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  1. Green Knight

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    Huh? In truth you’re the on who’s confused here. Your hate for the Sansa character doesn’t change a plot point that is obvious to everyone else in both the book and show.
  2. Green Knight

    Independent North

    No. The answer is: Because the next one probably wouldn’t be.
  3. Green Knight

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    Edmure is an incompetent loser. Everybody knows it and Sansa did him a favor by keeping him from embarrassing himself any further. It was a presented as lighthearted and comical moment during a serious discussion. I thought it was funny. Like it or not Sansa is the real deal and she commands respect, unlike her clownish uncle.
  4. Green Knight

    Unpopular opinion

    I think the problem is they are TV guys interpreting a book story so they focus more on the visual aspects, action, etc as opposed to the story itself. That’s why you get Jon and company many times just making stupid faces and such when they should actually be communicating. The story suffers but you get 15 minutes of Aria trying to survive medieval 9-11 as opposed to using that time just move the story along in a coherent fashion. The episodes where there isn’t much action, they dedicate to stupid banter and dialog that does nothing to further the story in any meaningful way. Those guys are not writers. At least not good ones evidently...
  5. Green Knight

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    I was pretty disappointed in how they ended his arc. I used to hate Jaime with a passion, but little by little I began to soften up on him. If this is how it really ends it’ll be sad to see. Basically it was all for nothing and like Homer Simpson he didn’t learn a thing...
  6. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    How does him knowing this make it his fault?
  7. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I’m having a little fun with you but honestly I pretty much agree with you. I like Jon, but he’s acting like P-whipped high school boy with no balls carrying his first girlfriends books while following her along the hallways a half step behind. It infuriated me when he renounced his title and basically pledged the north to her. I can only imagine how that would have played out with the Northern lords who made him king if this was a real story. Had I been one I would have flipped a gasket.
  8. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Lol, I get it but D&D made him do it...
  9. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Well personally I think you should be furious with Dumb and Dumber and not Jon or anybody else in this series. I believe the one thing we can all agree on regardless of who’s camp we’re in is that these guys have butchered a good story with inconsistent writing. These characters have all been dumbed down when the show plot called for a certain result. That’s why we’re all bickering and sniping at how certain things have played out. The books would probably end up with the exact same finish or at least close enough to not make much of a difference, but the way the characters would get there would be much different and make much more sense. The sad flip side of that coin is that GRRM will probably never finish the series so this is more than likely all we’ll get: http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/13/idiocy-on-the-internet/
  10. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Ok but are we talking book Sansa or show Sansa? Two very different characters...
  11. Green Knight

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Because of her experiences down south. That’s the whole point of her arc. She learned the hard way that those things she wanted and believed at the beginning of the story was just her being naive. She’s grown and learned the hard way.
  12. Green Knight

    How will they react to what happened?

    “She should kill him”. This is what I’m talking about when I mention rabid DS fans and tyrant enablers. Here’s a guy who tried to prevent the needless killing and suffering of countless innocents but in their minds he deserves to die because he “betrayed” their goddess...
  13. Green Knight

    How will they react to what happened?

    They would have known what happened seconds after returning to their posts. Like I said, regardless of the war there would be men assigned to guard him. More than likely men who maybe weren’t 100 percent fit for battle for whatever reason and were assigned to guard duty. They wouldn’t just walk off and forget they’re assignment. They would’ve gone back and reported why they weren’t at their posts to someone of higher rank as well. It would’ve gone up the chain of command of the rear elements in minutes. They were busy and maybe wouldn’t have gotten very far at the time, but the facts of what occurred would definitely be known almost instantly in a real life situation. It’s going to take a lot of suspension of disbelief to accept anything else in this case.
  14. Green Knight

    How will they react to what happened?

    I agree with you and think this is where they’re going with it. We’ll be reliving Jaime/Aerys history all over again but It’ll be King Slayer Jon this time.
  15. Green Knight

    How will they react to what happened?

    Tyrion pulled rank and ordered his guards away then went to the tent. When he came back out Jamie was gone and his chains were unlocked. Now I don’t know about any of you but I was in the army for nine years and in Law enforcement for twenty two. Even when there is a war going on you don’t just leave prisoners unguarded. Even if ordered to by a higher ranking person. There is a long chain of command and eventually someone has to answer for whatever goes on. On the show they act like the guards are just told to walk away and then that’s the last anyone ever even thinks about the high value prisoner. It doesn’t work like that.