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  1. Well, D and D do say they are the creators of the show and George books are only used as "based on"
  2. I have to agree. I will be dropping HBO and hope to avoid the show next year. too bad really
  3. Not a comment on you. But this show sucked.
  4. WRONG! I would love to love this show separate from the books. BUT I would have no fucking idea what was going on if I had not read the books. This show is awful. D and D look like the amateurs they are.
  5. Awful. Can I give it a minus ten? Done with HBO subscription. Last week is all political bias assess and nothing else worth watching.
  6. I gave it a one, and then they told me I had already voted. NOT! That just completely sucked. I am now doing away with the HBO subscription. fifteen bucks for that, when netflix is 7? Truly disappointed. Bad. D and D should be embarrassed.
  7. I just hope the writing on the show improves next season.
  8. After reading the thread I lowered my vote a 6. The small number of attackers, the Giant entering the tunnel alone, not seeing the fight with giant. Also, I really liked the ambiguity of whether Jon killed Ygritte that happens in the books. Did he do it or not? Of course, D and D are not that subtle nor that good at writing.
  9. The entire feel and the take homes were dead on from the books. That is a good thing. Did you think Yuri the would survive or the inner gate fail? Jeepers.
  10. You may be getting fewer voting is not allowed from mobile devices.
  11. Predictable but well executed. Hated that it was clear Jon did not shoot Ygritte either directly or indirectly. 8
  12. If someone disagrees with how D and D are implementing the source material it does not mean by default that they are anal or they have slavish devotion. I think the changes this year show D and D may not fully understand or appreciate the story and there want to call themselves "creators" of the series may be motivating them to screw it up. The handling of the pardon for Jorah between season one and now shows a real naivete on their part. Their simplification is creating issues and they are not good enough writers or directors to foresee their errors.
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