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  1. @_valkarii Hi! Just saw your last vid, Ive also been meaning to try a collab vid with some other people, but couldn't find anyone willing :/

  2. Very nice my good ser!! I take it you are a musician as well? It was brilliant, & the only thing I'd change would be on the last part... "The horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men." It flows a tad better if it ends on "...guards the realms" IMO, 'of mens' breaks up the flow a bit, as well as the very last line, I think it sounds good but make it'and the gate was held. But its awesome either way!
  3. Wow, you whine like a bloody woman. Nit picking each and every fucking detail because it's not cool enough or it doesn't follow our laws of physics, wasn't real enough, and what have you That was Styr, 'Magnar of Thenn'. The dude that said "I am going to eat your dead mama, and I am going to eat your dead momma, go tell the crows at Castle Black.." and the guy that Ygritte threatens at the beginning of the episode ... yeah...and? Alliser Thorne is still Lord Commander, still giving orders, & Jon still has to obey them. When Thorne puts Slynt in control, that means Jon has to obey his orders. Luckily Grenn thought of a way to get Slynts bitch ass to fuck off, thus, making Jon now in control. Don't get me wrong, there were a few time in the Thorne/Tormund & Jon/Styr fights that the brothers had wide open shots (quick! But shots none the less) when the T & S had just swung with the weapon still over their shoulders, an easy gut thrust would have finished it for them. BUT this is only acting for a TV show, so as long as 80% is like real life, I'm totally fine with it.
  4. Honestly, at 10:01 I went through an intense fit of rage (all be it short lived) when Stannis didn't show up, and I don't even fucking like his character! But at 10:05, after my heart attack had subsided, I began to realize that if Stannis would have showed up toward the end, it would be nothing more than a damn ner direct copy of the Blackwater. Very predictable & incredibly cheesy, IMO. But over all, I thought it was amazing...but... :[ (Grenn...Pyp)... *CRIES*
  5. Kinda pissed Stannis didn't roll in, but I felt like I was having a fucking heart attack during that battle. Some of those death were really creative and well done. Giants riding a Mammoth? Kick ass. Pretty much every scene with the giants, my heart raced
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