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  1. 6 or 7 for me. I think it was the worst episode of the season, but still pretty decent. There was A LOT of filler dialogue that I hated, but the scenes that were good, were REALLY good. I think they just expedited Sansa's story because all of her time in the Vale was filler anyways. They don't want to bore people. I don't think they will get too far ahead in her story. It's not unheard of for them to leave a character out for multiple episodes in a row. We haven't seen Bran but a handful of times. I think Sansa will now be Alayne, but she will have the support of the Lords Declarant. I don't think that will change her story much. She will still go on to scheme with LF. I think LF will use SR until he either dies or is killed. Since it hasn't been written about much in the books, we don't know how important HTH is to the story. I could see the show replacing HTH with SR, but I could also see it going the way the book does. You never know. I think Theon/Reek going to Moat Cailin was a great scene. True to the books, but once again hopping even further into AFFC/ADWD territory. The scene in Moles Town is just prepping the battle at the wall, and making us think that the Night's Watch is hopeless. It's also showing us a softer side of Ygritte, which will make people feel extra bad for her in the next episode. Obviously the best scene in the episode is the Trial by Combat. Without this scene, the episode is probably rated a 4 or 5. The duel was very true to the book. Down to the dialogue, movements, etc. A few things may have been changed here and there, but nothing major (I didn't mind the absence of vomit. I thought Tyrion's blank stare was perfect). It was excellent. I think it could have been a little longer, but what are you going to do. They decided to waste time on other BS scenes. All I know is that the duel had my heart racing, even thought I knew exactly what was going to happen. The end was surprisingly gory. I didn't think they would show that much blood. And his screams.......wow.....those were haunting. I'm not 100% sure what the whole beetle scene was with Jaimie and Tyrion right before the duel. I don't remember that from the book, but I could be wrong. Someone please tell me if they have a better idea. It was just weird in my mind. I was waiting for some deep metaphor to come through, but I didn't see anything. Not even a thinly veiled metaphor.
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