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    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    I did! But he/she/it is probably cut.. :dunno: It would be nice to see at least one of the minor and somewhat mysterious characters that they are in the habit of excluding/downplaying (eg. Coldhands, Willas Tyrell, Quaithe, Dalla, Val, Moqorro etc.). But Sansa standing tall and hooded really triggered an image of the hooded (wo)man too me as well :idea: I liked the episode and that they are consistent with Sansa's story. It put a smile on my lips when she started making Ramsay uncomfortable with her talk about the coming trueborn child, so she's doing something active now. Trying to get Theon to help her, was IMO a natural reaction since she's known him since childhood, but he's not ready yet - and that is good. It would be weird and inconsistent for him to snap out of it that easily.. Loved to see Ghost, but I was really annoyed with him disappering seconds after. I mean come on - Sam and Gilly on the floor literally just seconds after the two guys ran away and PUFFF gone was a massive Ghost. I get that the direwolfs are costly to make, but when they enter please do not make them disappear like by magic wand.. The fighting pit-scene was half-done in my mind, was it a training yard or what? And as others have mentioned Dany being squamish when the fighters were fighting to their death and then her own murders-by-dragon last week, is also inconsistent and it baffles me :bang: At the moment the only good scenes with Dany is when she's interacting with Daario, the rest are somewhat sloppy work imo. Dorne was a bit better, but not much. I liked Myrcella telling Jaime off here. It images quite good the portrayal of her in the books. She's the smart one of the three, and I like that she's standing her ground and telling Jaime (or indirectly Cersei) to f*** off.. could do without her disney-outfit though :rolleyes: