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  1. The IDF is the most successful terrorist organization in history.
  2. Maybe you should have listed flinging accusations of childishness when uncomfortable facts are presented instead?
  3. These two points are where the circular argument breaks for me. “Israel” needed to respond? It is Netanyahu and his government who are responding, and are keeping the response going to keep themselves in government, no matter how many innocents die. Yet, you have page after page of justifications for each atrocity they commit. I’m not. People are still dying. Exactly what was predicted a week after Netanyahu and co. started this response is coming to pass, and you continue to have yahoos justifying those acts and continuing to insist not taking this path was not an option. People are arguing here because this is noxious, and I expect they’ll continue to do so as more innocents are burned, blasted, shot and killed for no discernible reason.
  4. They're wrong, but I don't see an alternative... that's not a condemnation, that's a chickenshit position to assuage your belief you're a person who values human rights while supporting actions that trample them to dust. The big picture alternative is to stop. Yes, that will mean Hamas will survive. But it will also survive if they don't stop, so Hamas not surviving is not a meaningful factor in the decisions to be made. If you believe "ending Hamas" can encompass causing the deaths of hundreds of refugees to kill two members using a "precise" bomb, you are Hamas. If you do not believe that, straightforward condemnation of this action without ludicrous caveats about not seeing alternatives, or the morally atrocious "Hamas started it" rhetoric you so often fall back to, should be easy.
  5. I think it's fair to say don't use Google's AI Overview product. And it's pretty easy to modify your browser so you're just presented with the links Google used to give. But not using gen AI at all isn't an option for most folks anymore.
  6. Israel. They have more powerful swords, to continue your metaphor. And they have the ability to monitor Hamas's activity, in a way that Hamas simply does not have with Israel. As the militarily significantly stronger force here, the onus of using force responsibly is on Israel.
  7. That's because the GPT-4o version has upgrades to how the voice emotes, pauses, and generally sounds more "human". Also, its totally not true that the huskiness/sultriness wasn't part of the Sky voice. It definitely was, and was commented on by multiple reviewers/users before the voice was removed.
  8. Well, Johansson has asked for transparency on how the voice was created. OpenAI's public statements are that they hired a voice actor who was speaking in their "normal speaking voice", and there was no intention to emulate or reference Johansson's voice in Her. Sam Altman Tweeted "Her", right after the 4o demo (he's also said that's his favorite movie. One wonders if he saw it to the end). I think we'll find out more. This is just too suspicious, and the media is going to go digging, even if Johansson's legal proceedings don't lead anywhere.
  9. I'll buy that the voice's similarity to Johansson is purely because they found another actor with a similar voice when they relese the training data for the voice. Nothing would have stopped them from upping the "Her-ness" of her voice by also feeding the model data from the movie, and other voice work by Johansson. If this was the first such instance of shenanigans from OpenAI, that would be one thing, but it is not. I'll be interested to see what gets revealed during the discovery process for Johansson's lawsuit, if things go that far.
  10. Well, here's the issue. They apparently tried to get Johansson to lend her voice to GPT-4o. She refused. Then, two days before launch, Altman apparently reached out to her again, but went ahead with a similar sounding voice anyway before anything could come of the fresh talks. He then referenced Her in his Twitter (sorry, X), even while the CTO was insisting that the voice had nothing to do with Johansson or Her! Once everyone called it out, they removed the voice, which shows that this is shady optics at the very least. But for her role in Her, there's no particular reason ScarJo should be associated with an AI voice assistant. That they decided to go with someone who sounds remarkably like her when she said she didn't want to work with them doesn't seem a bit troubling to you? https://garymarcus.substack.com/p/the-openai-board-was-right
  11. This is most definitely not true. It may be true that the Brits had more territory to distribute their psychopaths in, so it feels that way, but even their non-psychopath run-of-the-mill civil servants caused vast amounts of damage.
  12. These are not episodic memories, though. This is an imprint of trauma, and the epigenetic changes that can allow for an adaptive response, but not a memory of the traumatic event itself.
  13. I'm deeply dissatisfied with how Biden is handling Gaza, but I can't imagine what words from an envoy can overcome Donald Trump's repeated attempts at a Muslim ban, and the raging Islamohobia he has always displayed. But they should go to the meeting, if only to make Biden's team sweat and take their pain more seriously.
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