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  1. This shit was hilarious. One episode they piss me off with butchering Dany's character and the next i'm glad for it because at least she gets a memorable end in the show. And by that i don't mean the telenovela garbage which was Jon killing her (dying in his arms, oh fuck off will ya) but Drogon nudging her dead body, seeing his heartbreak, and carrying her away. I loved that scene. Drogon melting the IT was such powerful symbolism that we get a new king of Westeros like 20 minutes later. Ah but you see, it looks cool. Except not really. Drogon munching on Jon would've been actually cool and made narrative sense. Plus DotD callback but whatever. I honestly don't care enough about the show Stahks anymore to bother complaining about their endings. Yeah, i'd be thrilled af if Sansa became Queen inda Norf in the books. Ice Queen Sandra makes me feel nothing though. Tyrone actually had a decent moment when he sassed Dany. The rest was painful. Of course they had to shit on Edmure again and really made Bronn the lord of Highgarden. The fuck is wrong with these guys. Hey, let's do a list of characters that had a more satisfying conclusion to their arc than any of the surviving POVs: Lord Gendry, Ser Podrick, Gilly, Hotpie, Meera, the Oldtown maesters, Sweet Robin, Royce, Daario (?), Anguy, the red priestess in Volantis, Ramsey's hounds, the Lannister Tywin kicked out of the council meeting at Harrenhal.
  2. And thank you for the lecture, OP.
  3. Nah, gotta go back to Rhaegar on the day he was going to snub Elia for Lyanna.
  4. JoeyBanana

    Thank you Dothraki

    That would be mildly interesting. They're all going to spontaneously combust if Dany dies.
  5. JoeyBanana

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I really thought i was at peace with what the show has become. It was actually a lot of fun to laugh at the silly and stupid stuff, enjoy the at times still superb acting and the gory action once i got over how harshly the writing declined in quality. I was like, you can't get to me D&D! Your hackiness has no power here! Oh boy was i wrong. This episode really got to me and not in a good way. Tyrion's treason is arranging an escape for Cersei and Jaime so they can incest happily ever after? What?! Sure okay, do your goody two shoes fanfic of Tyrion, trying to avoid more bloodshed than absolutely necessary or whatever but he hates Cersei ffs. I guess he kinda forgot about that? Like, it even negates him putting his personal grievances aside in service of da realm. Nah, Tyrion just wants what's best for his family! And that right after she sent Bronn to murder both him and Jaime. Ugh. Speaking of Ser Fuckboi. So let me get this straight...they've invested hours upon hours of screen time into Jaime's redemption arc and his relationship with Brienne for him to hit and quit and run back to Cersei like none of it ever happened in 2 episodes? WTF, just WTF. Oh and he never cared about innocents? What was he doing at Winterfell then, just rode all the way there to bang Brienne? Heh, at least this vindicates Ned in believing he only killed Aerys out of self-preservation and not to prevent the burning of KL. People keep saying the Lannisters are D&D's favorites but i call BS. They obviously loove Cersei but they completely ruined her brothers' characters to the point where they're unrecognizable. I'm just going to call them Tyrone and James now. Jon was there. Dany. Oh Dany. I admit, i like her character a lot. But precisely because she's clearly on a tragic path in the books, so i had no dreams of Good Queen Daenerys and Wise King Jon ruling side by side but seriously? They had to frame her going all Fire and Blood on KL in the worst and most black and white way, huh? I guess nuance and complex conflicts are for 8th graders. She just commits the most despicable atrocity in the entire show, for no reason other than shock value. Gotta make it as horrible and out of the blue as can be, to make people go 'bruh whaaaat?' Fuck. You. I'm rooting for Dany to do as much damage as possible before she goes down.
  6. JoeyBanana

    Best lines of E05

    Sandor saying to his brother: 'you were always like that'
  7. JoeyBanana

    German politics xth attempt

    Rather how politically inept one would have to be to take part in the celebration of free movement of labor under the current economic and political conditions. Of course it's not moral to deny solidarity to those most affected by it (which are migrants still) in order to gain political support but do keep in mind that they don't get to vote. I understand plenty of germans have taken to this notion of patriotic diversity which is wonderful but a large part of the electorate favoring economically left policies remain very much 'brocalist' or whatever the racist version of that is. Honestly, the whole 'aufstehen' thing is great. At worst (or best) Wagenknecht does move to the right and splits votes with the AfD, at best (or worst) she pulls the wool over some racists' eyes to biuld a stronger opposition from the left. Plus it keeps her far away from any sort of future movement on the left that might actually be able to win major elections. (not the topic i expected to end my years long lurking here btw)
  8. JoeyBanana

    iZombie on the CW

    The memory loss also allows him to reset his relationship with Ravi. Blaine needs to stay close to him if he wants access to the cure. It's likely he intends to sabotage it but he is also smart enough to realize how valuable it is.
  9. How is this still a thing?

  10. My posts are bait and full of sarcasm

  11. My posts are bait and full of sarcasm

  12. The night is dark and full of scary things

  13. JoeyBanana

    How would you rate episode 410?

    8. I liked the Tywin/Cersei scene, Brienne vs The Hound, Jojen's Death (sacrificing himself), and Varys' "Dammit Tyrion!" moment made me laugh a lot. Shae's death, Stannis and other plot related stuff was fine. The Hound begging for mercy was my most emotional scene. Unfortunately,Tywin's death felt somewhat flat. They didn't nail it but that could just be me not having the benefit of the shock factor. I don't have a problem with Jamie/Tyrion being best buds on the show but the goodbye was rushed and way too short. They had time for beetles but not a word about Cersei? Given the new relationship and how it ended, why not ask Jamie to go with him? At least a small "bros before hoes" moment would have been nice. Changes are okay but then do something with it.