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    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Timeline following Dance of the Dragons book: Daenarys gets her khalasar in Vaes Dothrak via Dosh Khaleen, and Drogon. Goes back to Mereen, where in the meantime, Barristan defeats the weakass Yukai and Astapor with the help of Victarion Greyjoy (acctual Euron in the show?). Barristan's coup blows up in his face by trusting Skahaz and Dany's "loyalist" - gets butchered. Dany gets back at the head of superkhalasar. Goes apeshit and deals with betrayals and the Harpy (probably sacks Mereen). Victarion tries to bind a dragon to his will only to die like a little bitch. Tyrion swoops in and bonds with Dany, setting her sights to Westeros. They sack Volantis and Pentos on their way, leaving questionable people in the lead (Tattered prince). Dany embraces her fire and blood persona (not mad but harsh). Goes West.... Euron pillages the Reach and sacks Oltown after some weird blood sacrifice to the Drown God. Willas and Garlan Tyrell hold him up with success. Euron goes all in and blows the Horn of Joramun, the Wall collapses and Others pour in. Battles with Bran on wargining plane. Gets defeated, turn his eye on Dany. Jon's body is in the Ice cells chillin a little while. He's warging and stuff. The wildlings and Jon loyalist murder the mutineers. Melisandre gives him the gift of life. The Wall is in dissaray. Jon's watch has ended. He sulks and gets a bomb drop on him by Howland Reed (he's Rheagar's and Lyana's son - Ned lied to him his whole life). Identity crisis turn up a notch. After Stannis defeats the Boltons, prepares for the fight with Others. They get their asses kicked by the Army of the Dead all over the North. Stannis sacrifices Shireen to turn the tides. They fail, Stannis dies defending Winterfell. Faegon goes after KL. Gets support from Reach. Lays seige. Connington wants to sack the city Tywin-style. In the meanwhile Cersei goes cookoo, after Mountain kills Tommen. Myrcella dies as well and Cersei sinks to full Aerys, tries to blow up KL via wildfire cashes. Jaime stops that and strangles her, doing Wildfire plot 2.0. Lannisters fold, Faegon is crowned, Arriane Martell is the queen. Jaime either dies or takes the black (probably 1000th Lord commander). Danearys lays seige to KL from usurper Faegon. Only literal "dance of dragons 2.0" occurs. But Dany blows up KL by ACCIDENT (the caches of wildfire). Gets back to Dragonstone. King Landining becomes Valyrian Chernobyl. Fire and blood didn't workout, she did not get Iron throne. Gets tempted by Euron to join the Others and destroy humanity. Turns away from him and helps Jon and Tyrion defeat the in the Hearth of Winter. The Trio die and Seven Kingdoms break apart. Sansa overthrows Baelish and gets hold of the Vale through marriage to Harry the Heir, helps the North with defense from the Others. After destruction of KL and victory over the Others, oversees the rebuilding of the Westeros. Has the political experience, savvy and connections. This is how I think the books will end. Didn't think it impossible to transfer to screen. Maybe even possible in 8 season per 10 episodes. That's why book readers are so mad. The thematic narrative is gone, character development and arcs are gone, it is just plot points met in certain times. Thus every episode since season 4 feels flat (episode 10 of season 4 did it for me - I mean skeletors from Jason and Argonauts? Children of the forrest with fireballs? Srsly?). There is no catarsis, no resolution, no layers anymore. Just pure production and shock value. D&D are hacks, I honestly hope I live to see a remake in my lifetime. That's how desperate I am :-D