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  1. Becca, please update my lettered Meisha merlins as sold
  2. Becca, put me down for willing to trade/sell my letter Q Meisha merlin agot/acok set. Trade would be towards a limited set or other lettered books from subterraneanpress
  3. If the price is right, id also trade for something of I want it more then a lettered agot matching acok....I'm thinking three body problem plus cash
  4. Any body know what market value on a lettered Meisha merlin set is? Agot and acok matching letters.
  5. Buyer beware, there is set #115 on ebay, the seller has tried to rip me of in the past buy colecting my money then never mailing them and ignoring all communication. Fyi.
  6. Looks like that seller goes by hgw66 on here, I too have almost lost money to that seller.
  7. Glodowski125

    Fundraiser-Signed 1/st1st AGOT for Sale

    There's also a Go fund me for those that wish to contribute that way https://www.gofundme.com/justine-almuina-funeral-fund
  8. Glodowski125

    Fundraiser-Signed 1/st1st AGOT for Sale

    Thanks Becca!
  9. What # are you selling?
  10. Hi there, I'm selling a Signed 1st/1st and all proceeds will go to help a coworker that recently lost his daughter in a car accident. There are hospital bills and the funeral to pay for at this point. The item is listed on ebay as a no reserve auction starting at $.99. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to my co-worker. I will cover all shipping/fees out of my own pocket along with the cost of the book I'm donating. Thanks for your support. ebay item # 173235314214 https://www.ebay.com/itm/173235314214
  11. Becca, I have "A Storm of Swords" #340 for sale, thanks
  12. Becca, please take me of the wanted and the selling lists. Thanks
  13. Dance already sold unfortunately. Oh well.
  14. Ok,thanks. Hopefully this works out, I managed to get feast, but I wanted dance too but he kept dodging my question about owning rights to future volumes.
  15. Penny unwise, are you the one selling on ebay set 116, or a potential buyer?