi Finals - FRA vs BEL & ENG vs CRO

    The thing with the diving is it works. If it didn't, players wouldn't be doing it. There's been a few instances of players staying on their feet when there's contact in the penalty area (Hazard springs to mind), and if they don't go down, they get nothing. So players are effectively punished for not diving by referees who will not award a penalty kick for the exact same offence if the player stays on his feet. I don't think there's a clear front runner for Golden Ball. No player has been consistently outstanding. Mbappe seems to be coming into his best form towards the end of the tournament, though, which obviously helps. Lloris has also been great, as has Pickford, and the English centre back pairing have also been impressive (and contributed with goals), although you could argue they haven't faced the sternest tests yet.
  3. Mme Erzulie

    2018 Semi Finals - FRA vs BEL & ENG vs CRO

    Here's to Mourinho's continued stifling of Pogba This game was always likely to be decided by the first goal. Both teams have got such pace and skill on the counter. This could/should have been the final.
  4. Mme Erzulie

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Hah, I actually missed that, only really noticing the save when it was highlighted afterwards. Fair point. I think Croatia has looked more impressive than Colombia this tournament (barring their lacklustre performance against Denmark), and Sweden, despite the lack of a single big name player (or maybe because of that), look like one of the most cohesive and tactically astute sides left in the tournament (especially now that Japan are out). And should you beat Sweden and face Russia instead of Croatia, well, all bets are off. I think you'd want at least a two goal lead going into the last few minutes of that game. In regards to what our Scottish moderator is talking about, while there's enough level-headed people with some perspective on the whole hullabaloo that they probably constitute "most people" or the majority, there's an awful lot of people whose heads are very steeply inclined and who have zero perspective on anything. Having watched one of the England games in the City (London's financial district), the songs about WWII and German bombers, the surrounding a short black guy and shouting "Danny Rose" at him for ages, the throwing of beer and assorted other liquids (the owner of the place said they had to stop serving jugs of beer, as people were throwing them), the general feeling of ramped-up testosterone, drunk and coked up blokes high on nationalism and imperial dreams of England ruling the waves, it all adds up to a rather unpleasant cocktail. And again, the S*n is not a fringe tabloid, it's the country's biggest selling newspaper for decades, and one who prides itself on having the power to tip the scales in favour of their chosen candidate in a general election. Add Brexit, UKIP and anti-immigration sentiments into the mix, and the lines between harmless and fun excitement at the English football team doing well and malevolent, xenophobic nationalism seem to blur a little too easily.
  5. Mme Erzulie

    2018 Quarter-finals

    I feel like these are four very open matches. All the teams stand a decent chance of progressing, but if pressed, I'd give the nod to France, Brazil, Sweden and Croatia.
  6. Mme Erzulie

    Player of the tournament so far

    If M'bappe keeps playing like he did against Argentina, he will be player of the tournament. I pity any defender who has to deal with that.
  7. Mme Erzulie

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    England played an underwhelming game, only managed to score from a penalty and was an absolute wonder save from Pickford away from being sent packing, but apparently "it's coming home". I also see a lot of the players saying it on social media. Being confident is good, but has history taught the English nothing? I reckon they need to be a lot better if they're going to beat Sweden and then Russia/Croatia. Colombia were incredibly unsportsmanlike, though, so good riddance to them.
  8. Mme Erzulie

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    The Swedes really miss someone with some semblance of finishing ability, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how open the game has been. As for Mexico's no. 22 (I think), he had at least three or four chances to put a teammate through on goal, and made the wrong decision every single time. Mexico could easily have won that game. Also, living in England makes it really hard to root for the English football team (whom I quite like).
  9. Mme Erzulie

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Oh dear. Naive by Japan to not take a short corner there. Good subs by Martinez
  10. One of the commentators on Norwegian TV said that Xhaka's father was in prison for three years for protesting against the Serbian government and that Shaqiri's family fled to Switzerland from Kosovo when he was a baby. Must have felt quite special for both of those lads to score tonight.
  11. All today's teams (potentially bar Serbia) have got very strong motivation to go for three points. Hopefully that will be reflected in the quality and entertainment value of the games. This WC has been mostly underwhelming so far, with a lot of the goals coming from VAR pens, set pieces and scrappy tap-ins.
  12. Actually, the guy who is in the offside position (no. 6) is the guy who then scores. Not that it makes any difference to the goals legality.
  13. Mme Erzulie

    Unpopular opinions

    Oh no! I've been owned. Star Wars is obviously also incredibly childish, so Jar Jar is fine in the context of a childish, light-hearted intergalactic romp.
  14. Mme Erzulie

    Unpopular opinions

    Agreed. As with every superhero franchise, they should have stopped after the first film (or before) Here's another one for you - Jar Jar Binks was absolutely fine. Certainly better than Hayden Christensen.
  15. Mme Erzulie

    Unpopular opinions

    Superhero films are for children. Grownups should grow up and stop watching them.