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    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    This makes me never want to be a writer. I was envying GRRM for his extensive knowledge on warfare and castle architecture bc I've tried to write historical fiction and found however much you think you know you never know enough. But I can learn that- economics? Hell no. Luckily nobody wants to hear about the economy beyond "Oh no our gold's run out!" "Look, cool shady bankers doing cool shady things!" "Wheeere is Littlefinger getting all this gold?"
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    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    This is the first episode I actually appreciated since season 5. I have been continually disappointed by the lack of character coherence and the style of direction. However, I think director Mark Mylod deserves kudos for bringing some actual emotion to the the table, along with beautiful imagery. While it is clumsy to kill off all the allies to create stakes, I was so annoyed at the end of last season that Dany was so overpowered that I'm actually relieved. Best moments: When Jon sees a dragon for the first time, he is suitably awed. This should be in his blood, and they did a good job. Also Olenna's amazing death scene and reveal. Good moments: The restraint shown during the Ellaria scene. It made me actually feel for these characters I really disliked. I also liked the notion of the 'secret favorite child.' It made a parallel between these mothers who are dire enemies in that they each had a favorite. I also felt they made good use of psychologically torture as opposed to torture porn (and thank God they didn't have the mountain rape Tyene, which seemed to be the direction it was headed). We didn't watch real torture, but the ramifications of what Ellaria would have to endure are truly horrific. However, I think the mention that the poison works differently for different constitutions is a clear sign that Tyene will make it out of there. If it's a red herring, kudos to them. I actually LIKED the morning after romantic scene between Cersei and Jaime. Yeah, along with my fellow book readers I think he should be long gone, but it's refreshing to see ANY actual love and connection on the show when everyone is still so cold towards each other (Sansa and Jon at odds, and What the hell, Bran!) Worst moment: LF's stupid college freshman philosophy student getting high for the first time speech. I remember 'the climb' speech and how it tied things to together and felt powerful while representing his philosophy. I liked when he was dynamic and capable- now he's a lapdog licking at crumbs. Also it didn't help that Bran showed up as a personification of the very philosophy LF was spouting, and found himself removed from life itself, which LF is decidedly not. And yes, very speech to sister- he wasn't like this last season! Also lack of notice and appreciation of Meera who dragged him all the way across to the wall and beyond. I would love to see Sansa have a friend like Meera. Agree with others that Dany was unbearably self-righteous. Yes, the Starks swore an oath, but those oaths go both ways. Fealty in return for protection, and Aerys broke that oath when he murdered Jon's grandfather. I would like her character if she wasn't so obviously supposed to be 'right.' She would be an interesting grey character. A writer pointed out that there are no living mothers and children besides Sam and Gilly. Can anyone think of any, or for that matter, fathers and their children? It seems the young have taken over and veterans like Petyr and Olenna have been rewritten as foolish and incapable. Funny moments: Did anyone else notice Davos flirting with Missendei? Also, 'this place has changed' after talking to her. So who will inherit Dorne and the Reach? I suppose the winning queen will put her choice in place. Where are Edmure and Sweet Robin?