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  1. Regarding the angst over showMaggy's age.. BookMaggy was/is the grandmother (or great g'ma) of Jeyne Westerling so Maggy had to be old. Since the Westerlings do not exist in the show, Maggy can be however old they want her to be. Besides that the description of bookMaggy comes from a ten year old. Anyone over 20 is old to a ten year old. lol
  2. The horn could be accomplished quite easily without a Greyjoy or a Martell Somewhere between Pentos and Meereen, Tyrion crosses paths with a Red Priest who has a horn that he claims controls dragons. Tyrion could steal it or kill the priest and take it, or wager it away from him. Perhaps the priest is old and dying (greyscale?) so he gives Tyrion the horn knowing that he(the priest) isn't going to make it all the way to Dany. Tyrion gives the horn to Dany or blows the thing himself right before Dragon-geddon
  3. Current? She hasn't appeared on-screen in over 20 episodes. Perfect timing for a re-cast imo. No one - other than Amiee's twitter followers - will remember her.
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