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  1. I expected to see Stan. And it's actually wrong book wise as he shouldn't have come this early. But yes I expected him and that's only on me. More importantly, the only thing I fear is that is there is so many things to wrap up in one episode. I'm not disappointed by last night episode though I wished they would have set up the pace differently. But my main concern about Stannis not being in last episode is : how are they gonna manage to wrap up so much in the finale? Kuddos to the one who said (basically) "it's an adaption, enjoy it as it is : an adaptation". It'll never be the books, of course. And I feel the same way, I enjoy the show for what it is, I don't expect it to be so trully to the books. ADAPATION =)" Just enjoy, as a bonus gift, an help to "see" the books. But that remain this, just a visual help to the books. And I enjoy it as such. Can I have next book George now, Please? PLEASE? =)