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  1. A HA HA HAAAA!!! "And you agree"? Wow! I bet D&D are relieved to hear it! Ha HAAAAAA!! :D
  2. Rmholt, I agree with you on all counts. That actor did a great job. The scene was heart wrenching. This show is damned if it does and damned if it doesnt.
  3. There is one way that the show can compete with the book story and come out on top. Cut out all the fat that Martin wrote into the story and they'll really have something. Start with Tyrion, Brienne and Sam who all spend an inordinate amount of time wondering endlessly about. Hopefully they'll just cut to the chase. I also agree that Pedro Pascall's performance as Oberyn was nothing short of spectacular. In the book, I never gave an avian rodent's fuzzy back-side about Oberyn. On the show, he made me love the guy. He took over every scene like a boss. My hat is off to the man. Too bad he had to go.
  4. I think we are peas in a pod. That is the point I've been trying to make all along. They are two SEPERATE stories. Criticize away on each individual story's merit. There are things I like about the show and things I dont like. The book story is far better. It has finite detail and intricacies that could never effectively be presented on screen. But the book story is far from perfect as well. Imho AFFC was awful. I can't take the endless journeying everybody seems to be doing without ever reaching any sort of satisfying conclusion. It is a snore fest. Dance of D's wasn't as bad but not nearly as good as the first three either. I'm hoping the next one will pick up the original vibe again.
  5. LordStoneheart, I don't have a problem with legitimate criticisms. It the endless nitpicking when something differs from the book story that get me. It's the over the top, mean spirited, disrespect and vitriolic nature of the posts that some of these people make towards the show's producers. Seriously, if they are that unhappy, why bother watching? I think it's just what I said before. Children who can't get their way throwing a fit. . .
  6. Agree totally. I'm just happy to have a nice adaptation of my favorite books brought to life. Even if it is a bit different. I can still read the books and get the story as the author intended.
  7. No one is saying the show is perfect. That is a specious retort you guys continue to throw out there whenever anyone defends the show. The show is DIFFERENT from the book! It will continue to be different from the book no matter how much you people stomp and winge. Get over it... The one thing you show haters have yet to answer is why do you continue to watch? There are shows that I don't like so I simply don't watch them. I don't go to fan forums and endlessly crticize them.
  8. This^ Some folks are claiming it's not because the changes then going on and on about something as small as the location of the privy or single lines like "Only Cat." Reminds me of petulant children stomping and holding their breath when they don't get their way. Saying it's why they made the change that bothers you as opposed to the change itself makes no difference. It is still just whining about the same thing. Just read the damn story and quit watching the show if it pisses you off so much. It musn't be too bad though if you're still watching.
  9. By the way, speaking of changes that upset people. There are some I like and some I don't. (There is at least one that I hope they make permanent but I won't get into it for the sake of our unsullied friends). Others I wish they had kept. For example, I didn't like the scene in the kennels with Yara/Asha either. How the hell did they get out of there?!? But I dont let stuff like that ruin my enjoyment of what is basically a great show. A lot of characters have been tweaked to be either more detestable or more likeable, but I still find Catelyn Stark to be one of the most detestable characters in the story - book or screen version. I welcome anyone who disagrees with me to read the exchange between her and Jon Snow at the begining of the series. The one when Jon visits Bran on his sick bed to say good-bye to him before he leaves for the NW. There is much more I don't like about her as the story progresses, but that exchange pretty much cemented my dislike for her right from the get-go. I can't stand her. . .
  10. Laments from book fans like this I understand. I am primarily a book reader and for me the real story is the book version. However, what I don't undertsand is the incessant whining, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth from some folks around here about how the show isn't true to the books. What a terrible job D&D are doing - that one strikes me as really funny by the way. Just look at the ratings - and lastly the constant nit-picking about every little detail. I wonder how many shows these people have directed/produced? I'd bet the answer is zero. If these changes bother you so much why watch the show? Bottom line is that when and if Martin decides to release his next book, you'll still be able to read the story to your heart's content. What the hell difference does it make if the show strays? You can still read the story as GRRM intended it. No one is making you choose one over the other. Seems like a no brainer to me. . .
  11. I agree with all of the above except for your take on Tywin's demeanor. Think about it. If you were sitting on the porcelin throne with a very pissed off imp pointing a crossbow at you, I'm pretty sure you'd be timid too. I don't care how much of a bad-ass you are. . . As far as Jaime and Tyrion parting ways friends, I felt the same way. I really like these occasional bright spots in the show that the book seems to lack. It gets depressing after a while to go so long without a little bit of positivity.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I read the entire series before the show was even on and I love the show. Think about it this was way people: You are getting two stories for the price of one. When the next book comes out, you'll be able to enjoy it as it is. For now you're getting to watch a seperate yet similar story. That's how I view it and it works for me. . .
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