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  1. Indeed, yet judging by how Tyrion explored around the Red Keep looking for the twins and the other scenes set in the Keep later in the episode, the Red Keep magically repaired and rebuilt itself, so no funds were needed. ;-)
  2. storm.131

    Game of Thrones: The Last Watch - Documentary

    My favourite part was seeing them shredding the scripts after the read through :-D I also enjoyed seeing the segments featuring Emilia Clarke, David Nutter and Deborah Riley.
  3. storm.131

    What about the Dothraki?

    Also the same regeneration powers as the Red Keep. ;-)
  4. storm.131

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    That was exactly my reaction to the writers implying Drogon was smart enough to have understood the real reason of Dany's downfall. It would actually have been really interesting and unexpected if he had turned on her when she tried to use him to kill the civilians.
  5. My point is that they didn't even try flames on unViserion. At least Dany had the sense to try fire on the Night King and found out it didn't affect him, yet it never occurred to either Dany or Jon to try fire on unViserion. If the fire didn't work, so be it. As far as dragons in the ASOIAF universe, you might want to read about a bit about them. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Dragon https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Doom_of_Valyria#The_Doom
  6. But the point is, Dany and Jon didn't know that. If you know a creature has been raised from being dead and all other such creatures can be killed with fire, why not at least try? Also, if he wasn't like other Wights, why did he just collapse like all the Wights, and not shatter into shards of ice like the White Walkers?
  7. storm.131

    The books are not going to end like this

    What we saw on the screen can't happen in the books (if they are ever finished) for the simple reason that the Wights are very different in the books (ie slow moving, clumsy, highly flammable). For a start, the Dothraki's flaming arakhs and burning projectiles being catapulted at the dead, would have lit them up like a refinery.
  8. Not to do with the soldiers but the dragons: unViserion was a Wight. Dany and Jon didn't use fire on him ONCE even though they knew fire destroys Wights.
  9. storm.131

    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    Just a detail, I know, but was their marriage ever dissolved? Sansa married Tyrion in the Light of the Seven. She married Ramsay before the Old Gods. Technically, in the Light of the Seven, they are still married, no?
  10. storm.131

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Overall I was happy and gave it 8/10 but the crucial reunion scenes of the episode between Jon and Arya, and Jon and Sam, felt off. I just didn't see why Bran insisted Sam tell Jon the truth about his birth alone. It would have made more sense for them to tell him together.
  11. storm.131

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Agreed, they should have had more distinct colours throughout the show. In Viserion's death scene, he looked greenish and as it's been ages since I read the books, I actually thought Viserion was the green dragon because of how he looked on the show.
  12. storm.131

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Was I the only one who thought Rhaegal was more green than gold?
  13. storm.131

    Why burn the supplies?

    Same here. I really enjoy the show but the slip ups by the showrunners are so damn frustrating. The entire production deserves better than lame plotholes that could easily be averted.
  14. storm.131

    Why burn the supplies?

    This is exactly what bothered me about the episode (and btw I actually enjoyed this episode the most out of the whole season), ESPECIALLY because in an earlier scene Dany actually said that they don't have food without the House Tyrell. Then she burns it all... How the Dothraki stay so strong with no food on Dragonstone to feed them, I have no idea. PS Where are the Dothraki women? We didn't see one during the entire season.
  15. storm.131

    John Varvatos x Game of Thrones

    I wish it had been filmed in a way that you could actually see the clothes.
  16. storm.131

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    There were plenty of scenes on Dragonstone in which they could have shown the women...
  17. storm.131

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    I assumed that too but I think it's really weird that we didn't see any Dothraki women at all this season. It wouldn't have cost much to have had a few in the background in some scenes.
  18. storm.131

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    And a related question, who are the highly sexed Dothraki men having sex with on Dragonstone? ;-)
  19. storm.131

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Where are the Dothraki women and children? Did Daenerys leave them behind in Essos?
  20. And in terms of ASOIAF, I think Daenerys and Jon/Aegon being co-rulers, is consistent with their respective character development and it fits into the theme of building a better world.
  21. I agree with most of what you've said but I think that Jon being the man of honour he is and recognizing that Daenerys has earned her place in the world, will say that he already bent the knee and will not go back on his word. She might then insist they become co-rulers (that's assuming they win the game).
  22. Yep, that's genealogy 101. Cersei wasn't a blood relative of king Robert's so she wasn't in line to the throne by virtue of having been his wife. They really should have included something to show that the people didn't just accept it without question to make it more believable. It's also pretty illogical how she's just dropped her dead husband's name. Widows normally retained their married names, just as Lysa, Catelyn and Olenna did. Kind of related, did you notice that even way back at Joffrey's wedding among the decorations there were only "L-s" for Lannister, there were no "B-s" for Baratheon? I'm sure it was an oversight but it came across to me like a subtle way of thumbing their noses at all the talk of "Joffrey is a Lannister without an ounce of Baratheon blood".
  23. I agree, but I would add another thing that frustrates me and that is the lamest of lame responses: "can you do better?", as if to say that only film makers have the right to an opinion of film, only writers have the right to an opinion of scripts, etc, etc. Anyone with the senses of sight and hearing has the right to an opinion of a tv show AND the right to express it online. Also, there is no right or wrong in most of these storylines. If a scene or dialogue doesn't ring true for the individual viewer, it doesn't mean his or her opinion is wrong.
  24. Silly question, but am I the only one who feels a bit guilty complaining about the dumb plot holes? I mean, I really love the visual feast that GoT has always been and truly appreciate the production team's hard work and creativity, but the fucking dumb moments are so disappointing that I just have to let it out and complain.
  25. storm.131

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    2 out of 10. This episode was the low point of the season, maybe even the entire series.