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  1. I thought Joe was considering doing three stand alone novels before doing a trilogy. I figure that last trilogy will be the endgame. If he does three stand alone novels before, Euz or Glustrod won’t be making an appearance.
  2. It may have not been wholly unnecessary if you knew the inner workings of Orso's mind but he was going to be judged against what the Young Lion would have done in Orso's place. He would have bid his time on a farm until he could lead to another uprising in his name. Plus, it goes with the theme of the books. No one who would ever do good for the better of the Circle of the World is ever allowed to rule for relatively long. It started with Juvens and repeats itself forward.
  3. How can it be Juvens or Kanedias? They are both dead. The only reason, I figured, it might be Glustrod, instead of Euz is because Glustrod screwed up with the Seed and (maybe?) got sucked in rather than being destroyed. I guess what I am saying is I don't think there was a body to confirm the death. Also, the number of people who have the knowledge to even use the Seed have to be few and far between. Bayaz needed a guidebook for how to use it without killing himself. Maybe this is just me being biased, but I guess I prefer the path of the door being let open rather than just a summoning of Euz or Glustrod that ultimately results in them being banished again at the end of the book. The difference being that we get to see High Art at its strongest while the door is open. And presumably, it would still be strong well after the door is sealed again. I could be wrong, but I believe it fades over time. Also, I think its more likely that its Glustrod than it is Euz, even though you wouldn't think of Glustrod as glowing, because the quote talks about returning as if the return was hard to do. That seems more like Glustrod than Euz. Though, it would play into the theme of the series if it turns out that Euz didn't leave the world willingly and was banished to the other side by his four sons.
  4. Is it Euz or Glustrod that’s slated to return? Also, is it confirmed that if the door opens again, those with magic already on this side, like Bayaz, will be significantly stronger.
  5. A big theme in Abercrombie’s books is that nothing really changes, especially people’s character. It’s hard to believe that this touted “big change” will actually end up with any true change. Personally, I like the back story and the magical element to the story the most. I think the world has a great “origin story” even though Abercrombie has strayed from the more fantastical elements since the ending of the first trilogy. Thats’s a long way of saying that I wouldn’t want things to truly change if it meant that there’s no prevalent fantastical elements to the story caused by something like the death of Bayaz. I wouldn’t find it interesting reading about backstabbing interns at Ardua largest consulting firm 300 years after this latest book. The change I would find most interesting would be a new portal is ripped open to the Other Side and magic comes back in full. But that’s me personally.
  6. I have anxiety and have been on medicine for years. I can’t imagine functioning without them. I hope it works for him as well.
  7. Her blog has somewhat dried up of details behind her progress of late. I’m hoping that progress is still being made. I prefer Sword of Shadows to Rothfuss and Lynch or pretty much any of my favorite series/authors other than Martin or Abercrombie.
  8. If you could choose one of the following series to end unpredictably, one series to end predictably, one series to end with a disappointing ending, and one series to have its final book go unpublished, how would you choose? 1) Sword of Shadows by J.V. Jones; 2) The Gentleman Bastards by Scott Lynch; 3) A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin; and 4) The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss
  9. I guess you can add Ian Tregillis to that list?
  10. His website was last updated in August 2019. At the time, his website said he was a few days off from completing his first completed re-draft of his new book. That was some time ago and his Twitter remains inactive. Does anyone know of any news?
  11. I want to go back to this series and get first edition hardcovers. There seems to be a lot of different editions/publishers for the first book. What publisher is the true first edition?
  12. How close to the publication date will the signed Waterstones edition be able to be purchased? I seem to remember the other two available for purchase well in advance of publication but can't seem to find this on Waterstones website now.
  13. I guess I was mistaken. I really thought he posted a picture on Twitter of the completed manuscript. Must have been just the first draft.
  14. I seemingly remember you calling the increase in quality between the Book of Words series and Sword of Shadows possibly the greatest increase in writing quality between series, or something like that.
  15. I don’t get it though. I thought he was done.
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