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  1. @aloqily_zyad يمكن ميرا سوتله هذيك اللي المقعدين يلبسونها برجلهم اذا بيركبون حصان زي اللي سواها له تيريون بسيزون ١

  2. @OmarReads هالشخص يمثلني

  3. دول العالم تتضامن مع باريس #ParisAttacks https://t.co/aIHUPRdtfi

  4. yees I just saw that ! Daved bineoff mentions that the spear was poisoned !! Indria`a scream`s gif will be so popular and used whenever something awful is happening !!
  5. did he poison his spear or not :stillsick: will we hear the mountain that rides scream or not
  6. does anyone noticed this which I think is important to the scene and also to the up coming dorne story"" I remember in the book Deamon sand comes to oberyn and ask him which poison to put on the spear "" but they did not show anything like that in the episode !! if I didn't read the books and I saw that shoot of the squire with the spear I would just think he is cleaning the spear not putting poison on it