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  1. Unfortunately I feel the lethal combats were not included as any deep commentary on the society of Westeros at the time, but rather as shock value for the casual viewers that came to see exactly that. Just as dumb as Daemon jousting with an open face helmet. For me 2 of the 3 things that detracted from a very nice episode (the other being unecessarily making Alicent and Rhaenyra BFFs just to increase the shock of what is to come)
  2. I understand that after Jon Aryn died he expected Robert to give the Handship to him, and after learning that Ned would be given it instead, he went away to Dragonstone. if he wasn’t so resented, he could have returned while Ned was Hand and joined forces, things would be much more different. Instead he spent months sulking and only stirred himself once Ned was executed. EDIT: or maybe, he was going to sit on it and stay on Dragonstone brooding on it for the rest of his life; but Melissandre influenced him during these months there.
  3. Yes, Tyrion is the less stupid in this. But Littlefinger has to be the worst. He lied to Catelyn right in front of Varys. Later we learn that the chaos is good for Varys plans, but Littlefinger is not a partner of his in this (unless we get surprised with this in later books). Why would Petyr drop a blatant lie in front of the Crown Master of Secrets who could very well contradict him and possibly blackmail him due to that? He almost placed his own neck in the noose and he only got away because of Varys secret agenda benefiting from that lie as well. The worst part is that he could theoretically achieve the same result without lying so blatantly and risky. He could simply tell that he lost the dagger to Robert (truth) and that the king is very often in his cups and careless (truth), the dagger could be in within easy reach of any of the Lannisters inlaws (truth).
  4. Anything related to the valyrian steel dagger is stupid. Joffrey: I’ll secretly order the murder of my father’s best friend’s son using a dagger from his own treasure! Catspaw: I was paid in advance and given a priceless dagger to perform a high profile and risky assassination. I’ll carry on with it instead of pocketing the money and selling the dagger! Littlefinger: I’ll lie about the dagger being Tyrion’s and cross my fingers the Starks don’t ask around and easily discover that Bob was the owner. Catelyn: I’ll simply kidnap the imp, nobody likes him anyway. His father seems like the forgiving type. Tyrion: I could come clean and say the dagger was not mine, but it is much cooler to just say I never bet against my family and leave it at it.
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