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  1. He has been spotted hunting Lemmings recently... :ninja:
  2. Well some of our regular 'daytime' members are missing (word and WLU specifically). Though that doesn't explain for last nights quiet. I guess Jaxom's whining about a TTNE scared everyone away. :P
  3. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. If you don't feel like searching out all 27 threads, you can view some of the hightlights (also a handy reference guide) on The Blog of Truth, if you haven't visited already. It's a little quiet today, but it'll pick up again soon enough. @FT1B - I'm going to wait until you get the rest of the parody up before I read it. (Just thought you might like a little encouragement, since there haven't been any comments yet. :) )
  4. That's what I get for thinking. I'm just going to get in line and shut up. Which way to the cliff? :) (I wouldn't be suprised if he does that. Tairy will only copy authors with as large an audience as his own. Well... kind of.) ________ He’s, as usual, giving himself credit for being a better writer than he is. He wasn’t showing the ‘nature of abuse’ but getting off on the process of abuse. For me it was boredom. And fantasy is the only genre which allows for gratuitous and graphic sex/torture scenes? Ummm… nope. :lmao: :bs: Well, we don’t get it. At least, according to Mystar we don’t. I couldn't read through the Q+A's - the centered text was too much for my eyes.
  5. Except that it's not actually Dick's son at all... but half confessor/half Gar! :stunned: I'll bet that he has twins - just like Rand. (EDIT - and thank you for the explanation, word.) Where I don't know Keith Parkinsons motivations, my guess is that he painted that for the paycheck. He took the scene that Tairy asked him to paint, and painted it. That he happens to be a talented artist has nothing to do with Tairy's 'objectivity.'
  6. That's what happens when he loses an argument. "You just don't get it!" is his faithful old standby. Come to think of it, that usually his argument beforehand as well. I really must commend him on how many ways he can come up with to say the same thing. But enough of that. I can always appreciate Agulla's parodies, mostly because they are so out of sync with what the rest of us come up with. That said, this one wasn't quite as believable as previous efforts. Too much emphasis on SoT not being fantasy. It was funny all to same, but the last one stirred up a little frenzy of Lemmings thinking it was real. Of course, maybe it wasn't as convincing because we know your tactics now. Regardless... :cheers: :lol: As I've stated before, my bet is on him exploring the Confessor/Wizard son that Dick and Klan were supposed to have. I figure, that's why he put an end to it in this series; just to save it for later. But as to that, I have a serious question to anybody whose read all of these books. I've only read the series up through FotF. At that point there was a certain hopelessness to the cause. The Old World is many times bigger, can gather a greater army, and will inevitably roll over the New World for it's sheer unrelenting size. Here I started thinking that maybe he'd finish the series with the defeat of the New World, and pick up a second series with a revolution. Of course, at the same time, he seems to already have started a revolt. So my question, finally, is this still a plausible case? Or will the revolution tie up this series leaving the sequel series, posibly, to my original assumptions? (Oh no! I'm in danger of spoiling the later books for myself. :/ )
  7. I don't know if I'd say all that. It was funny. Probably just something I'd have been able to better appreciate, had I been familiar with the source material. Though I do have a slightly better understanding, now, for your explanation.
  8. We've had, what, 7 parodies now in the past few weeks. Not enough for you? :P I'm going to admit... I just don't get it. Not that it wasn't funny, but I didn't really follow what the point was. I think that having never heard of, let alone read, Transmetropolitan took something away for me. :dunno: Will these lines ever stop being funny? :)
  9. Right. "Except that gray is just black + white." That's not an intelligent debate; it's experimenting with crayons.
  10. A couple of statements from one of our other 'friends.' Commenting on SilverStar's mildly comical list: In response to Myshkin: :bs:
  11. It's about time we saw something resembling a sense of humor out of those people. I mean, it missed the mark, but it was still a good first attempt. Maybe next time they'll get it right. I'd also like to add that Pita handled himself admirably. Nah, we don't hate you. You're just young. After all, I enjoyed these books too when I was 18. I grew out of it, and so will you. Why bother when we've got an equally impressive speech from out 'friend' to dissect? Maybe I'll dig into it if I have time later. (EDIT: I just saw that Pita has already taken care of this one as well. It's got to sting to get your ass handed to you by a 15 year old. Nice work, Pita. :thumbsup: ) And one last thing... As I was making my way through Doctor Zhivago this weekend, I, of course, noticed that there was a passing similarity to life under the Soviets as to that under the IO. I was going to let it pass as coincidence. Until I came across this: And I found this one but a few minutes ago: Will these time travelling badits stop at nothing to try and discredit the Yeard? This one went back at least 36 years, the scoundrel!
  12. So does this mean that we're not commenting on our 'friends' posts anymore? Yesterday, he put up a speech of Richard-like proportions that's just begging to be torn into. (Edited for spelling; so WLU doesn't turn against my posts. :) ) ETA - I just noticed that every time I see the word 'Terry' now, my brain automatically changes it to read as 'Tairy.' I thought that was odd. Is anybody else doing this?
  13. No, it has since been decided that double posting is not cool. Editing is in now. :smoking: :thumbsup: (Go read GOODKIND XXVI if you want to see the discussion about it - starting at p.16. No, I'm not giving you a link. What do you think this is, some kind of charity? :o It's probably not even worth it. Just follow along little Lemming. :) )
  14. I don't even know why I bother responding to these things. Just when I'm feeling proud of myself for a good post, WLU comes along and smashes it into peices. I never really understood the point of that myself. It's just something to fall back on when you have to response to the argument at hand. But I think the point, this time, was just to highlight our 'friend's' hypocricy in starting us down the "no, you're spelling sucks" road. We should all keep this in mind: _________ Jealous? To that I shall refer you to step 4: It's all politics; you've just got to find the right ass to kiss. :kiss: ;) (Now, Jaxom's probably going to tell me not to be 'that guy' who quotes his own post.) What reference? Sorry, not much of a comics guy.
  15. Did you post that in the forums? I went peeking, to see if it's stirred anybody up yet. Couldn't find it. A link might be nice, just so we can check in on their responses. I saw that too. :lmao: I was going to post about it, but didn't have time. The bastards had the nerve to make me actually work at work today. The injustice! If I were truly celerious, I'd have kicked the boss in the jaw, and told her to have somebody else do it. But, alas, I need to keep my job. *sigh* Another mention for your list word: the Heart Hounds(?) in SoT, which are very similar to the Darkhounds from WoT.
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