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  1. Feast for crows and storm of swords 174 for sale because, thanks.
  2. Becca, put me down for willing to trade/sell my letter Q Meisha merlin agot/acok set. Trade would be towards a limited set or other lettered books from subterraneanpress
  3. If the price is right, id also trade for something of I want it more then a lettered agot matching acok....I'm thinking three body problem plus cash
  4. Any body know what market value on a lettered Meisha merlin set is? Agot and acok matching letters.
  5. Buyer beware, there is set #115 on ebay, the seller has tried to rip me of in the past buy colecting my money then never mailing them and ignoring all communication. Fyi.
  6. Looks like that seller goes by hgw66 on here, I too have almost lost money to that seller.
  7. Becca, please take me of the wanted and the selling lists. Thanks
  8. Ok,thanks. Hopefully this works out, I managed to get feast, but I wanted dance too but he kept dodging my question about owning rights to future volumes.
  9. Penny unwise, are you the one selling on ebay set 116, or a potential buyer?
  10. Hey, just realized I put ASOS in that set. ..it should be AGOT ACOK &ADWD, NO ASOS
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