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  1. "The Wall is yours, Lord Snow." would be a great episode capper for sure. But it could be next episode leading to anticipation of the battle.
  2. So is Arya going to take on the alias "My Dead Mom of the Canals," just to make it extra clear to the audience that's who she's thinking about? I liked this episode a lot, actually. The three Tyrion scenes were all fantastic and I think the placement of Oberyn's story about baby Tyrion was more effective here than it would have been earlier. I was particularly happy with the Bronn scene. That played out perfectly, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of his hijinks play out on screen next season. I hope so anyway. Oh, and Hot Pie! For a very brief moment after seeing him and cheering I thought.. wait, are they just bringing him in so they can have him die horribly here? The show has me kind of worried for minor characters getting killed off without affecting the overall story.
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