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  1. I just assumed they all practiced using Rosetta Stone on the trip down from Winterfell.
  2. I watched it, and for the sake of the snack cart lady alone you should start a thread!
  3. Does Jon speak High Valyrian? How would he have understood anything about a direct threat from Dany toward Winterfell (meaning Sansa) from that? Because I felt like nobody but the Unsullied would've understood a word of her youth rally speech.
  4. Gods, the Episode 5 showing "Oh Sh*t!" or whatever, while Dany burned KL had a bunch of D&D literally admitting 180 degree character flips and other bullshit during the episode. Infuriating, but also incriminating.
  5. And giant wings behind her to make her a she-devil nazi! Just so noone forgets DANY=BAD!
  6. Totally agree with this. Having her flip from tendencies of violence w/ enemies, never harms innocents, to suddenly GENOCIDE, BITCHES! is just not the same character. It's the assassination of a character to move the plot along. Having the Grey Worm moment where he began whacking surrendering enemies in the street in a fit of rage, then in the next episode stating it was pre-planned just makes Dany's "flipping" not really spontaneous at all.
  7. That reminds me......... ....isn't Tyrion Lord of Casterly Rock? I feel like that's still a thing.
  8. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burninating all the peoples!!!!!!
  9. And so out of character for noble Jon, who would've prob sat Dany down and told her he was about to kill her and why...not with a covert dagger to the heart while embracing.
  10. The Faceless Men, in the books, are out and about doin' shit....secret shit...in Oldtown and other spots...
  11. There were two...the second was near Davos, methinks. Also, Davos was there because why?
  12. It's funny to not hear more of this connection being made, because it's kind of heavy-handed, especially just after ep 5 where D&D destroyed a character and they obviously want us to correlate Dany with Scary!
  13. 2/10 fuck me that was LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Couple eps ago - "We couldn't afford the excessive CGI of having Jon pet Ghost" Last night they apparently retconned/shoehorned it into the very end - like it wasn;t too expensive anymore? Get fucked.
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