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    How would you rate episode 410?

    They really dropped the ball with Tyrion and Jaime's last conversation. Their goodbyes needed to be bittersweet(probably putting it lightly) for future character development. Tyrion killing Tywin felt more like an spoiled kid with daddy issues taking it too far. Ended up falling flat for me. Brienne vs the Hound. Loved them meeting and the conversation between them. But the fight made no sense at all. Arya is supposed to trust somebody with a Lannister sword, a former Lannister squire, that claims Cat (and Jaime) sent her? Then Brienne fights Arya's only "friend" left in Westeros that's been protecting her. Yep, that'll make Arya trust you. Sloppy fan fiction at best. To clarify, the acting and dialogue was top notch, but the fight and any reasons given to fight were silly. Bloodraven and the CotF were kinda cool. Some good (skeleton fight was cool even though it looks a bit dated) some bad (CotF looked like a cheesy Peter Pan). It evens out. The Mountain was terrible. He should have been writhing in pain, not chillin on a table. Thanks for the definitive spoiler with too. Stannis was badass. The whole Stannis/Jon/Mance was great. Probably a bit too short. Dany's scene was good but it could've been done earlier. That's my only complaint with her. Rating strictly by the show I'd give it a 5. The fight really killed the episode, too much didn't make sense. Rating for having read the books and following the show is a 4. I'm not crazy about the changes made, no Stoneheart, still no Coldhands (with soooo many opportunities), Jaime and Tyrion staying BFFs. It ended a decent season with enormous pacing issues. Also I don't understand all the 1s and 10s.