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  1. Oh ffs everybody calm down. You'll get your Stannis dosage, I promise. The ending wasn't horrible and the episode was amazing.
  2. I think someone said there were 12 minutes? *mocking tone*
  3. I will need to watch this again. Way too fast xD
  4. They had a little over 300 at first didn't they?
  5. The day siege has yet to happen, Stannis is next week.
  6. Oh shit, it was Ollie? Was that ever confirmed in the books btw?
  7. I still highly doubt it was a voluntary choice, might be you're right but might be he's keeping secrets from Sam. Also, damn that music is sweet!
  8. Never mind, false alarm. I thought he was gonna avenge Pyp
  9. Wow. That's some advanced siege equipment right there. *sarcasm*
  10. Because they are attacking from behind the wall. The kill count will go down significantly when that's dealt with. AND NO SAM HE AINT ALRIGHT
  11. I hate Slynt even more today... Please tell me we can have that block earlier in the show.