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  1. Davrum

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    I swear Johnny Walker's soccer kick was intended to blast into Ledet's ribs, but JW is so large and started the move so far away that by the time he arrived Ledet had spun in such a way as his head was close to where his ribs had been, so JW pretty much pulled the kick. From the side angle it looks bad, but from front on it really looked like he started out lined up with the ribs. I want to see Aldo finally go against Pettis too, and a rematch with Conor, although the latter seems highly doubtful. Aldo at 155 should have a better gas tank and certainly won't lose the speed advantage he still holds over every single 145er.
  2. Davrum

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    Got sad seeing Fedor waxed like that. Especially since I fear the same for Anderson when he fights Stylebender in a couple of weeks.
  3. Davrum

    Serenity (2019): Catch That Goddamn Fish

    I got spoiled on the bonkers twist a couple of days ago and ironically it makes me want to see it even more.
  4. Davrum

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    I would've rooted for Henry if not for that shitty stunt with the snake. Aside from that he's a difficult guy to dislike though. Meanwhile, it was sweet to see Cowboy shut that trash-talking youngster up, but Cowboy didn't look great back down at LW. Dude was slow, sluggish and sloppy out there and experience and toughness got him through. Hopefully his Conor payday finally comes in, but if not I'd rather see him back at WW.
  5. I have my share of issues with the Disney era saga films, but Luke being all crazy-eyed and drinking space tit milk wasn't one of them. If anything it was a highlight.
  6. Davrum

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    It was so odd watching him plod/trot around like he did. He not only showed no evolution since 5 years ago, he looked like he'd gone backwards. Meanwhile, Jon, as he always does, had evolved, this time into a someone much better at handling someone his own size. What's also somewhat odd is that even though Jon is my favourite fighter to watch and has been for over half a decade now, the lasting memory of that card is of Amanda Nunes and how she defeated Cyborg, and especially how much pure, unadulterated joy there was in her celebration. It was one of the most beautiful moments I've seen in more than a quarter century watching various types of fisticuffs. Not quite on the level of Tardelli in the 1982 World Cup Final, but getting up there.
  7. Davrum

    More Things Star Wars

    Haha. I was just going to say the ST has given me a newfound interest in the PT. For all the "real sets, real props" stuff, the ST 's often had trouble "feeling like Star Wars". The PT has the same problem, but in a different way.
  8. Davrum

    Football: the winter break

    DDG is in the perfect spot for a goalkeeper - massive club, therefore massive $$$, but also cack defense so plenty of chances to be a superhero. Usually it's just one of the two, but he has the best of both worlds.
  9. Davrum

    MMA & Boxing 20: D.C. Stands For "Double Champ"

    DC at HW is the most interesting Jones thing in the near future. DC seems more well-suited to HW, even if that's just because he can't stay away from junk food in his off season Dominick Reyes is the only current LHW who seems like he might have something interesting for Jones, but he still feels at least 3 fights short of being ready for a title shot. Even with Jon being my favourite fighter to watch I have almost no interest in his division right now. Sad really, considering how thrilling it was a decade or so ago.
  10. I figured the low frame rate had to be intentional and not only did it not bug me, I really dug the extra energy its glitchiness brought. Like any stylistic choice which breaks from the norm though it risks alienating some portion of the audience. Hopefully not too many. I loved Jake Johnson in this too. All of the actors delivered gold, but Johnson's performance in particular brought the absolutely perfect blend of comedic goofiness and dramatic pathos for this story. I also really dug the hip-hop element. It doesn't get much more New York than grafitti, beats and raps. And Spiderman.
  11. Davrum

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    Always lovely to see Magnificent Marouane annihilate the credibility of his impotent haters. Mofo doesn't even need to touch the ball and he still causes massively hyped defenders to soil their knickers so bad they'll lose themselves and gift United a goal.
  12. Davrum

    Football: Sarri state of affairs

    Yeah, that was bollocks chalking off the Welbz goal. Mostly a fun affair though, although I feel so bad for Shaw. It's like he walked under 17 ladders at some point and has been paying for it ever since.
  13. Davrum

    Football: Sarri state of affairs

    No, sure, I was just hyperbolically goofing, especially given that a major part of the reason they were on the verge of elimination was that Modric's Croatia had wrecked them 3-0. And we're really just talking about 2nd and 3rd place anyway, I'm sure we can all agree Cristiano is once again the rightful king.
  14. Davrum

    Football: Sarri state of affairs

    Argentina only went out of the World Cup because they lost to the future champions by a mere 4-3, and Messi managed that with one of the weakest Argentine sides of all time and a coach who was off his rocker. Even Croatia - featuring a Modric with far, far more support around him on the field and in the dugout than Messi had - couldn't get within one goal of the champions. Forget the Ballon d'Or, Messi should be canonized.
  15. Davrum

    More Things Star Wars

    A friend of mine reminded me the other day how we had been so impressed when the news came out that Rian had delivered the film far earlier (relative to release date) than either The Force Awakens or Rogue One had been locked. After seeing it we're both still Rian supporters, but couldn't help wondering what could've been had he taken another couple of weeks to tighten up the story and tone a little more. I'm still really glad they signed him to make his own trilogy too, even with my feeling he's yet to really hit his prime as a filmmaker. I feel like he might have greatness in him and the freedom of movement he'll have with a clean slate, along with the lessons learned while conjuring up Episode VIII, promises to reveal that greatness. I just hope Lucasfilm sticks to their guns and lets him roll with it rather than getting spooked by the intensity of the crybaby hater brigade.