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  1. How is this still a thing?

  2. My posts are bait and full of sarcasm

  3. My posts are bait and full of sarcasm

  4. The night is dark and full of scary things

  5. 8. I liked the Tywin/Cersei scene, Brienne vs The Hound, Jojen's Death (sacrificing himself), and Varys' "Dammit Tyrion!" moment made me laugh a lot. Shae's death, Stannis and other plot related stuff was fine. The Hound begging for mercy was my most emotional scene. Unfortunately,Tywin's death felt somewhat flat. They didn't nail it but that could just be me not having the benefit of the shock factor. I don't have a problem with Jamie/Tyrion being best buds on the show but the goodbye was rushed and way too short. They had time for beetles but not a word about Cersei? Given the new relationship and how it ended, why not ask Jamie to go with him? At least a small "bros before hoes" moment would have been nice. Changes are okay but then do something with it.
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