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  1. Yeah, and I guess he would need to take some council to decide how to proceed. I can’t remember how long he was moping about at the Red Keep for, but he would need to take some time to consider his next steps. Though it would seem that once he realised he didn’t have the strength to meet his enemies in the field with an army, he probably should have just headed out on Balerion to take out his rebellious relatives and their smaller dragons. Once they were out of the way everyone else would have had to fall into line or burn. Perhaps he did just genuinely get depressed about it all falling to pieces?
  2. All this talk about whether it was suicide or murder or sorcery is all very interesting, but it doesn’t really address the OP’s point. He is asking, wtf was Maegor doing moping about the red keep having meetings with his few minor lords and their 2,000 guys in the first place? Why wasn’t he out on Balerion smashing shit up?
  3. Brienne's Feast chapters are some of the best - a proper study of the feudal system if the core of the Seven Kingdoms.
  4. [Austrian accent]: Sarah Connor...
  5. Hahaha - Marsyao mate, I have come to have a weird kind of respect for you - you are so relentlessly amazingly critical! You are like some kind of Terminator that has been sent back from the future to destroy every episode of GoT in the forum threads and cannot be stopped - whatever happens you keep on coming! It's incredible. I have to ask though, since you clearly absolutely hate this show, why do you keep watching it?
  6. House Mosse

    How would you rate episode 602?

    Regarding HOW Jon was resurrected, I don't see any problem with this. The precedent was clearly set. If Thoros of Myr, a Red Priest of R'hllor, can reanimate Beric Dondarrion by saying the prayers over him, and in the book also Lady Stoneheart, then a Red Priestess of R'hllor doing so with Jon is well within the established parameters of the Ice and Fire universe. I think this is probably why GRRM introduced the whole Beric Dondarrion story in the first place - he was setting up the fact that Priests of R'hllor can reanimate people when it is what the Fire God wants. Given that we all think that Jon is going to be Azor Ahai - the chosen one of the Fire God R'hllor - and that he will be the key to the Ice vs. Fire battle at the centre of the whole epic, then this fits perfectly. You are right that we quite often hear that 'only death can pay for life'. This was from Mirri Maz Durr right? And maybe the House of Black and White also? However, I don't think we ever got it in the Thoros of Myr bit, but maybe something along these lines will have to happen?