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  1. Garlan the Gallant

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Has anyone read These Savage Shores? If so, any good?
  2. Garlan the Gallant

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    I know they are being translated now. I wasn’t aware that the light novels came out prior to the original series.
  3. Garlan the Gallant

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    The whole black crown line has been canceled. I believe the Magic the Gathering line as well. Marvel and DC own roughly 75-80% of the US direct market market share. They do not own as much as the trade market though. For evidence of the latter, go look at this weeks’ NYT bestseller list and what is the number one book this week. While IDW doesn’t own a significant portion of the direct market or trade market, they still own roughly 4% of the direct market. IDW’s bankruptcy would not be good for the direct market. I know they are trying to pursue a sale and got bridge financing, but there doesn’t seem to be a buyer yet. Basing your business model on licensing is going to mean your comics are going to have to sell more to make up for the licensing fee. I believe an Exec over at IDW did a panel this week at NYCC where he even said that he would like to see IDW focus more on creator owned books and less on licensing. it’s just interesting to see a company whose bread and butter is TMNT, GI Joe, and Transformers fail because of lack of demand. No one is going to prefer doing creator owned work with them: I think they take a cut of the media rights whereas Image does not.
  4. Is the tower seen by Rikke the House of the Maker? Also, who is the owl? Bayaz? Slightly off topic, but why do you think Abercrombie went from an original series where magic is evident but rare to this book where magic is almost non-existent. The book is good. I like it. I would just like it more if it had more magic in it. Granted, I always thought it would be cool if the other side was opened back up and Euz’s work was undone.
  5. Was anyone else disappointed in the lack of magic? The only magic was Sulfur’s ability to travel great distances quickly and Rikke’s Long Eye. Also, is Zuri and Eater? It’s fairly confirmed Ferro was the demon that killed Khalul, right?
  6. Garlan the Gallant

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Kind of random, but is anyone following the latest batch of total cancellations out of IDW? I know that they were having financial problems earlier in the year and were pursuing a sale, but it’s surprising that the fourth largest US comic book company could go out of business.
  7. Garlan the Gallant

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    To me, the best space opera is the original Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Not a book, but excellent.
  8. Garlan the Gallant

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    Isn’t this confirmed by the intro to the episode? Don’t we see the blue tiles go past Winterfell?
  9. Garlan the Gallant

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    I don’t know. I think it would be pretty on-brand if Dany betrays him and the North with something akin to the Red Wedding after the battle is won leading to the death of him and Sansa, or at the very least having a murky grey moment where Dany lets him die.
  10. Garlan the Gallant

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    Has anyone read any of the following? Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio Space Unicorn Blues by TJ Berry The Robots of Gotham by Todd McAulty City of Lies by Sam Hawke The World Is a Narrow Bridge by Aaron Thier The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston Any of these good?
  11. Garlan the Gallant

    The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

    Agreed with you on this one. It felt like she took the skeleton of Rothfuss and Lawrence and mixed in WW2 in an Asian setting. A lot of the book felt rushed and some parts were drawn out. Not sure if I will tune in for the second book.
  12. Garlan the Gallant

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

    I'm half way through the Time of Contempt and I have never played the video games before. Can someone please explain to me what a Chosen One is? Thanks.
  13. Garlan the Gallant

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    Has anyone read Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley. I was underwhelmed by the first book in the series but it has good reviews on Goodreads...
  14. Garlan the Gallant

    The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron

    Just started this novel. I hope we get to see that hillman use his axe.
  15. Garlan the Gallant

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    When is the FAQ section of the Citadel going to be updated? There seems to be many "forthcoming" sections.