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  1. Maybe I missed something but I dont see how "this" imply that its Stannis doing, then again, I think most book reader knew shireen was to be burned (mel seems to have wanted it for a while now) but D&D were really that shocked when George told them? Is it the implication of Stannis that shocked them?
  2. Brienne, Sand snakes, Olenna and marg.. cant think of much more right now but yeah, still a minority.
  3. Oh shatap, you Stannis haters take the word "this" for whatever you want it to mean.
  4. Since when do GoT kinda break the 4th wall? Orson being GRRM..come on! "Orson was not mindless he had his reason" like aerys wanting to burn everyone or the tickler that tortures harrenhall for their gold when he knows there is none.Thats just something Tyrion cannot understand as it is not a rational thinking.They can, they do , and they take pleasure doing it(The hound: nothing as sweet as killing a man) Its not talking about tywin either (he did stop the torturing for nothing in harrenhall). Tyrion will never understand this but: That speach will get his purpose with Jaime - wont he take riverun without a drop of blood and being all " okay war as made enough victim" ? Arya is clearly laughing at the hounds for never being able to get is ramsom and get rid of her, shes laughing at his miseries. As for Sansa I remember Cercei telling her that a women has different weapons than men: tears and her cunt. I think shes playing the second one on baelish but for what purpose?..