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  1. 9 from me. Lots of plots I was worried about getting dropped are doing well, my fears about Shae's role being changed were unfounded, Tywin manipulates everyone, Varys gets to be dramatic, Tyrion gets to be awesome, a badass dragon, Dany learning it sucks to rule. The Asha invasion was strange, but did a good job showing us just how much Reek is broken. I always love Sallador Sahn. The random naked girls were a bit blatant (I feel like someone went "Oh, man, last episode didn't have anyone nude. Can we set the next one in a bath house? Also, can Ramsey have sex?"), but it was really nice to see a happy Davos. Stannis got to be Stannisy ("I am Stannis Baratheon. I don't like anything, but I'm the King!"), and I loved Oberyn's "What debt?" question. This episode got me excited again, which is worth a 9 on its own.