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  1. All these seasons I thought Emilia Clarke was a bad actor, watching all those scenes where she burned her enemies and stared into the abyss without a hint of emotion while doing it. It made me dislike both her acting and the character. Now we know(from "inside the episode"), apparently she was instructed to act this way. Then again in some of those scenes she also showed pride. And we all thought...or most of us thought that there weren't any problem because she was killing slavers and savage dothraki khals to free slaves in the former case and gain the biggest khalasar in the latter(and also free them?). But the most important thing here is that she is a "killer", either enjoys killing like The Hound or more likely just doesn't have a problem with killing, which maybe worse(?), I'm not an expert. She is a character that has black and white morality; she can only care about people on her side: her friends, the innocent: slaves, all the "smallfolk" etc and she is utterly merciless when it comes to her enemies, she chooses killing even if there is a room for mercy, she has to be restrained/heavily counseled to show mercy. She is a killer, like we see a lot in movies & TV where a "killer" tells the supposedly good guy, that he/she hasn't in them to pull the trigger that he/she isn't a killer, but Dany is and by some margin too comfortable; she doesn't care when a room full of people burns to death around her. But all these things that you may agree or disagree don't make her "mad", she's flawed deeply in a certain way, like anybody could be in their ways. Also she lacks empathy to some extend; it is always about her for her and her unhealthy fixation on IT. f.i. she doesn't care why Jon needs to tell at least his family about what he really is, what he's been through growing up as a bastard etc. she never even asks. Ofc. the way Jon went about it was dumb and we have writers to blame for that but it doesn't change the fact that she doesn't care, she only cares about what is rightfully hers. So about her burning a city full of people, whether innocent or enemy; I think that she's being a killer is loosely related here. There are many reasons shown for her to be pushed towards the edge; loosing the ones closest to her, suspecting(rightfully so) that her "loyal" advisers & supposed allies' scheming behind her, her realization that people of Westeros don't know or love her, like she's been used to etc. All of these stand against her purpose that is to get to her rightful place in the world(and break that wheel to be replaced by her own wheel which will be good for everyone in Westeros and everyone will live happily ever after, surely ). She's frustrated, grieving, doubtful and some other adjectives also, so she snaps where she snapped. And the fact that she is a killer, comfortable with burning people by the score didn't hinder her on her massacre. I guess now she's set on a path that is irreversible, she'll try to rule through fear...and fire & blood. I'm still not sure she's "mad", she is mad to level an entire city, yeah but is she truly mad? or did she become mad now that she done this?
  2. Quillon

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    Yes. Drogon's taking Dany to Kinvara, Dany'll come back to life at the end of episode 2 next season. Wait for it.
  3. Quillon

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I wonder if we'll see a permanent dead stark/Jon with its direwolf still alive. George shouldn't have killed Grey Wind RW was bad enough as it. GW could have kept LS company, besides protecting her, he could have supported her as a character, as she is now; a walking abomination giving orders and somehow men follow her, however many they are.
  4. Quillon

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    IMO from these only the last one could have been a clue/foreshadowing/whatever and I noticed it particularly in my last re-reading and looked it up, turned out GRRM initially wrote it as Jon's hanging Janos (in a sample chapter before ADWD), then fans complained or something so he changed it to jon behading him.
  5. Quillon

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Dany's detour fo'sho...she'll need to learn how to control her dragon(s) and resolve meereenese knot. Captivity chapters for the first half of the book will be boring and...inefficient I've even given up hope for her invading Westeros, won't happen in this book but just when things were going to be more interesting with Tyrion in the picture, she flies away ffs. OP Euron & Zealot Aeron & ...something Victarion. Lastly Arya in Braavos. I'm not sure about this one, didn't like the tedium in AFFC maybe it will be more interesting now she have couple levels in Faceless Assassin class but would prefer her getting on board the next ship & effin shit up in Westeros. Also worried about too many PoVs possibly causing Jon's dead state extended.
  6. Quillon

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Sansa haven't informed Cercei on Ned's plans? He was probably gonna survive KL by the skin of his teeth if it wasn't for Sansa... What if Sansa died at childbirth? What if her direwolf ate Sansa? What if Arya stuck Sansa with the pointy end? What if Sansa choked on a lemon cake? What if Sansa had a heart attack and died?
  7. Between what Theon tells Asha & Stannis and what Stannis already knows and what he tells to Justin Massey and the fact that Stannis have a maester from Dreadford in the camp for at least the pink wax makes me 93% certain Stannis wrote it or it was a Stannis-camp team effort.
  8. Quillon

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Have Lady Nym, Myrcella & 300 dornish men passed Stormlands on their way to KL before GC occupied it?
  9. Quillon


    North of the wall was never "frozen tundra all year round" as the show shows. If it were so the wildlings couldn't live off of it at all. It should be colder than "the North" but not everywhere is frozen tundra, f.i. there is no snow on the ground when NW arrived at the fist of the first men in the books, later it snowed right before WWs attacked. Also we don't know if the seasons gone back to "normal", the show doesn't tell us shit. That grass just signifies the coming of the spring.
  10. Quillon


    Because south is more fertile land even tho its still "North", if they were happy with what they have beyond the wall they wouldn't be raiding south of the wall when there were no WW threat, nor rise up under a King beyond the Wall 6 times to fight their way south.
  11. Quillon


    That's another thing(what's the point of NW now, yo?), I'm talking about Jon's going beyond the wall with wildlings.
  12. Quillon


    Its a shitty ending, he isn't supposed to marry & father children; did he forsake his honor by joining with wildlings? or is he just escorting them? And in the show's context he wouldn't forsake his honor for just himself so... I don't see this happening in the books at all tho. Wildlings wouldn't return beyond the wall, they've been trying to get to the south for thousands of years, now there is no Wall nor NW nor enmity with the North to stop them, they'd just settle where ever WWs wiped people out.
  13. Quillon

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Hopefully it'll be nothing alike.
  14. D&D should have just left after season 3 or 4 and leave it to someone who cared... What a shitshow, the one episode that could do without comedic relief... I mean the season is a disaster, last 4 seasons are disasters but the episode in itself is a disaster also. F it.
  15. Quillon

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Ok but don't insist on it too much! or make sure he's dead when he goes down, my lord of sunspearland.
  16. Quillon

    Jon's biggest error?

    His biggest error was becoming a poor copy of his uncle.
  17. Its getting even worse ffs and I have no hope of it turning out fake with last episode's leaks coming 95% true.
  18. Quillon

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Best case scenario: He sentences her to death by burning!
  19. Quillon

    New Night King

    I don't like the idea of a new NK or "there is still a threat beyond the wall" scenario. Thousands of years there were no threat, now they are defeated it would be anticlimactic if they were to respawn instantly(in few years or a decade or a century compared to thousands of years). They need to stay defeated and mostly forgotten in a few thousands of years IMO
  20. Quillon

    Time to rewatch from the beginning

    I don't like Dany and am indifferent about Stannis but no they were not evil all along, They did evil acts; Stannis mostly with the help of Melisandre, Dany maybe once or twice I don't remember...until the last episode.
  21. Quillon

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Have you read what I wrote? Tywin is cruel yes, he has his mad dogs for his dirtiest works. I can't compare Tywin to Dany cos Tywin never burned people around him and just stared with pride. Maybe he's just as merciless as Dany. Hours ago I read a Tyrion chapter where it is said, something like "Tywin was never the same man after Joanna died, she took his best parts with her." But mercilessness =/= craziness, which you act like I claimed it is so.
  22. Quillon

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    So you only read the thread's title? Maybe I ought to change it. To repeat myself: She's merciless to her enemies, too comfortable killing them by the score, she doesn't flinch at the sight of burning men and this side of her only helped with the route she took after the bells, this wasn't the reason for it. At least its what I think.
  23. Quillon

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    The story isn't told by a third person, we're reading PoVs. So it could only be a fiction and not a book written based on historical events(in the world of aSoIaF). No one will finish the book and write "by Frodo & Bilbo Baggins" in a scene at the end