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  1. westerosifitness

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Why the eff would Ramsay NOT seek out Stannis' body? That's like, the number one thing to do. In terms of writing, why would they make Ramsay not be concerned with finding Stannis on the battlefield to confirm the kill? Don't say "his army is gone so they aren't worried anymore." Anyone would still seek out the leader's body. Especially Ramsay, the sadistic little elf.
  2. westerosifitness

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Kit- I have actually grown to like him more in the past two seasons. It seems that many of the younger actors are for some reason defaulting to "no expression" face for their characters. This, to them, communicates strength. I do believe that Kit is better than Emilia, but is more a model/stuntman than an actor. Jon is not a terribly interesting character though, in my opinion, so it doesn't matter that he can't convey an array of emotions. Emilia- I think she just thinks her poop don't stink and she is doing "nuanced" acting. Dany is in no way stoic and it is a horrible way to depict her character. We need to like Dany, especially since they keep killing all of the interesting, likable characters around her. I believe she is somewhat phoning it in and trying to act "strong." I don't know where emotionless = strong comes from, but I think that's the train of thought for many of these young actors. Sophie- Actually, I hardly pay attention to her, but she doesn't really annoy me. I've always thought it was more of the writing than her acting, but I dunno. She's been playing "victim" for 5 seasons now and I think that's the writing's fault. She's probably just super bored with that characterization. Maisie- I often find myself watching Maisie acting more than Arya being on screen, if that makes sense. She often takes me out of the scene because I see the actress and not the character. I dunno, this could just be me again and maybe I don't like, again, her "strong = emotionless" thing that she often does. I think she's just young and could be a lot better given years and practice. I think Maisie is 'sassy tomboy' in real life, and sometimes that conflicts with her trying to portray Arya's character in the show, and I think that makes sense. Lena- I've honestly gotten tired of her "show no emotion" face. I understand that it is in character, sort of, but dammit can at least one character have some passion to them? Does every character have to resort to stoicism when confronted with a difficult situation? This is, of course, not related to her screaming scenes. She does those well, I think. Dinklage- I think its the writing, and that maybe he is sort of one-note with his pessimistic-witty acting style for Tyrion. I remember Tyrion really getting on my nerves in ADWD though so it could just be the one-dimensional nature of his writing for this show. He is a fun actor and has a great role in Tyrion. I love him as it even if he does get old to me now and again.
  3. westerosifitness

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    9/10 Loved most of it. Disliked: Sam/Gilly/Olly- Missed this scene to do some laundry. Their scenes usually drag down the episodes, so its probably good I missed it. Dany/Tyrion- Dany is the Queen of Ice. She has no emotions. Emilia Clarke has turned a passionate, sensual and charismatic character into a sheet of ice. She just looks scared/confused/vulnerable/prudish ALL THE TIME. I feel like she is just phoning in the character. So bored during all of her scenes, and the dialogue between the two of them was definitely lacking in wit. Very much looked like someone trying to imitate GRRM writing and failing. Liked: Cersei- I honestly forgot most of her scenes already, but I do remember Qyburn telling her that "The work continues" which gets me super excited for what's to come. Hardhome- Yerp. That was good. I hate the look of the Night's King and the White Walkers and the stupid fast wights. BUT, that scene really made you care about the White Walker threat. I actually believe showing what could happen to the rest of Westeros through the attack on Hardhome was a great move. I disliked the Val-type character being killed. I thought she was going to develop into something. Ah, well. Missed: Dorne. I love Dorne.
  4. westerosifitness

    How would you rate episode 504?

    7/10 Honestly, I feel like the odd man out, but this may be my favorite season yet! I can act like I really care about the Greyjoys, Griffs, Quentyns, etc that got cut out. Honestly though, they ARE filler. They are to help George write the longest-ass book ever written. That is his end-goal. I've enjoyed the past three episodes. Not saying they are individually my favorite, but each of them has something important occur. Most seasons have 4-5 episodes of set-up with no payoff. This season has an important plot point in each episode and plenty of interesting set-up. Mel/Jon- Yeah, I agree that I thought her trying to tempt Jon was kinda weak, but everything else about Mel I really like. Brienne/Pod- One of the first times I've felt something for Show Brienne. She is such a prick. I have a hard time rooting for her. Do not support her Kill Stannis mission. Dorne- Lolz Jaime/Bronn- They are great together. That fight scene was one of the high points of the episode. Jon/Stuff- I forget what Jon does in each episode, but so far his stuff has been rushed but enjoyable. Not a usual fan of Show Jon mostly cause of the actor, but I have not had much problems watching him this season. KL- I am enjoying all the Sparrow stuff. The focus on gays seems pretty topical and stupid but w/e it helps modern audiences relate. The Seven is obviously analogous for Christianity in its hypocrisy and bigotry. You all knew it. I like Cersei scheming and showing a different side of herself. Barry- I feel like this is a big mistake. Dany sucks this season, so they kill someone the audience cares about to get the audience back on Dany's side. Big mistake. The readers will never forget. All-in-all, this season has just been enjoyable for me. Maybe I'm lowering my expectations. I expected last season to take the cake and it sucked except for a few choice scenes. I expect nothing at all of this season and the only thing I've been disappointed on is Dorne. How do you fuck up so badly? Can I say the f-word on these forums?
  5. westerosifitness

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I'm pretty damn disappointed with this season. This should have been the season to end all seasons. This episode does not deserve a nomination for anything. Everything was rushed. Stannis scene sucked, most of the stuff was made up, so what is there to even talk about? Dumb dumb dumb. Arya & the Hound are just allowed to leave the Vale? Bullshit. Such stupid writing. Tyrion was given the chance to all-out murder Shae, but the writers decide she's the one to instigate violence. Fuck. As for the child of the forest... There are some who call me... Tim? Most everything fell flat this episode. Definitely was not the best. Blackwater was wayyyyyyy better than this junk.
  6. westerosifitness

    How would you rate episode 408?

    Here we go Missandei and Grey Worm: 4/10 - The only reason I'm giving this filler any good points is because I like the Grey Worm actor's performance. Its filler and fan service, but its not entirely boring. Just pointless. Would rather spend it on a plotline that will actually go somewhere Arya & the Hound: 5/10 - Points go to the Hound's performance. This is one of the couples that reminds me I'm watching a TV show. There is no reason the Hound would let Arya talk down to him like that. He would punch her. The only reason she can is because the audience thinks it is super-cute when Maisie Williams acts all tough and says things that little girls don't normally say. Arya is unaffected by the Red Wedding and is a peppy, cute little girl, until the story needs her to go back to her character arc, like with killing Rorge. I also see Maisie more than I see Arya every time I watch her Sansa and Petyr: 8/10 - Obviously, there were a lot of change-ups with these scenes, but you know what? They worked. I don't think it really changes anything drastically for Sansa to reveal herself. The Lords Declarant promised not to tell nobody, which is poor writing's way of saying "we're covering our butts with this stupid plothole by having characters act in ways they would not in real life" but I don't care because those scenes were awesome. The Eyrie has been my favorite setting in the season so far. Sansa and Petyr are great on screen with each other. Dany & Jorah: 4/10 - Ughhh, Emilia just has lost her stuff. She is awkward. My bro, an Unsullied, suggested, "They just need to keep her saying things in fake languages, because then she does a good job. With normal english she's weird." And he's right. Those scenes were awkward and lacked 'oomph.' Also, I want to see Barristan use his damn sword. All I think about when watching him is that the actor probably is so horrible wielding a sword that they don't let him have a fight scene, so it makes his character kind of a joke. The Unsullied probably think he is past his prime. Boltons: 9/10 - I only take a point away because I don't think Reek is a good enough Reek. He looks exactly the same. They made his armor a little big for him but that's it. The Moat Cailin scene was pretty good, Ramsay was good. I don't like their take on Ramsay, but the actor does a fine job and I'm not going to criticize him for the casting. I actually cheer for him, which isn't the best but at least he's entertaining to watch. At least he has personality, unlike the lead character mentioned above ^. Big Dumb Scene: 2/10 - Now, we get to the big dumb scene where Jaime and Tyrion talk about a handicapped kid for 7 minutes of showtime in a boring dungeon. Why did they decide to do this ham-handed analogy for the Game of Thrones instead of having an intimate scene between the Viper and Tyrion? I don't know, but I don't think it pays off. The only points go to the brotherly connection that the actors were able to convey. That was touching. Teh Duel: 9/10 - Finally, Teh Duel! Teh duel was very good in terms of excitement, and was enjoyable to watch. They kept it lighthearted up until the end. I would have liked more time between Tyrion and Oberyn, as addressed above, but w/e it didn't happen no use complaining. Ellaria is more vibrant on the show than in the books and that's a good thing. I felt for her at the end. Oberyn was so good with the audience. I will only gripe that they could have SLOWED DOWN. Seems like every "big" scene this season has been somewhat rushed. I don't understand copping us out of minutes every episode. More buildup to the duel would have been nice. It felt somewhat like they were trying to get through it quickly and I don't know why they would do that. Anyways, I think that's everything. I gave it an 8/10 for overall enjoyment. Hopefully everyone thinks this is a fair and relatively unbiased review. Love these forums