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  1. Maid So Fair

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Whatever your thoughts on LF betraying Ned, when it comes to Sansa herself there is also the fact that LF had the power to smuggle her out of KL from Day 1 and could have done so anytime. But instead he was happy to let her be abused for years by Joffrey and Cersei without once stepping in until it suited his own personal ambition to get her out of there.
  2. Maid So Fair

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    CLEGANEBOWL! Get Hype! Lol He was referring to himself, because apparently his goals in life have not changed since season 1.
  3. I genuinely think this was one of the worst episodes of GOT. The whole Dragonpit scene was just terribly boring - it was just people talking in a circle, asserting positions we already knew they held, to be resolved in the only possible way just as everybody predicted long long before it happened. There was no twist at all, nothing to redeem it. It was a culmination of a nonsensical plot that has acted as a giant black hole for all logic, characterisation and suspension of disbelief. It was then accompanied by execution that created even more plot holes. Seriously, now that the truce no one should have proposed in the first place fell through, why doesn't Dany just attack KL? Her entire army is there! She's there! It will take like an hour! WTF. This entire sequence should not have lasted more than 5 min. Then the Winterfell plotline upped the stakes by going from just dull to downright offensive. This entire plotline has been a travesty from start to finish and whatever resolution you expected from it, the show just chose to completely side-step it. One of the biggest human villains of the entire series was killed by the protagonists like a punk in a completely unearned way after first necessitating sympathetic characters turning into caricatures of themselves. The NK was cool but that scene was so obviously telegraphed last episode that I don't understand how anybody could have expected anything else. Including the characters involved who seemed shocked - shocked I tell you! - to learn the NK could cover the same ground Gendry ran over in a few hours over the course of a few weeks. I suppose he must have stopped for brunch.
  4. Maid So Fair

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    But Cersei gets no gold as a reward for her treason - she already has it - and Dany doesn't trust her anyway so is unlikely to be heartbroken because Cersei lied to her that one time.
  5. Oh, absolutely, what we have here are two very attractive people single people in the same room. It's perfectly plausible that they might want to act on that attraction. But I think the show is trying to portray this as more than that, as a significant relationship featuring a genuine emotional connection? I don't think it's meant to be all about sex in which case they needed to do more to get that across. As for Dany, she's certainly confident of her own sexuality, but so far her two (in 6 years!) partners have been her husband and a guy who pursued her for months so I'm not sure she would just jump Jon. Jorah has just survived a terminal disease and a fight against the NK. He might unfortunately be impervious to harm. You send him away and he comes bouncing back.
  6. Oh, apologies. Your mileage may vary. Something that's individual and subjective. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/your_mileage_may_vary
  7. I think we mostly agree on what Jon and Dany's realationship *should* be like and why. I think when it comes to the portrayal of their romance it might be the case of YMMV. It appears to have (mostly) worked for you but for me it wasn't too convincing. I understand of what they were trying to do but I just don't think it quite came together on screen. Now you could say it's the actors or the direction, but I feel even more talented actors would have been hard press to convey a budding romance based on sultry looks alone and unfortunately the script gave them nothing else to dig their teeth into. Im not sure it can be explained as a time constraint either - we have several scenes of *other* characters discussing their mutual attraction. This screen time should have IMHO been given to the characters themselves. Instant attraction? Sure why not. But for me to buy it Is would expect to see characters who are inexplicably at ease around each other and quick to share intimacy. If they both just opened up to each other it would have been a very powerful scene and I think thllit would have sold their relationship much better. Instead the actors seem a bit distant - do they even touch each other before that boat scene? Oh, good old Jorah. I'm not sure whether the book or the show version is worse, but he needs to die (this was my one big hope for the wight hunt). Show Jorah gets brownie points for being played by Iain Glenn but then he's also completely blase about bringing greyscale close to Dany. Book Jorah is more predatory. Both versions are slavers who spied on Dany and didn't respect her boundaries.
  8. Ok, my friend, I'm sorry to nitpick on this but you must realise this is complete bogus. While I agree with your astute point that dragons are bigger and therefore faster, I can't agree with th rest. First, while I know it's commonly abbreviated as 5X the actual formula for calculating this is 16/πX. While this might be a minor point, in calculations of this precision one inaccuracy such as this and your butterflies are turning into dragons. You know how it is. Similarly, while earlier research indicates that the wights move 5 times faster than humans this has since been disproven with the correct number closer to 6. Secondly, this completely ignores what has been established about the ravens in the show. In the very first season we have been shown the famous vortex that is at the heart of winter, the shadow pole of Planetos, that draws in and impales the lives of magical users. And as the well known Only death can pay for life formula tells us, every magical action creates an equal magical reaction. The ravens, magical birds that they are, have long since utilised this lifting force to propel themselves into the orbit in order to use the curvature of Planetos to then descend (at a diving speed) at their desired location. This is prominently featured in Brans dreams. This is after all why the Wall is always the first to learn about things - like Dany's policies in Meereen - because every raven passes through the North first. The raven would therefore head north rather than south and your formula completely fails to account for the difference in the cruising speed to the north and the diving speed when descending on Dragon stone. The overall time should be significantly shorter, due to Eastwatch's proximity to the heart of winter. The real question, and what strained the credibility for me a little bit, is why it took Dany so long. This makes her seem a bit untrustworthy, as if she didn't care for the success of the mission, and makes me anxious about her seduction of Jon.
  9. So based on your own math you pulled out of thin air (you know, using expressions like 5x does not make your numbers any less arbitrary), the WW are not 4hrs but 1-2.5hrs march from Eastwatch right now. This somehow doesn't leave anybody much concerned. Gendry absolutely is a beginner at snow walking and you move at the speed of the slowest member of the group. Although despite his la k of experience he's also the fastest so idk. Also, despite moving at this amazing 5x faster speed they somehow never caught up to Jon on the horse. Or Bran on a bloody sled for that matter. ETA: also, unless there's a bigger mountain blocking your view you can absolutely see a mountain 10-25 miles away.
  10. 2hrs is considered a pretty decent half marathon time. Gendry is not a marathon runner, and is running over a difficult terrain in less than optimal clothing. Let's say he covered 2/3 of that distance, so about 14km or about 9 miles. If the NK is 9 miles for Eastwatch, bagging a wight should be the least of these people's problems and them all deciding to go to KL at this point in time is basically desertion of their duty. Also, if it's *only* 1000 miles from Dragonstone to Eastwatch that means Dany's going about 285 mph, more than 3 times the speed most people will go on a highway while managing to stay on top of a dragon and somehow keeping her hairstyle intact. The raven would have achieved 83mph on average, again well over the speed limit on a motorway.
  11. Thank you, I thought I was going crazy lol Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it I think with Jon and Dany it is important to distinguish between the potential of a relationship as between the characters in the books or even the show and what was actually portrayed on screen in season 7. I absolutely think that regardless of whether you believe Jonerys is the endgame, Jon and Dany's arcs have paralleled each other since season 1 and they have a very similar approach to the major issues. I think this will result, at the very least, in them developing a great respect for each other. There are so many shared experiences they could connect over - they both were forced to spend time in a foreign culture that made them question their approach to life and where they had to use their wits and strength to survive without losing their identity. They are both to a large extent chosen leaders that did not derive their authority from their birth but from their followers deeply believing in them. They both struggled with choosing between their duty to their family and doing the right thing. They both take the welfare of thier people very seriously and have made sacrifices and compromised to protect them (which is why Dany would find Jon declaring his intention to return North to protect his people so compelling - it's exactly what she would do). And of course, it's lonely at the top and for both this is a rare opportunity to interact with an equal sharing the same burden of responsibility with the same kind of doubts about the correctness of their own decisions. The issue is that I don't think we get a truly personal scene between them showing them establishing an emotional connection. Their most intimate scene is in the cave and they talk about the white walkers. Jon doesn't even share his own experiences fighting the WW and how that's affected him. It's just politics. It looks like they might share a moment when he pets Drogon but that's immediately interrupted by Jorah the Cockblocking Mormont before they can discuss their feelings. At the same time we get various characters commenting on how they allegedly find each other physically attractive (footage not found?) but at no point does either discuss how they admire each others achievements or personality traits or commitment to thier shared values. The result is that their scene on the boat which should be a catharsis of growing mutual admiration is instead the first moment of genuine human connection between them making their relationship come across as chiefly lust. Of course, YMMW but that's my take on it.
  12. Ok, this entire post is making my head spin. I'm not even sure you know what your point is yourself. Dany suing for a temporary peace with the Lannisters is a major plot point this season. When she does this, she has just destroyed the Lannisters entire army and is poised to take the defenceless KL. There will never be a better time than now to overthrow Cersei and claim the IT for herself. All she has to do is strike. So what does Dany do? She negotiated a truce! Why? To give Jon time to bag a wight. This most definitely counts as her putting her plans on hold, tantamount to declaring that the success of Jon's mission is, right now, more important than reclaiming the IT. There is literally no other reason presented for why she does this. Even if she still wants the IT, which she clearly does, she is declaring it less of a priority than what Jon is up to up north. She does this based on his word alone. If you think that's stupid, I completely agree with you but that's what D&D wrote. Jamie and the Lannisters are completely irrelevant unless she believes their help is needed in fighting the NK (not sure why anybody would think that). She doesn't need Jaime to take KL *right now* So, she's flying north to save her creepy stalker and a guy who she's known for a couple of weeks and finds physically attractive. And she's able to do this because she's already put all her other plans and responsibilities on hold to allow these two idiots to complete a mission she believes to be useless. Rather than being conflicted about her duties and desires she flies north because she literally has nothing more important to do right now. Please quote where I talk about a vision. Stannis deciding to go North to help the NW because that's the King's *duty* is a major part of the show as well. You know, when the grumpy guy showed up in season 4 finale to save everybody? When he *just realised* that calling himself King was meaningless if he wasn't protecting the realm? I'm saying she should be conflicted. She should struggle with this decision because it's not all straightforward. She should have doubts about whether she should have offered more support. A letter from her trusted lieutenant or willingness by Jon to compromise on his previously unassailable position might turn the doubt into a realisation she might have made a mistake. There, an epiphany. Exactly, there will be a battle for the Wall. By all accounts in the very next episode. Which is exactly why, if you want an epic battle to provide drama for the season, it is the perfect choice and there's absolutely no need to make up some BS convoluted plot about bagging a wight when you have dozens of plausible reasons for characters to converge at the Wall for a battle anyway without straining credibility. Characters clearly believed that the Wall couldn't stop the NK for long pre-dragon so there's no real reason to explain it. Hell, the show even had a ready explanation - the NK touching Bran nullified the cave's defences and Bran is now south of the Wall. Worst case scenario you say the NK is *that* powerful or you make something else up. Even if you don't explain it *at all* it's definitely better to have one potential plot hole than turning the entire season into series upon series of plot holes and contrivances just to avoid it. And again, if the solution is dragon, having Dany come to the Wall to protect it makes a lot more sense than her flying to protect a random party of wight-baggers. Why should *she* think the Wall is magic?
  13. I'm not sure you realise that all the stuff that you're so keen to dismiss happens in the show lol. 1 & 2 ok 3, It's the show that makes her believe it all just based on Jon's word. She lets him go in the show as well (and would be hard pressed to keep him prisoner without straying into villain territory as he came of his own free will), the difference being that in the show she alters her entire war strategy based on Jon's word by suing for peace with Cersei, which only makes sense if she already believes that the White Walker threat is real and wants to convince Cersei to join them. My alternative only asks her not to keep Jon prisoner instead of actively going out of her to aid him for ...reasons? She might not believe his stories are true, but she's seen enough of him to know he's not her enemy. 4, Not believing Jon about supernatural events that have not happens in thousands of years should be her (and every other reasonable characters) starting point. He's also a nominal Stark that I from her POV has usurped a part of her kingdom. He offers no evidence apart from his word. Not to mention her little speech says nothing about why she doesn't *believe* him - just why she won't help. As he hadn't even asked for help at this point it's just silly. And seeing as it involves her sharing pretty personal info like her being raped by her first husband, it would have been a lot more appropriate when addressed in private to someone she's starting to admire/see as a potential love interest rather than a random stranger that showed up in her throne room. And again, her response was - yep, I'm sufficiently convinced to declare a truce while I'm winning. As you admit yourself, it makes a lot more sense for her to continue her campaign instead. 5, So, she abandons her entire thing by suing for peace while Jon and Jorah bring back a zombie that she doesn't believe exists by going on a mission she just approved. Gotcha! Wouldn't it make more sense, you know, not to abandon her goal of sitting on the IT at this point? Dany risking her life for the duty to her people is a lot more completing narrative that Dany randomly risking her life because she thinks Jon is hot. 6, What redemption arc? Her not believing Jon is a completely reasonable stance to take. What makes no sense is her abandoning? A part of her identify or at the very least putting it on hold because she has the hots for Jon. Rather than both of them randomly abandoning their goals for no reason, it makes sense for them to reconcile their differences. Jon, who's priority is to fight NK, backs up a monarch that shares that goal while Dany who has always been a saviour first decides to put her people first just as she did in Meereen. But for some reason, the show decided to portray their legitimately different goals as just petty pigheadedness and pride. 7, I don't think that word means what you think it means. Absolutely no visions are required lol. Merely a realisation that the threat is real, whether that comes via a raven or simply her re-evaluation of events ( ie This person that I've now had time to get to know has taken a great personal risk in coming here and has behaved perfectly consistently with his claims. If he's right I'm marching the wrong way). This kind of happens anyway but without any stakes at all because she's just sitting there fiddling her thumbs and is not giving up anything by going to help them and she's not trying to stop the NK from achieving a major goal or anything but merely saving a guy she's attracted to from a mess he walked into for no good reason. She's risking her life and dragons for nothing in the show. You know, like the epiphany Stannis had when he decided to save the kingdom to win the throne? 8, There's absolutely no reason for anybody to believe that an ice dragon is crucial to breaking/getting past the Wall. Clearly none of the characters who have encountered the NK believe that the Wall is an impenetrable barrier for him otherwise Jon and Sam trying to gather help makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why bother if the NK can't cross the Wall? Since clearly the Wall is coming down at one point anyway, having a battle there at least makes sense for everybody involved.
  14. I'm not sure its fair to call it a theory when the showrunners have basically that's exactly what happened in their inside the episode. But even if the intention is to get an ice dragon rather than a cool battle scene, there are plenty of better ways to make that happen. After all, all you need is the NK and a dragon in a scene together. People have spoken about various ways the wight hunt could have been at least a little bit more believable. Or, better yet, you could skip the whole nonsense just as I described in the very post you quoted: