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  1. Apparently send him of to Dorne on some A-team type mission.

    ...of course.

    I agree with previous posters and I would just add to what I have already said that it is obvious that some actors are as confused by unnecessary changes as we are. It was especially obvious in Charles Dance/Peter Dinklage last scene. Confusion all around. I understand D&D must be overtired, but one cannot write/produce/direct such a series without losing one's inspiration and strength. They should listen to feedback and get other fresher people to take over a baton that they find to be too much. I sometimes feel for actors who are all brilliant all the time despite of silly things they have to do. Season 1 was the best because it was a good adaptation. Season 4 is mostly a fanfic. It is confusing even for book readers, because we don't know what can be classified as foreshadowing of TWoW (Jojen's death?) and what is a straight forward invention (some deaths on the Wall).

    Out of the 10 episodes for S4, D and D wrote 7. They need to bring in another writer or two...they're stretching themselves too thin, I think and it's really starting to show in the treatment of some character arcs.

  2. I criticize from a place of love - because I love the story so much, love the cast they've put together, and love the amount of time/money they've invested in traveling all around world and building beautiful sets. I want the writing to be worthy of all that. What really gets my blood up is that so many of the self-destructive changes they've made have been by choice, not necessity.

    They whine and complain about their limited CGI budget, but then they splurge on some "Pirates of the Caribbean" skeleton fight, complete with "Peter Pan"/Leaf chucking "Super Mario" fireballs around? Okay.

    They do a great job setting Jaime on his redemption arc prior to King's Landing, and then abruptly reverse course. One minute he's pining over his empty entry in the White Book, charging Brienne with saving Sansa, and lip-quivering when Brienne says "Ser Jaime" and "Oathkeeper," and then the next he's shoving the White Book off the table, hoisting up a bloodthirsty Cersei (fresh off comparing his beloved brother to a tumor to be excised), and banging her brains out. Okay.

    I could go on, but it's all been said before.

    God, THAT. It's like they didn't READ Jamie's chapters in the next book(s). What EXACTLY are they going to do with him next season cause his whole arc was just given the 180.

  3. I was very upset with the episode. That being said, the Hound vs Brienne was awesome. And it wasn't in the books. But I kinda wish it was. The Children are magic, and while watching Jojen explode was fuckin stupid yet hilarious, I was ok with the fireball thing. I wasn't ok with how someone who's supposed to be over 120 years old and living on tree support looked around 75ish and like he hasn't been sitting in a fuckin tree for years.

    I think for S5, D and D really need to look at some fan artwork of Bloodraven. The way he was portrayed in this finale left a lot to be desired.

  4. I really really really liked that finale. It would have been a 100 if it had LS, there were some stupid changes but they still worked within the episode - the lack of Tysha. But what really sold me is how well paced and filmed everything was - there were so many iconic shots and the acting was superb throughout from everyone involved

    There were some really beautiful scene shots, especially Arya seeing the harbor from high atop the cliffs. Very visually appealing.

  5. I'm having a very hard time rating this episode. So I guess I'll just talk stuff out and maybe a rating will come to me

    1) The Jon/Mance/Stannis stuff was VERY good. I loved the conversation between Stannis and Jon. That part was well done

    2) God, did I NOT need Twincest stuff. HOWEVER, I would have been fine with it if Jamie had learned by the end that Cersei was screwing everyone else. But he didn't. So now...I have confusion. Tyrion telling Jamie about Cersei is what makes Jamie reconsider everything. But right now, Cersei and Jamie are all lovey dovey?!

    3) Am I going mad or do the COTF have grenandes....and why does the Bloodraven not look...Bloodraven-y? Or maybe I've seen too much artwork that portrays him better?

    4) Jojen. The hell. Okay. so there's ONE death we know for sure in book 6, I guess.

    5) The Brienne and Hound fight was done well but it did go on a bit long. And how did Brienne not go after Arya? She was right there. Stand up, use the giant cliffs to see her, and go after her.

    6) Arya ROCKED the scene with the Hound. That was well played. Stone cold.

    7) Dany and the dragons was short but it had some emotion, which I liked.

    8) Jamie and Tyrion. WTF. No. God. Tysha herself doesn't matter, I know. But Jamie telling Tyrion about Tysha DOES. Cause now it doesn't make a lot of sense why Tyrion went to kill his father. MOTIVE.

    9) Did Tyrion just kill Shae in SELF DEFENSE.

    10) Random shot of Varys sitting is random

    11) Tywin and Tyrion scene was good.

    Having typed this out, I think I'm giving it a 7. And that was hard.

    ETA: I'm not even that upset about LSH. I guess she'll come next season.

  6. Gave this one a 10, by the by. Although I do not consider it the best episode of the series, it's among the best, and it really beautifully put together action and character beats.

    I admit, I am shocked at the reaction from those who became wholly wedded to the idea that Stannis was going to show up to save the day. Ya'll need to re-read the books and consider why GRRM decided to have the Watch successfully hold off the wildlings for awhile before Stannis's arrival. It serves a very different purpose than when the Lannister-Tyrell host saves King's Landing at the last minute (hint: where does the credit go?)

    Having Stannis in the next episode is pretty accurate to rhythms of the novel, in allowing Jon and the Watch to have the full weight of their sacrifices given some meaning rather than having it undercut by a Johnny-come-lately.

    That's a good point but that puts a lot of pressure on next weeks episode to give quite a bit of story. Condensing to get Stannis there NOW means that they can spend more time on the final S4 arcs next week. It's a lot of story to put into one episode, and I think that's where my biggest criticism is coming from right now.

  7. I'm finding it hard to rate this one. I gave it an 8 overall, which is high, but it was a hard vote.

    On the one hand the battle itself was great. Very dramatic! I loved all the giant stuff. I thought the 6 NW brothers saying the vow as a giant was charging at them was quite touching. The non-book deaths were shocking and gut-punchy. The death of Yigritte was expected, obviously and I thought it was done well and I'm glad they kept the final words

    However...there was an obvious end to this episode and it didn't come. Had they spent less time in the beginning gearing up for the battle, we could have had the entire battle for the Wall in this one episode. So now we have to delay and have an JAM PACKED finale and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Worried, I guess.

  8. I can't honestly remember. Did Sandor and Arya go to the Eyrie at any stage in the third book? I don't believe they did. That scene made little sense to me, because surely Sansa would have been notified her sister was at the gate, completely out of keeping with the narrative of ASOIAF.

    No, I don't believe they ever made it.

  9. I didn't realize this thread was here until now!

    Well, I've been around for about a week and am overjoyed to a find a place that discusses ASOIAF as intelligently as you all do. I have few friends who read the novels so when I geek out on why I think R+L = J, they look at me quite strangely. Honestly, I think I've learned more about the series from reading posts and responding in threads than in all my re-reads.

    My name's Jacquelyn and I live in the midwest. Started reading ASOIAF in about 2004 and couldn't put the books down (to this day I blame aGoT for why I failed my German final). I only just recently started watching the HBO show--I was worried that they would mess it up and didn't want to witness it. i know there are a lot of opinions about the show, but I think it's doing the books justice in some parts (less pleased with other parts--how could they not show the House of the Undying in its full. Forever sad over this)

    Favorite characters: Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Jorah, Varys, Arya.

    I don't really have a least favorite though I suspect I'll never warm up to Cersi or Stannis or Sansa. Jamie I'm coming around to, but that took a *very* long time.

    It's nice talking to everyone here :)

  10. Yeah. The house of the Undying was a huge disapointment. I tolerated, Dany's lacklustre season 2 storyline because i Knew the payoff was going to be worth it. The House of the Undying was one of my favourite chapters in clash. The sense of otherness it provoked was compelling, and It was packed full of unforgettable images. What made it to the screen was an utter joke in comparison.

    I don't think the show is on a downward spiral, and in a lot of ways season 2 was probably the worst, but It still suffers from very inconsistant writing, and in my mind scenes like the bug smashing demote the series from being a great show to being a merely good one. It's still very watchable. but i wouldn't list it as one of my all-time favourite shows. The books series on the other hand is definitely top 5.

    I agree. The House of the Undyng is probably one of my favorite scenes in the series as a whole, and the TV show really sold it short. Major disappointment.

  11. I don't know either. They royally screwed that up.

    I think they may follow the book, but it makes the whole Arya/Hound arc seem like a jaunty walk in the woods. If the Hound drops (he was seen being bothered by his wound in this episode), Arya will simply leave him and then use the coin and "valar morghulis" to get aboard. But again it just seems like the adventure with the Hound was a total waste for her character and the fact that she gave her name---ACK

  12. 3) Arya is so shell shocked from her life experience that she will never reveal who she is yet she walks into a valley of hired thugs and shouts her name. This is not a small thing. Her story progression is almost wholly about casting off Arya Stark. Every time she lies about who she is a step in that progression. By this point in her arc she has completely given up Arya. If she walks away from her declaration here without any repercussions, it lessens her story.

    Yup. And now I don't know how they get from "I am Arya Stark" to the lost blind girl in Bravoss.

  13. Did you guys actually like how Gregor practically squished oberyns head like a watermelon?

    It felt extremely unrealistic. I mean, I can understand someone getting their face smashed in by a gauntlet, but squishing someones head to watermelon? come on... really?

    Unrealistic yes, but it was the climax to the whole scene, each moment getting more andmore intense. The squishing was a sort of literal release from the tension that was building for the last few mins.

    I admit, I had to look away during that part. I knew Oberyn was going to die but once I realized what The Moutain was doing and that they were really going to show it, I had to look away.

  14. Hysterical. She escaped with a Night's Watch convoy hoping to reach her family at Winterfell. The journey is dangerous. The convoy gets destroyed and she's taken prisoner. She witnesses torture and fears she'll be next. She's given the same clothes she'll use for seasons, and maybe years, to come. She escapes and still tries to get to her family. She's captured by the BWB, but they want to ransom her to her family at Riverrun. They sell Gendry to Mel, so she escapes (again). She's captured by the Hound, but the Hound also wants to ransom her to Riverrun. So they go in a dangerous trip. But her family has left Riverrun, so they need to continue farther away to the Twins. When she's at the gates, the RW erupts around her and she sees the Freys parading Robb's decapitated body with Greywind's head sticked on top. They leave that dangerous place. The Hound decides to ransom her to her aunt, her last living relative who's alive and rich. So they go in yet another dangerous journey. They finally make it. And now that she's finally safe, that she's finally reunited with some relative, that they finally succeed... her aunt died three days ago.

    So yes, she just laughs. What else can she do with the pile of shit being so incredibly high and hopes so utterly destroyed at every turn?

    Agreed. At this point, what else can she do? She's just declared herself to be Ayra Stark after being so many other people at this point, and it turns out...she's still screwed.

  15. I gave it a 7/10.

    I thought the duel was very well done, but it was left to the final 10 mins or so and before then was a very long talk about beetles. I understand the philisopicial questions behind the beetle conversation, but still it chugged on and on for too long.

    There was a lot jam packed into this episode and it felt like we jumped around almost too much. I didn't need more Ramsey, Roose and Reek (not necessarily a problem with the show because I have the same issue with the book--Theon should have died at some point to spare us this storyline).

    The wildling attack and the Wall bit was neccesary, I know, but stil took time away from other stuff.

    While I knew the Jorah/Dany scene had to come at some poit (though I was praying it wouldn't) I was shocked that it came this episode, when more time should have been devoted to the duel and Tyrion's fate. However, Iain Glen is great as wounded Jorah.

    I'll be upset if there was no posion on the spear. That's a missed oppertunity.

    The Grey Worm/ Messandi scene felt out of nowhere. While I like their character generally, they are not why I tune in each week. It's problem ASOIAF has in general--too many characters and threads trying to be tied together.

    Finally, I gained a bit of respect for Sansa this episode, who has always been one of my least favorite characters. I enjoy the fact that she might have the upper hand over LF.

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