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  1. Excuse me that 'furniture' was the title character and killed his mom.
  2. Yeah, like when all our 'heroes' just happened to meet for the Wight Hunt and just happened to participate in the Long Knight, and made up most of the council in the dragonpit, and then all of Bran's advisors were well known characters regardless of whether they were good for the job. (Bronn Master of Coin? Because he likes money? Huh?) It made the show feel very small and coincidental and silly.
  3. Maybe a wife in name but he and Nameless Prince of Dorne are in love.
  4. I think one of the great benefits of monarchy by inheritance is a neat and clear succession (most of the time). You don't want the Realm descending into chaos whenever a ruler dies, or tons of plotting whenever a ruler falls ill. This is why the English were so stressed that Elizabeth I refused to name a successor- they knew there could be chaos when she died.
  5. Honestly Sweetrobin surviving and thriving would be a pretty subversive move by GRRM. He seems guaranteed to die at this point.
  6. I mean, that worked really well for Emperor Claudius. He was a lame stutterer so no one took him seriously, and while his family died like flies, no one bothered to execute him. Recommend the 12 Caesars by Suetonius, it's actually a really fun read, more like a gossip rag than a historical account. Also I, Claudius, the novel based on it.
  7. They were really nicely dressed compared to say, Yoren in the first book/series. Apparently they got official funding. It seems now that the Night's Watch would be entirely the North's problem as they're an independent kingdom.
  8. Really? Arya 'riding off into the sunset' (not the sunset sea, I'm thinking more Old Western) is always how I envisioned her. She has some ties to the north, but much of her identity has been shattered and she seems like a wandering character who will never be settled or satisfied.
  9. I think there needed to be one more 'haha you don't have a dick' joke in his episode for him to win. He was imprisoned by Grey Worm. How could he resist the opportunity to show such wit? It was such beautiful writing to have a eunuch joke be the first line of the season.
  10. That's why she's the face that launched a thousand ships on AO3. Chemistry with all.
  11. I've been saying this all season. He's Dany's Reek.
  12. Whatever your opinion of Dany's storyline, I think it's pretty clear in the books she's toast. The point is that Sansa was the least Northern of the children, but recognized her Stark roots and reclaimed them, which is a storyline I can really get behind. With Bran missing, she is the presumed heir to the north, so why would it make more sense for her to rule the Vale when she zero claim? The best she can hope for in the vale is brood mare and Regent. And there can be more than one female ruler, though I think there won't be.
  13. I liked where a lot of the characters ended up and there was some beautiful scenery (the wings sprouting before Dany, Dany being carried off by a mournful Drogon.) It was far two hurried and the council of 'all the great lords' (lol) was ridiculous. Plus being ok with two OP Stark rulers in the North and South. I didn't expect much but the only thing that really and truly pissed me off was Bronn as Lord of the Reach. You know, the most bounteous land in Westeros and the center of chivalry, culture, and learning. Perfect for a mercenary who threatened two Lannister brothers, and will clearly be beloved by all the noble lords of the region and Oldtown. Plus Sam as Maester- if the Night's Watch exists he has to go there. He just stole a bunch of stuff from the citadel and left. Plus his two kids? Run away with Sam and marry Gilly, you fool. Ok, now I'm just ranting. Edit for score: 3/10
  14. I think there is some damage for the more intense fans. They've been soured quite a bit (I'm ok with the endgame, and there are so many threads delved into in the TWOW sample chapters that the book didn't even touch.) If he doesn't finish the books, his legacy will be muddied which makes me sad. I can only hope he delivers two excellent books. Though I would be satisfied with one.
  15. I also think the rest of the kingdoms would be very worried about the intense power of the Starks. Why would they believe he is 'all knowing?' He is essentially a god at this point, and I can't put my finger on why, but a God as King disturbs me. If Bran is how he is in the show- and I think he will lose a lot of his humanity- I wouldn't want him to be king. I have to admit Sansa as single QITN has been a dream of mine for a long time so I'm a little biased. edit: Also I don't think GRRM is against female rulers, they just have to make sense in the patriarchal world of Westeros. There is already a lot of talk of her being the rightful heir, she's just been paired off and used a pawn to get there.
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