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  1. Just released at SDCC and shared locations. What an amazing piece:
  2. r2d2

    Lack of ASOIAF figures

    Demand is higher than supply. The last GoT Mystery Minis line was released two years ago so they have dried up.
  3. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    They are awesome
  4. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Do you have a link to the Dany? Thank you
  5. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Stannis delayed =(
  6. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Stannis!! Wohooooo
  7. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Very nice work
  8. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    To open or not to open? That is the question. I have been an in box collector for the last couple of years, specially when it comes to Funko Pop! But I am leaning towards displaying these figures out of the box. What do you guys think?, how do you display them?
  9. r2d2

    What do you Collect?

    It says "Exclusive Pre-Release". In a few days all retailers will be carrying the same Jaime Lannister, unlike the Bloody Brienne that only could be found at Hot Topic.
  10. r2d2

    What do you Collect?

    Just a quick comment. The new Jaime is not an exclusive, just a pre-release.
  11. r2d2

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    I have Jon, Daenerys, Ned and Jaime. I love this line but I am having trouble collecting it as I went all in on the Funko Pops. Besides budget, space is starting to become an issue as I used to collect a lot of other stuff before GoT entered my life, haha. I would like to add Robb and maybe Tywin someday.
  12. r2d2

    What do you Collect?

    I do. I have the first three mini-master sets in their binders. Unfortunately I am really low on the autographs :( I can not express how amazing your collection is, it's just WOW. Congratulations on the amazing project.
  13. r2d2

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Why? The tv show is one thing and the book series another. The show is not for book readers only. Get over it.