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    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    having sex with anyone other than the king is high treason. that was what cercei tried to do to margery. then again, Lancel probably revealed her mix in killing Robert..... so probably it's for both!
  2. Actually I hated Tormund being captured. and someone mentioned in a previous post that maybe Tormund will play Rattleshirt's part.... I won't disagree that I complain a lot about the way the show is at North, but hell.... I HATE how they changed the story. I can't see Jon willing to kill Mance by his own accord, I could not stand him being manipulated by Ygritte and the wildings.... it's not that the events didn't turn quite similar... is the way of getting to the end that bothers me I won't disagree that it seems more leader-like BUT, it is on ADWD where he "kills the boy".... and it is Sam who elects him into LC.... it is not like it was his decision... with the trope things turn on show we might even see him placing his own name :P
  3. I wanted to quote a previous post but really can't find it... the post was about or something similar. Unfortunately, as much as I really want to watch this (and even enjoy it) I honestly believe that we are not going to have such a moment. For the time being, in the tv show every "good" or even just "debating" point Jon has (or every other character in the Wall) just has to be changed.... they're really f&()_*ing this arc (as well as Bran's)... and I don't think it's due to lack of screentime or cast.... so they will probably don't go along the beheading too :S
  4. Really??? I'd love to see him! I just reread his POV and then I realised Summer made his wolves his pack...in Bran I ADWD... but when I saw the warg in the latest episode I though he would be Varamyr .... due to the fact that he was warging an eagle too...
  5. I'm not sure if he is the one you menat, but one bald that was shown in the episode was non other that Varamyr Sixskins....
  6. something that really bothered me (and made the episode much worse...) -although the only part I did love was the God of War style of chain getting out of the Wall....- is the end. Where Jon decides to go kill Mance!!!! Hello....! That's out of character for Jon! He respects Mance, he is not an assassin and he believes in the common enemy... and that's according to his actions at ADWD.... I really can't see HOW he is willing to kill Mance but later made ammends with the Free Folk... and Tormund.. the hell Tormund.... Tormund was the closest thing to KBtW after Mance.... not a prisoner!