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  1. Not a bad display of fisticuffs for a BJJ guy vs a Wrestler. 100% agree that it was the greatest UFC fight of all time.
  2. NICE! I heard the Heavy Hands guys yapping about that site over the last couple of weeks and speaking highly of it, I'll be checking it out for sure.
  3. I swear Johnny Walker's soccer kick was intended to blast into Ledet's ribs, but JW is so large and started the move so far away that by the time he arrived Ledet had spun in such a way as his head was close to where his ribs had been, so JW pretty much pulled the kick. From the side angle it looks bad, but from front on it really looked like he started out lined up with the ribs. I want to see Aldo finally go against Pettis too, and a rematch with Conor, although the latter seems highly doubtful. Aldo at 155 should have a better gas tank and certainly won't lose the speed advantage he still holds over every single 145er.
  4. Got sad seeing Fedor waxed like that. Especially since I fear the same for Anderson when he fights Stylebender in a couple of weeks.
  5. I would've rooted for Henry if not for that shitty stunt with the snake. Aside from that he's a difficult guy to dislike though. Meanwhile, it was sweet to see Cowboy shut that trash-talking youngster up, but Cowboy didn't look great back down at LW. Dude was slow, sluggish and sloppy out there and experience and toughness got him through. Hopefully his Conor payday finally comes in, but if not I'd rather see him back at WW.
  6. It was so odd watching him plod/trot around like he did. He not only showed no evolution since 5 years ago, he looked like he'd gone backwards. Meanwhile, Jon, as he always does, had evolved, this time into a someone much better at handling someone his own size. What's also somewhat odd is that even though Jon is my favourite fighter to watch and has been for over half a decade now, the lasting memory of that card is of Amanda Nunes and how she defeated Cyborg, and especially how much pure, unadulterated joy there was in her celebration. It was one of the most beautiful moments I've seen in more than a quarter century watching various types of fisticuffs. Not quite on the level of Tardelli in the 1982 World Cup Final, but getting up there.
  7. DC at HW is the most interesting Jones thing in the near future. DC seems more well-suited to HW, even if that's just because he can't stay away from junk food in his off season Dominick Reyes is the only current LHW who seems like he might have something interesting for Jones, but he still feels at least 3 fights short of being ready for a title shot. Even with Jon being my favourite fighter to watch I have almost no interest in his division right now. Sad really, considering how thrilling it was a decade or so ago.
  8. HA! I do the same thing. Matter of fact it was how I got into listening to podcasts in the first place way back in the dark ages of the medium. See trailer for Serenity Google Serenity and end up on Whedon's website See a link to something called Firefly Talk, which is something called a "podcast" Listen to Firefly Talk and its sister show The Signal for 2 whole months before ever watching Firefly Discover Podcast Alley due to the Firefly Talk and Signal hosts asking listeners to go over there and vote for their shows to move up the rankings, and there discover a whole wild west's worth of audio pioneers in what felt like a brand new game Ahhh Podcast Alley. That's how a mofo discovered new shows back in the swirling mists of time before iTunes had any podcasts on it. It was how I discovered Kermode & Mayo's show in fact, as one of the first radio shows to grasp the potential of podcasting. Anyway, I listened to a podcast covering The Strain last year without ever having even seen a trailer for the show, although to be fair that was also because it was hosted by the same people who do the best Game of Thrones podcast in existence - The Joffrey of Podcasts. Also, good call on Chips with Everything.
  9. Considering all the hoop-la that's surrounded Conor's fights in the past the promo has been relatively subdued for the upcoming throwdown with Khabib. I guess he's taking it seriously, like when he refused to do media for 200. Smart move if so. Meanwhile, anyone know what odds the Liverpool bookies are giving Darren Till of making weight next weekend?
  10. Henry after co-main: "I want whoever wins the main event!" Henry after main: *gulp*
  11. Are you surprised mothereffer? With the form Dustin has been in lately this promises to be good time. "Nate Diaz will return to the UFC octagon after more than a two-year absence Nov. 3 at Madison Square Garden for an expected firefight of a stand-up bout against destructive puncher Dustin Poirier, the Los Angeles Times learned Thursday." "http://www.latimes.com/sports/boxing/la-sp-nate-diaz-20180802-story.html
  12. Props Polish, looks like Ol' Scarface Junior still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Props to Jeremy too though, he had the FW GOAT in trouble early on. One of the rounds of the year so far.
  13. Even as a kiwi lad it's hard not to root for Dillian Whyte to win tonight and line up that AJ rematch, given that their first fight was much more fun than AJ vs Joseph. I'll never admit that though. On the MMA side of the deal, I wonder if Jose and Joanna, who share the card tonight in Calgary, got together to compare notes on what it's like to lose 2 in a row to a younger, longer rival. Joanna should have too much for Tecia but, even if you're a legend like Jose Aldo, Jeremy Stephens might be the last guy you want to fight when your last two outings ended with you on the canvas.
  14. The Champ Champ is free. Long live the Champ Champ? https://mmajunkie.com/2018/07/conor-mcgregor-struck-a-deal-to-avoid-jail-time-and-twitter-had-jokes
  15. Best Game of Thrones Podcast: The Joffrey of Podcasts (Hon. mentions: Bald Move, Game of Owns, Cast of Kings, Post Show Recaps) Best History Podcast: Hardcore History (Hon. mentions: The History of Rome, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, 12 Byzantine Rulers) Best Film/TV Podcast: Kermode & Mayo (Hon. mentions: Slashfilmcast, The Treatment, The Flophouse, The Watch) Best Interview Podcast: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn (Hon. mentions: WTF with Marc Maron, Fresh Air) Best Comedy Podcast: Who Charted? (Hon. mentions: Keith and the Girl, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Never Not Funny, My Brother My Brother and Me) Best Science Podcast: Infinite Monkey Cage (Hon. mentions: The Life Scientific, StarTalk) -
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