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  1. The Sansa scene made my mouth drop. That moment when Sansa was saying how she had to tell the truth... I think for once LF was actually scared. There was something he could not control and after all his plotting and scheming this one moment could ruin EVERYTHING. I think it established that LF has one weakness and it's Sansa; not because of the knowledge she holds, but because of the control she has on him (which is further demonstrated in the moment when he visits her in her room). I am starting to love Sansa and I really hope that she comes to realize that through LF she can finally be in control of herself and her circumstances to an extent. Plus when she cried and was hugged the look that she sent LF screamed "whose the bitch"... ok not so much, but it did show him that he better not write her off as an idiot whom he can manipulate. She know's what's more beneficial to her situation right now and when she comes walking down the steps with her head held high hair dyed black I can finally see the Stark in her. I think Arya's laughter wasn't completely "haha my life sucks everyone is dead", but moreso she's laughing at how everytime the Hound get's close to being rid of her a death robs him of his chance to make a profit. Of course she's also laughing at her circumstances, but this reflects how a child who has been through so much trauma can be so twisted. For her it's almost like everything is one big joke and with nothing more to lose or gain it's a big FU to the gods that she was raised on and further instills her belief in the god of death. "Nothing is just nothing." this could easily mean that by now she feels nothing towards everything happening around her and with her aunts death it's just another big nothing to her. I think the whole part about the beetles meaning nothing is just Tyrion's way of saying "why do I have to die?" he's saying what anyone facing death wrongly accused would say. Why me? Why must I be the one to be born a dwarf, why has my circumstance made my father hate me, why am I the one who get's blamed for killing my nephew, why must I pay the price for someone else's deed? It's just a bunch of why's and he really wants Jamie to provide him some form of an answer even though he knows there isn't really a proper one. His story is a way to show that there is no reason why characters such as Maester Luwin,Septa Mordane etc have to die? They were nothing more than 'beetles' who did no harm, but they were still killed. It just shows how to those in power you but a beetle who if at the wrong place can get crushed. Perhaps I'm looking into it way too much, but I kind of enjoyed that moment between the two and I could really feel the brotherly love; especially when Jaimie turned and said good luck and the smiling and happy glances he gave Tyrion during the battle. Last I wanted to just say my heart is still fluttering at thoughts of that final showdown. Pedro Pascal had me in awe. His acting, his movement, how he carried the spear, that moment, the passion in the way he moved and in the way he spoke. Oberyn was supposed to be toying with the Mountain and I FELT it. Oberyn was supposed to be this fighter who's movements were very different than traditional westeros fighters an I could really see it. I was infatuated with the acting, enamoured with the choreography and how he moved, and completely in love with the character and how Oberyn brought him to life in that moment. It was all exactly how I imagined it. The mountain's brutish style of fighting and his mocking 'I did it speach' as he finished Oberyn off was perfect. That moment where he's talking about crushing Aegon's head and does it to Oberyn gave me a shiver and it was ironic(?), the complete opposite of poetic justice thats for sure. I hated the mountain so much in that moment, but loved the actor. I must say a HUGE props to Pedro Pascal and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. (I may have contradicted myself and I apologize; my mind is a mess of things still recovering from that episode despite knowing a great character would be leaving us, plus I'm so pulling the "It's suuuupppper late at night" card).