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  1. Or Arthur Dayne's, his bestie's, connection to Starfall as well as Ashara's connection to the Starks.
  2. Maid So Fair

    Can we talk about Jon?

    This is why he left originally and that is all fine - getting allies is important. But that was when the NK was still far away and his attack just something that was going to happen down the line. At that point taking time to gather resources makes sense. What I'm referring to is the moment when they have just escaped the NK. At this point the attack on the Wall is imminent - the NK is mere hours away. The living will never have such an advantage against his army than at the Wall due to its defensive capabilities so engaging him at the Wall to at least try to reduce his numbers is crucial. This is the time you fight with the army you have because no other army is available. Even if they genuinely persuaded Cersei to ally with them at the Dragonpit the troops from the South would take weeks to get the the Wall, well after the NK's attack. There's also no need for him to go to KL personally, especially after he's bent the knee. He's abandoned the Wall to try to win Cersei as ally, a sketchy proposition at best, when he knew the NK was about to attack. It's like leaving your troop on the eve of battle.
  3. Maid So Fair

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Speaking of Jon, do you think Mel knows his secret identity?
  4. Maid So Fair

    Can we talk about Jon?

    None of this explains why he didn't stay at the Wall to defend it.
  5. Maid So Fair

    That was Rhaegar?

    I don't think the actress is an issue though I think they once agins cast for resemblance to Arya rather than specifically a northern looking beauty - if you look at her pictures you can see she's a beautiful woman. I'd say the fault is more with the direction and consuming - they haven't put in the effort to make her look the part. I'm not getting any wild beauty here, not even a hint of willfulness and fierceness. They haven't given her an actual personality in her scenes. There's also the beautiful people on TV factor I think. Since every person who makes it onto the screen of a major TV show tends to be improbably beautiful - just consider book v show Tyrion or the fact that even Winterfell whores have perfect bodies - it is hard for any one actor or actress to stand out as in belongings in a different league.
  6. Maid So Fair

    Can we talk about Jon?

    If Jon believes that the Wall can hold the NK and his 100k zombie army then his action this entire season make absolutely no sense. Why bother manning the Wall if its mere existence is enough to stop the AoD? Why bother trying to win over Dany as an ally or not attacking Cersei to get revenge for Robb and Ned? Sansa even talks about how Cersei is the main threat and he shoots her down. He clearly believed, well pre-dragon that the Wall couldn't stop the NK. The NK at this point is mere hours away from Eastwatch. Even if this was just an ordinary army the NW at Castle Black barely managed to hold off Mance for a few days. He knows Eastwatch is understaffed and it takes *weeks* (at least) to reach KL by ship and get back. The only reasonable expectation is that the Eastwatch is toast at this point.
  7. Maid So Fair

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Right from Eastwatch then?
  8. Maid So Fair

    That was Rhaegar?

    I was just as bothered by Lyanna tbh. I get that it's a wedding but they're meant to be on the run - why isn't she wearing some riding/more practical clothes? Even if you want her in a dress, that seems like a pretty poor dress for an important noblewoman and not something I can really see Lyanna in. They just don't seem to bother making the actress look the part. I think Rhaegar suffers from the Euron disease - the showrunners seem more concerned with making the various family members look similar to existing actors than their description in the books. There's a logic to this but it seems to result in some characters lacking the sufficient gravitas.
  9. It was the selflessness of Jon's argument that got to Ned - by making it he gave up on having a direwolves his own (as far as they all knew). That's pretty much the complete opposite of Jon gets whatever he wants because of his royal status. If Jon just asked for a cub of his own like Bran and Robb Ned would have said no.
  10. To maintain the 3ER contract you need to publish at least 10 major revelations a year. They don't want Howland Reed to beat them to the punch and get all the credit.
  11. Maid So Fair

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Ironically, the main reason for that is the fact that in the show both her and Jon abandoned the Wall and the North to their own devices and instead of staying at Eastwatch to face the NK - who they knew was within a running distance- they buggered off to KL to chat to Cersei as if time wasn't of the essence. Frankly, neither of them deserves the North's loyalty at this point.
  12. Maid So Fair

    Fickle Characters

    But people usually feel a lot more strongly about already published material than about fan theories. Sure, some people get really into it, but I don't think most fans have full-blown detailed ideas about how things will go down. Very few people can claim to be authors of genuinely detailed fan theories. And I can't think of anything major that the show has done that would specifically disprove or go against a very popular theory. There's no reason for there to be a major outcry. It's much more likely that the increase in criticism is caused by a decline in quality of the storytelling - which indeed looks like the result of the writers suddenly having to make up all of the details themselves. I get where you are coming from with people inserting details from the books into the show narrative and some of that can be unfair. But then the show has been quite inconsistent with their world building and characterisation. Sansa at one point seemed to change personality on a weekly basis and they regularly have characters behaving OOC for the sake of a later reveal. Or they will seemingly start an arc in a different direction only to revert to the original book storyline that no longer makes sense. Since you can't rely on the show characters and the show world to behave in a predictable manner it is only natural that people fill in the gaps from the books. Projecting this book characters onto the show is the only way I can still occasionally suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy a scene. And the show often fails on purely show based logic and events. I also don't think a better story means a slower story. That's a fallacy. A good storyteller/screenwriter can say more in a few scenes than a bad one in an entire movie. I mean, consider the last epiaode of the season, which was pretty close to an actual feature movie length. Then consider how much an average movie manages in that timeframe - intoroduce the characters in a memorable way, present a conflict and resolve it, usually with at least a little twist while having character arcs and themes. What was actually accomplished innthe last episode? Which characters experienced a profound character development? What did they struggle with? What was the theme? Why wasn't the conference only half as long? Why did everything important in Winterfell happen offscren? Ignoring the latest 5 min (and even then), how has peoples position genuinely changed? Its amqzingnhow much wheel spinning there is.
  13. Maid So Fair

    Fickle Characters

    Im not sure dismissing it as merely 'They changed it, now it sucks' line of reasoning can really work at this point? Pretty much all storylines we're seeing now are now past the source material so it's not like there's a version of the story or a scene/dialogue you can directly compare what's happening on the show to. Yet we're seeing a lot more and more widespread criticism of what at this point are show only storylines. In fact, people who have never read the books and fans of previous seasons are now seen criticising the storytelling for much the same reason as ardent book readers. Clearly, something bigger is afoot than just disgruntled book snobs.
  14. Maid So Fair

    Night King appreciation thread

    The scouting party leader of the year. On the subject of NK's is it just me that thinks he looks like a Toby?
  15. Maid So Fair

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I don't think it's necessary for Sandra to be manipulated by LF and fall for it for there to be a payoff to his death at her hand. You could easily have a plotline where she is perfectly aware that he's plotting (something) but unable to openly move against him without alienating his Vale allies and therefore losing Jon a chunk of his army. Her conflict with Arya could be an extension of Arya s suggestion to make the defiant lords a head shorter. In public it could even look like Sandra is not able to counter LF. You could then have Sandra triumph by outmanouvering him behind the scenes - when he calls on the Vale lords to really leave they follow Sandra instead. Or have her force him to overplay his hand. This way it's the student becoming the master.