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    [No Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    i only look at the topics that don't contain spoilers, although as much as you read you a bound to skim over spoilers, and i have had a few minor things ruined in the past, but as of right now, the only thing that has been spoiled has to do with someone mentioned what might or might not have been the outcome in the next episode regarding the trial by combat. I enjoy discussion about the show with fellow non book readers, and enjoy reading other peoples theory's and how they allign with my own. I only have 1 workmate who watches the show, my wife isn't interested in it, none of my friends are into "my nerd sci fi shows" So in the real world there is only 1 person who i can discuss it with. Actually i Lie, i had my mother over, and she sat down and was watching an episode with me, (a little awkward during the sex and rape scenes) however she was hooked, and as of last week i gave her season 1 and 2 on DVD. She told me over the phone she had finished season 1 and was half way though season 2, so it will be interested next time i see her what she thinks will happen in the future. As for the episode, i had read awhile ago that Lysa had been killed, but not by who, so that was nice to finally see it. I predicted that Bron would not fight for Tyrion, and that Oberyn would, it was nice to see that unfold. I really really didn't like how they introduced the mountain in the episode, the blood splatter and gore/ slaughter was over the top, not that its a bad thing, but to me it was so over the top it seemed comical, and i couldn't take the scene seriously. I am really interested to see where Sansa goes from here, and love the bond building between Arya and The hound, im hoping she removes him from her list.......
  2. Non book reader here, Picking Jamie is too much of a Liability for Tyrion, because he WILL loose, and you cant bet on Tywin to step in and overrule the trial. When would he step in and do something? when Jamie has a sword through the chest? Either way if Tyrion picks Jamie, they both die, which would "Stick it to the man" so to speak, but what good is that when your dead? Tyrion has repeatadly said that he has no intention of dying just yet anyway. Cersei wants Tyrion Dead at all costs, so picking Jamie is not a good idea either, i have got the vibe they arn't as close since he returned to the capital, with the whole you left me thing, also i dont think the rape done anything to gain rapport with her. Perhaps she also wants him dead, but not as much as Tyrion. EIther way Tywin is in a pretty crappy position, where its either one of his sons, or both could die. I think Cersei will pick the one person who can guarantee that Tyrion dies, and that is the Lannisters most feared bannerman, the Mountain. As others have said i doubt that tyrion would even need to ask Oberyn, but the question remains if he can fight or not? I cant remember if his reputation in fighting precedes him, but id assume so. Cant believe people thought the episode was boring, not all the scenes can be about tavern wenches and great battles with dragons and white walkers! Oh and Bronn is not going to chosen dam it!