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  1. Indeed, yet judging by how Tyrion explored around the Red Keep looking for the twins and the other scenes set in the Keep later in the episode, the Red Keep magically repaired and rebuilt itself, so no funds were needed. ;-)
  2. Overall I was happy and gave it 8/10 but the crucial reunion scenes of the episode between Jon and Arya, and Jon and Sam, felt off. I just didn't see why Bran insisted Sam tell Jon the truth about his birth alone. It would have made more sense for them to tell him together.
  3. Same here. I really enjoy the show but the slip ups by the showrunners are so damn frustrating. The entire production deserves better than lame plotholes that could easily be averted.
  4. This is exactly what bothered me about the episode (and btw I actually enjoyed this episode the most out of the whole season), ESPECIALLY because in an earlier scene Dany actually said that they don't have food without the House Tyrell. Then she burns it all... How the Dothraki stay so strong with no food on Dragonstone to feed them, I have no idea. PS Where are the Dothraki women? We didn't see one during the entire season.
  5. There were plenty of scenes on Dragonstone in which they could have shown the women...
  6. I assumed that too but I think it's really weird that we didn't see any Dothraki women at all this season. It wouldn't have cost much to have had a few in the background in some scenes.
  7. And a related question, who are the highly sexed Dothraki men having sex with on Dragonstone? ;-)
  8. Where are the Dothraki women and children? Did Daenerys leave them behind in Essos?
  9. 2 out of 10. This episode was the low point of the season, maybe even the entire series.
  10. The scene with Davos, Jon and Missandei was so badly written and redundant. Also, Missandei may have been born in a place where there was no marriage, but she was stolen and sold into slavery as a child and experienced cultures which did had marriage and the concept of illegitimate children. Pretty silly for a character who is as worldly and intelligent to have to ask Jon Snow why his surname isn't Stark.
  11. 9. I had to take a point off for two very stupid things: - Daenerys burning the supply wagons. - How deep was that lake near the shoreline???
  12. This bothers me too, but more in the sense that this is a world in which a woman walks out of a raging fire unscathed, beasts that were believed mythical or extinct return and many other magical things have been witnessed, but they are completely dismissive of what Jon says he has seen.
  13. 6 out of 10. I enjoyed the scenes with Cersei and Ellaria, Melissandre and Varys, Jon and Daenerys, but I had to take points off for the appalling scene between Bran and Sansa, and the ridiculous Samwell curing Jorah storyline. The scene between Olenna and Jamie wasn't terrible but it wasn't satisfying. I really wish she had told Jamie that Littlefinger took part in the murder of Joffrey. She knew he helped Cersei bring down Loras and Margaery, so it would have been a perfect way for her to exact revenge.
  14. Thank you! While I liked seeing the Frey men get what they deserved, it just didn't make any sense that the Frey women contributed about as much to the scene as the furniture did. I gave the episode 8 points. I enjoyed most of it but there were a number of flaws in the writing which could lead to plot holes in the future and some of the scenes were too long.
  15. 10/10 I was on the edge of my seat and even shed a tear or two. The battle of Meereen played out exactly as I'd hoped. I was so glad to see the other two dragons flying again. I especially loved that they showed the battle as a messy, beastly event, not a clean tactical manoeuvre we usually see. The only thing I thought was far fetched to the point of being silly, was Davos finding the wooden stag he carved for Shireen. I'm pretty sure the remains of the pyre would have been scattered by the winds and/or buried under the snow given how much time had passed since the sacrifice.
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