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  1. Oh great. That's good. The Moiraine's Quest video seemed to have some cool visual flourishes. Wheels, Flame of Tar Valon in dark rock, Dragon's Fang with dead sheep, blood blending into a treeline... I'm wondering if that is trailer specific, or if they're trying to go for a lot of such visual symbolism. That would be a cool way to adapt the concept of the Pattern from the books that's very respectful of it, in some ways, but also fresh and appropriately to the medium.
  2. Hmm. Well, he may have gotten reports from someone he knows, I'd imagine?
  3. Apparently the footage is only viewable in the con in London, and won't be made available online?
  4. Hmm. So that's some big changes. Not sure how I feel about them. Watching it acted out might be different from seeing it.
  5. Omg, you keep berating the characters for not getting what Fain is, but you haven't even figured it out yet? Rofl this is hilarious. Now your earlier posts on this read almost like a parody!
  6. And the female Forsaken. It's absurd that every one of them but Semirhage gets raped, and Semirhage gets spanked into submission. I don't even mind Cadsuane's central realization that Semirhage's strength was the awe and fear she was able to invoke in everyone who faced her. Without lifting a finger, her fearsome reputation is enough to make everyone around her hesitate. But the opposite of fear and awe need not be humiliation. Or at least, not achieved this way. They should just have the Aiel take her. Declare her da'tsang, despicable one, and made to do humiliating public labor, like sorting through a pile of sand to find one grain of the right color that the Wise One wants. It's horrifying, but absolutely not sexualized, and it even seems fitting for someone as awful as Semirhage. Well, not really, but it's a whole lot better than her getting spanked once and suddenly she's broken! Meanwhile, all the dudes get to die clean deaths. That is, for me, the worst failure of the series. It's definitely something they should feel free to change liberally. It makes no sense that an extra-reality entity would be into sexually dominating only women. It has no reason to have such a preference, and given that it's first interaction with humans, in this turning at least, was during the Age of Legends, it cannot have learned this from humans either. It is, frankly, sexist. Even more so given the backdrop of greater social and political power for women. I really will be disappointed if the show keeps this aspect intact. Might even make me give up on it in disgust.
  7. The Whitecloaks certainly look weird, but I'll reserve judgment. If this is meant to be their battle gear, then yeah, that's totally absurd. If this is their holier-than-thou regular attire, it's ridiculous still, but fits their personality as a society, at least.
  8. Agreed. The reincarnated Lanfear and Greandal do do important things, but they were killed by the Shadow as punishment, so just don't have that happen. And they definitely won't be able to explore all 13, and you're right they don't get to do much in the books either. So I'd have Be'lal take the place of Osan'gar. Who'd take Aran'gar's place is more interesting. Also, it's funny that Lews Therin managed to trigger enough jealousy in three of his top generals to the point they defected to the Shadow. Nice job hotshot!
  9. Yeah I'm not particularly fond of the resurrections either. If they have to do it, I'd constrain it to Moridin alone. Lanfear was killed as "punishment". That seems needless. Ditto Graendal. The heroes kill neither of them, so they should just be kept alive. They definitely won't be able to get all the Forsaken the time they deserve, so whoever they can't focus on should take the place of Osan'gar and Aran'gar. It makes sense the Dark One will exert special influence for Ishamael. Not so much others, so I'll be glad if they don't expand on the reincarnation too much. Aran'gar is troubling, but I do see the plot reason she existed, but there's a simple way out. Have it instead be a male Forsaken cross dressing. Maybe have Balthamel be genderqueer or something, completely comfortable using the Power to make himself look like a woman, and inhabiting such a body. That takes care of allowing a Forsaken to get so close to Egwene without her being able to notice. As she certainly would if it was a saidar welding woman.
  10. Thanks! I have no idea if the show would even care to do something like this. But the seeds are there in the books. And yes, that viscosity thing has been my explanation for the strength vs dexterity advantage that RJ gave male and female channelers respectively. Saidin is a wild torrent, we know. In fluid dynamic terms, it has high turbulence, so it takes a lot more mental energy just to direct it's flow without being ripped to shred. So men end up drawing in a higher volume, but channeling it is hard, so they're wasteful/inefficient. They need a greater flow of it to achieve something. Women have the opposite problem. They need to redirect a very strong, directed flow (on the surface, at least) to do their bidding. So you need to flow with it and redirect it, rather than try to force it. As we see when Rand tried to force it, it will just pull you in and expose you to it's strength: Saidar just won't bend to you, but if you don't fight it, you can guide it, and so once you're in sync with it, you can use it much more effectively, so women might have a weaker flow, but functionally, they can achieve the same results, which is what RJ said about how they match up, anyway. And I like your port idea. So the conduit is something that builds on the port, which will open no matter what if you're born with the spark, but needs to be guided to open if you can merely learn. It may even be that for learners, it's a lot easier to switch the conduit before they first touch the source. We see physiological changes as you begin to learn to channel, and it takes time for that port to open fully anyway, so if you alter the conduit atop it before it ever opens, there's less difficulty than taking a conduit that has been reinforced by years of use with the opposite half of the Power. Not sure the show will go this deep into any of this. But honestly, they can even have someone like Nynaeve speculate about this, and while that wouldn't be centering trans or genderqueer experiences in any way, it would at least acknowledge them and posit a way for the very binary coded world of WoT to accommodate non-binary existence.
  11. I have another option. It's been my headcanon, and I think it's plausible, though it would disrupt the story. In the Age of Legends, we know channeling was advanced enough they'd easily be able to do transition if they wanted. Like in your third idea. But while they were able to physically transition, they never managed to figure out how to shift from saidin to saidar. Eventually, they brought into the idea that regardless of your gender identity, you channeled the half of the Power you were born to touch. In the Third Age, however, Nynaeve figures out a way to Heal Stilling. She is able to literally feel out the connection a person has to the soul, and repair it. What's more, her repair, which she thinks of as a bridging, through a cut, works differently on men and women: As we find out, it does end up not working as well. Siuan and Leane can channel again, but not at full strength, unlike Logain, who is able to channel at his old strength once Nynaeve Heals him. When a man, Damer Flinn, figures this out and Heals a couple of women, however, they regain their old strength back fully. This is RJ implying that the connection to the source is the stuff of the "opposite" gendered half of the Power. We get some further hints to this. When Cleansing the Source, Rand creates a tube of saidar to act as a conduit for all the saidin in the world. Here's something interesting he says: With a conduit made from the opposing half of the Power, saidin flowed faster through it. And if the conduit had been made of saidin, Rand thinks it would have shattered if saidin touched it. The way saidin and saidar repel each other helps one flow through a tube made of the other. When Nynaeve bridges Siuan and Leane's cut connections, she creates a leaky patch. So they're unable to get the full flow of the Power that their connection actually supports. Thus, they are weaker. This fits the broader theme of the story too, that the kernel of the ability to channel is actually a tube of the opposite gendered half of the Power. The solution to someone who wants to transition and use the other half of the Power, then, is for Nynaeve and Damer, or an equally skilled pair of channelers, or more likely, a powerful circle, led by someone with immense Talent, to not just create a small bridge, but completely break down the existing connection and rebuild it with weaves of the other half of the Source. For a trans man, break down his conduit of saidin that he was born with and build one of saidar. He will now be able to channel saidin. For a trans woman, build her a connection of saidin, and she will channel saidar. For any one non-binary, they may stick to what they were born with, or seek the other half, or even, perhaps, get access to two connections, if the "anatomy" of a soul allows it. In RJs world, it is already shown that the One Power can be used to manipulate souls. We know souls could be injected into constructs like the Nym (Green Man). You can make wards keyed to a specific soul so it may be reborn thousands of years later and still be able to unlock the ward. You can rip the soul of a Hero of the Horn from the World of Dreams and throw it into the physical world. You can bond two people, and have them able to feel what the other feels, communicate telepathically the state of their body and emotions. And most importantly, channelers can link, use each other's connections to the Source to channel either half of the Power, feel each other's emotions and draw one each other's strengths. So this kind of modification of the soul isn't outlandish in the structure of the books. Plus, Healing stilling/gentling was genuinely unknown in the 2nd Age. So this knowledge would be confirmed to be absent from that Age, so it's no wonder they didn't think it was possible to change which half of the Power you could channel. This is, of course, speculative. But I feel it both respects the source material, draws on rules RJ himself established, and pushes things just enough to be plausible, for me. I might put this on Reddit to see the predictably explosion, actually. Thoughts?
  12. Not true. Egwene appears in multiple shots before, and while you can argue that’s just because she’s a major character, neither Lan nor Nynaeve appear much in these scenes. They’re clearly setting up that montage to make it clear Egwene is one of the 4 potential candidates, in the visual language of the clip, to me. Who they exclude says as much as who they include. Hey, but the show has been taken over by a leftist cabal! Politically, having the female character be the only non-reluctant hero would align with their politics. Its almost like Robert Jordan decided its fun to be woke…
  13. Moiraine says "them" when referring to the Dragon. Now, this could be a promo only voiceover, in which case, you'd be right. But if it's from the show, that changes things, no?
  14. Yeah Amaresu being the one has always seemed more fable than truth, because there's no direct quote backing it up. The wiki, btw, has a lot of assumptions. It's broadly a good resource, but many times, they'll cite a chapter as evidence where there's no evidence of the sort claimed, so always take what you read there with a big grain of salt. And yes, I think the whole Dragon's rebirth being both the source of salvation and fear is a big part of the books that get obliterated if the Dragon could wield untainted saidar. Also, for Moiraine to dissemble so Egwene joins them, you'd have to remove that Egwene was the one willing traveler in the group. She wanted to leave the Two Rivers, as we see from her first interaction with Rand. Moiraine didn't have to drag her, she figured out they were leaving and gave them no choice but to take her along. I hope they preserve that, because that's what makes her a different, and fun character.
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