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  1. Whatever your thoughts on LF betraying Ned, when it comes to Sansa herself there is also the fact that LF had the power to smuggle her out of KL from Day 1 and could have done so anytime. But instead he was happy to let her be abused for years by Joffrey and Cersei without once stepping in until it suited his own personal ambition to get her out of there.
  2. CLEGANEBOWL! Get Hype! Lol He was referring to himself, because apparently his goals in life have not changed since season 1.
  3. I genuinely think this was one of the worst episodes of GOT. The whole Dragonpit scene was just terribly boring - it was just people talking in a circle, asserting positions we already knew they held, to be resolved in the only possible way just as everybody predicted long long before it happened. There was no twist at all, nothing to redeem it. It was a culmination of a nonsensical plot that has acted as a giant black hole for all logic, characterisation and suspension of disbelief. It was then accompanied by execution that created even more plot holes. Seriously, now that the truce no one should have proposed in the first place fell through, why doesn't Dany just attack KL? Her entire army is there! She's there! It will take like an hour! WTF. This entire sequence should not have lasted more than 5 min. Then the Winterfell plotline upped the stakes by going from just dull to downright offensive. This entire plotline has been a travesty from start to finish and whatever resolution you expected from it, the show just chose to completely side-step it. One of the biggest human villains of the entire series was killed by the protagonists like a punk in a completely unearned way after first necessitating sympathetic characters turning into caricatures of themselves. The NK was cool but that scene was so obviously telegraphed last episode that I don't understand how anybody could have expected anything else. Including the characters involved who seemed shocked - shocked I tell you! - to learn the NK could cover the same ground Gendry ran over in a few hours over the course of a few weeks. I suppose he must have stopped for brunch.
  4. But Cersei gets no gold as a reward for her treason - she already has it - and Dany doesn't trust her anyway so is unlikely to be heartbroken because Cersei lied to her that one time.
  5. Wasn't it? Stannis' success relies on him being able to take Nance's vastly superior numbers by surprise. Men at Castle Black are at no position to help him, bring barely able to defend themselves. He has nothing to gain from alerting CB and everything to lose should the raven get intercepted. Even if you think raven should have been sent it requires no stretch of imagination to imagine it got killed by an eagle or not received by the people too busy participating in a battle to notice a message.
  6. The issue with teleportation is not with the characters actually 'teleporting' though - it's with everybody else. No one indeed wants to see people endlessly travelling places, so people leaving Dragonstone and showing up some time later at Eastwatch is perfectly fine. The problem is that it raises the question of what the other characters have been doing in the meanwhile, which is when it starts to break apart because the answer is invariably nothing because the time has seemingly stood still for them. For instance, w hen planning the wight mission it would have been obvious that this would take several weeks or even months. But if I assume that they've been gone for weeks, why is it necessary for Dany and her war!y to chill out at Dragonstone, seemingly spending time discussing romance with Tyrion ? Why bother with the truce? She could have taken KL several times over in the meanwhile! And apparently nothing of note happened anywhere else, either! It's en worse when the writers give themselves an actual deadline though, as happened in this episode. I don't need to see Gendry running or Dany/ravens flying for hours at the time. I'm quite happy for her to just show up. But that doesn't work with the characters waiting on her in seemingly mortal peril while all this is going on. It's completely unrealistic for them to last more than a couple of hours, but there they still are when she shows up looking much the same as the last time we saw them when Gendry left. And of course, now they're all off to KL again, despite *knowing* that the NK is within walking/running distance of the Wall and poised for attack. But of course, he'll conveniently chill out for a little while more so that when the other characters eventually make it back North again they won't find him sieging Winterfell.
  7. I don't think he's necessarily a red herring - just that I don't think his powers and attitude are a mystery or require any further explanation on top of what we've been given. I'm happy rob takeEuron at face value for now. ETA: Or maybe I'm just sick of the Bloodraven controls everything and everyone theories. iDK
  8. I do t think you really need to link Euron with Bloodraven or the Others for him to make sense - he's just a half-mad psycho with some latent talent for magic that drank a bit too much shade of the evening, which we know to bring visions to those with the aptitude.
  9. Well, Euron really is a sick bastard. GRRM continues the trend of making me feel sorry for previously despised characters. Not aure what to make of Euron - I always thought he was just mad and drunk on his own myth but this makes me think he might actually know what he's on about. He's definitely dabbled in magic and is continuing to do so - and I'm actually excited ot see what this leads to in regards to the Redwyne fleet and Oldtown. When Dany sacrificed her child she got dragons in the bargain.
  10. I must say I actually mostly liked this episode. The plot seems to be finally moving forward after threading the water for three episodes (and a lot of S5). Sansa has finally found her inner Stark, Dany seems back to her S1 self where she played the Dorhrali at their own game instead of acting like a spoiled brat spouting off her titles, and good on Margeary calling the HS on his BS. Someone had to do it. You keep doing you, Marg. Even the Meereneese knot is unknotting itself. And for once nobody acted wildly OOC which can almost makes me forgive the rampart telepathy and teleportation going on. Even their comedy relief was spot on for once - the Wildlinga would LOVE Brienne. I like Brienne/Jaime in the books but in the show she should totally ditch Larry the Dolt and get it on with Tormund. Har!
  11. Which one? The one controlled by the Bolton llies the Manderlys? Because no one in the North hates Theon now that Sansa's forgiven him?
  12. OMG this was such an unintentionally funny episode - first Roose, the king of the trolls, dies in the most predictable way possible and then you get the whole your curls or your life, Jon. I guess you can't bring back the dead without a sacrifice D and Jon's hair has almost legendary status.ssxy do, you shall be missed. Oh and I suppose Theon is going to swim his horse to the Pyke, because what even is a island?
  13. I went with a 3, but it's really hard for me to actually rate GOT because it's so uneven. With most shows the quality tends to be consistent, either being high quality productions, kinda meh or truly awful. With GOT they do certain things extremely well - the locations and the costumes, and general visual world building is excellent. Especially the scenes with Sansa and Theon fleeing through the Northern landscape had some absolutely gorgeous shots with the lighting and the landscapes coming together. KL and Winterfell exteriors are also always great. Almost all the actors are perfect for their characters and tend to give a strong performance, with a stand-out one from Carice in this episode. The individual scenes, when viewed out of context, tend to convey the right emotions and to be well-acted. They even did some longer scenes so it doesn't feel so disjointed. So form a purely production perspective, GOT is pretty good. The problem is that once you start thinking about what's ACTUALLY happening on the screen rather than letting yourself be ensnared by the pure visual spectacle, the more problematic it gets. All the effort put into a well-produced scene falls flat when it plot makes no sense or the characters act wildly illogically or OOC. A strong scene like Sansa and Theon crossing the river becomes an annoyance when it's just kicking a character that's been kicked one too many times and you just don't care anymore. Or when you realise you're just watching a version of previously on GOT like with Thorne, Dany being brought to the Khal or Margeary still in her dungeon. Or when characters are put into a high stakes situation (like Doran and Trystane's deaths or the stand off at the Wall) which should be compelling and dramatic but isn't because the stakes and/or the characters have never really been established. And in this episode, the script easily takes it down to below-average 3, because the writing continuously makes you jolt out the story while you try to figure out WTF the writers were thinking and it gets worse the more you delve into it. And then there's Dorne.
  14. It seems silly to claim she was rescued by Drogon - they share a mental connection. He is a part of her and she is a part of him. He came because she summoned him, consciously or subconsciously. She then pulled a spear out of his neck and when he challenged her, she stood her ground and then flew off. She rescued herself. I mean, how many times has Jon been saved by Ghost? Is Arya's escape from Harrenhall somehow less impressive because she had Nymeria's help? Does Bran's journey not count because he has constantly being helped by Summer? It's the same thing.
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