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    [No Spoilers] EP410 Discussion

    I'm going to be pissed if they save the Mountain, especially when they've just killed the Hound. I assume the Hound is dead, but then again, I thought the Mountain was dead, so who knows. Why did the Hound tell Arya to go with Brienne at the end? He picked a fight with her because he thought she wanted to take Arya to the Lannisters? So why would he tell Arya to go with the Lannisters henchman after she'd just kicked his arse? I think they're over doing Podrics incompetence as a squire, it's not funny anymore. I find it pretty hard to believe that Brienne would stumble across Arya in that landscape, seemed contrived. Also find it hard to believe that Littlefinger wouldn't have found Arya when they were all so close and the Hound announced himself at the bloody gate, especially since the lords of the Vale know about Sansa now. Danny, surely dragons can melt through any chains? Also how are the dragons going to develop if they're chained up in a hole? Has she given up on conquering or what? For a second I thought that the biggest dragon had flown to where Bran was and was gonna kick some zombie arse (not that it would make any sense). But then it was just a little girl throwing magic grenades. Sucked that the Love Actually kid died, he never really got to do much. Looking forward to finding out more about the Tree/Crow man and Bran "flying". Tywin dying sucked so much balls. He was such an awesome character. Not Tywin's fault that Tyrion murdered Shae. Basically, Tyrion has just screwed over his whole family and destabilised the whole Kingdom just because a whore betrayed him and his father and sister screwed him. It's not like Tywin didn't give Tyrion fair warning that he shouldn't fall in love with whores. Isn't Tyrion supposed to be super smart? Because it seems like he does a lot of really stupid shit. Cersei and Jaimie... ummm what? Jaimie raped her next to the body of her dead son a couple of episodes ago, and Cersei is trying desperately to kill Tyrion, and now it's happy families again? What the hell is going on there? And she could never make it public that Tommen was a bastard, not unless she wanted to get her own son killed. I'm rooting for Stannis now, presumably that means he's going to die a horrible death soon. Red Priestess woman was giving Jon some weird looks, that could be interesting. And Arya finally going to Bravos, awesome! I guess the Tyrells will be in charge in Kings Landing now. Jaimie will have to go to Casterly Rock, dunno what Cersei thinks she's going to do. Also where the heck is Robert's bastard? He rowed off in a boat somewhere, and we haven't seen him again. Yeah dunno, this episode kind of sucked for me because yet more of my favourite characters died stupidly. But I expect that to happen now, so whatever. Sets up some cool stuff for next season though.
  2. For me the duel was a bit disappointing. By now I know that a main "good guy" is probably going to die a brutal and humiliating death at around this point of the season. So it wasn't very shocking that it happened. But I felt like the head "popping" was over the top. It was like the writers had sat around and brainstormed about how they could make the death as shocking as possible. Punching him in the face and caving in his skull, or smacking his skull against the ground, would have been better imo. Squishing his head like an orange just didn't work for me. And that's regardless of whether that's the way it happens in the books or whether it could theoretically be done irl, it just looked too ridiculous in the context of the show imo. I was also getting strong Princess Bride vibes and the whole taunting the enemy when they "appear" to be beaten and then them coming to life and kicking your arse, was a bit of a cliche. I'm sure everyone saw that coming from a mile away, which makes me wonder how the hell this great warrior Oberyn didn't. Yeah, he was emotional, he's still a highly trained warrior who should know better. Not sure about Ramsay, don't know whether I really give a crap about his story arc. But maybe it's really just a pit stop for Theon. But then Theon seems like he's down and out and now we're following Ramsay primarily and not Theon. Frankly not sure how Ramsay's still alive after fighting Theons sisters gang without any armour. It was nice that he got made a "Bolton" and everything, but yeah... still unconvinced. I really like Roose Bolton though, and I feel like Roose is sort of the Northern version of Tywin, and that could be a good rivalry. I'd prefer to see more of him instead. The Ironborn really suck in the show, which is a shame because Theon's dad seemed like a badass. It's funny, because Theon taking Winterfell seems like the most impressive thing that any of the Ironborn have done in the show, even though he totally cocked it up. They're damn quick to mutiny and surrender, Ramsay took them out really easily, disappointing. Danny sending Jorah away was a stupid move. Why does she think she can trust the dude who was the Kingsguard Commander for Robert and (briefly) Joffrey, and a sellsword who cut off his commanders heads at the drop of a hat? Jorah saved her from the poisoning, and has been by far her most valuable advisor, and risked his life for her about a million times. It's obvious he's totally pussy whipped and devoted to her. There seemed to be a suggestion that Jorah was involved in the death of Danny's child as well. I guess Danny probably would love to believe that all her stupid decisions that led to the death of her child and Drogo were a result of Jorah betraying her, and not just her own stupidity. Maybe I'm being too cynical. I don't care about the "romance" between Grey Worm and Missandre. I feel like the show already spends too much time analyzing the sexual desires of men who've had their bits cut off with Varys and Theon. Don't need another whole sub-plot devoted to that topic imo. Happy to see more of their characters, but not in a romance sub plot. Hopefully this was a one off. Bad changes for Dany's story all round. I love Jaimie and Tyrion, not sure about the whole beetles thing, but I like seeing them get some quality bro time. Nice to see Sansa growing up a bit. Didn't like how Little Finger seemed to manage to get himself where he was at the mercy of Sansa though, amateur hour? Was good to see Baelish take charge of the Vale and Robin though. Baelish knows what's up, and could definitely be a proper contender with the Vale behind him. Sansa in the black dress was a bit obvious though. Hound and Arya are just great. Worried about his bite wound though, sounds like it's infected badly, and they've just been humanising him in the last few episodes, which is what they generally do just before they kill characters off. That's going to suck balls.