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    Death scene: Theon

    Maybe we can pretend that Theon saw Arya when looking back at Bran but she wasn't in position so he charged the Night King to give her time. Either way he died a noble death and did not run away. He finally overcame the one character flaw that had plagued him, fear.
  2. I gave a 10. The Varys teleport almost killed it, but I think the writers threw that in there for a laugh. Shame... shame... shame. Nice touch!
  3. missingm

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    The Wire as an entire series was a 10 in my opinion. Not sure why that would keep individual episodes of any other series from being a 10. I am not critical of some things as I am cutting some slack to the writers. It seems to me that the writers, directors, and cast were all held up by the author not finishing the final book. Now that they appear to be free of that restriction they are tying up loose ends starting right away in episode 1. You can see that the choppiness is clearing up more in every episode this season. That and I will suspend logic a bit more for science fiction.
  4. missingm

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I gave it a 10. The only questionable part was the Littlefinger teleport. I kept looking around for his personal guards in that scene. The dialogue made up for it with me. I was waiting for Sansa to reveal some horrible scar from Ramsey. Maybe later this season... The rest was pretty flawless, and the pace of the series has been excellent all season.
  5. I gave it a 10. For everyone worried about the quickly spreading fire, the other women could have easily helped prepare the floor just as they bolted the doors. I have to go back and see if there was a hint of that. I think that Dani is going to put a quick end to Tyrion's 7 Year Deal when she returns with the Dothraki hoards united and her dragons. Slaver's Bay is gonna burn! The Jon - Sansa reunion was excellent and well done. I even liked the Ramsay scene and King's Landing. In the latter, you know something big is coming. .
  6. missingm

    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    First, I definitely agree that Sansa and Reek live. When they looked down I was pretty sure there was a sizeable snow bank to break their fall. At worst Reek uses his body to break Sansa's fall. As for the others, I think the show has to leave so many cliffhangers as it has caught up to the books and the final decisions for the books hadn't been made before the final scripts had to be written. It seems to me that when they started the Game of Thrones TV show that the next book was supposed to be finished before Season 5... or at least the storyline would have been complete. Do you think the author may be rethinking some things himself? Also, as per the show, Jon Snow's death looks pretty final.
  7. missingm

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Thank you. I was under the impression that it was an open question in the books so far.
  8. missingm

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    A general question for everyone: Does anyone think that ...
  9. missingm

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I went back and looked over some of the scenes (hard to believe that spread across so many episodes). He stopped before Winterfell and gave Sansa the option to return to the Vale. She got on her horse and led the way, after a lot of hard thought. I think that was LF making sure that this was somehow her decision, even though he is obviously manipulating her. As for her coming up with the story about LF killing Lysa, I am not even sure that would affect LF. He has been cleared, and now he is the unquestionable Lord of the Vale. Despite being a Stark, I think it would be a bigger plot hole for her to even consider reversing her testimony. She could be killed for her treachery before her new testimony would even be considered. As for the Bolton's I don't think we know everything about what Roose promised LF in exchange for Sansa. And when LF talked to Ramsey, he said that Ramsey is an "unknown" quantity. Whether I believe that last part or not, I don't think that LF cares too much what happens to Sansa in her marriage to Ramsey, and he probably believes that there is no risk of anyone killing Sansa as the Bolton's need her alive so much. Granted, I am just a show watcher, not a book reader. :idea:
  10. missingm

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    In all of your scenarios, you mention that an angry and upset Sansa would reveal the truth about Lysa. Why would she do that when LF saved her from Lysa and she already lied for LF? That would make her just as guilty as LF. IMO, that ship has sailed. Sansa can't go back on LF. Her last opportunity was at the Vale. While LF promised Sansa to the Boltons, I don't think he anticipated getting the letter from Cersei. He may not have ever planned to let the wedding go through so quickly. Even so, he doesn't care about her virginity and would take her as his wife after defeating the Boltons anyway, if that is really what he wanted.
  11. I didn't seem obvious that Hizdahr was dead. That could have been for show on his part. I will have to watch it again.
  12. I thought the episode was great. No nudity, even in the brothel scene, which I blame on the housewives who have been complaining about the "HBO quota". :frown5: It will be very interesting to see how the Shireen burning affects everyone else. I wonder where the other escaped bastard son is now. Overall great episode. I guess it is easy for me to laugh at the book readers as they seem to expect so much in every single episode and forget that this is a TV series, not a feature length movie (which would be even more truncated). Although HBO's incredible budget makes you forget that sometimes.
  13. I thought this was an excellent follow up to Hardhome. The scene with Shireen was masterful, as I thought there was going to be a "rescue" up to the very end. I was hoping her dragonscale was going to save her in some way as a last resort. The Great Pit was excellent as well. The Harpies were very good and the dragon of course was fantastic.