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  1. Alhazard

    [Spoilers] EP606

    Episode boring as hell. Dany has become drunk of power. Hope she becomes mad like her father before the show ends. Sam's storyline absolutely unexciting. Tommen becoming dummier by the day.
  2. Alhazard

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Still, being able to alter the past of someone that is near you is not small feat... Wylis was no dim witted, so Bran can do it with anyone. Maybe he must be near a sacred tree to do it, but still it's a terrifing power he has, being able to completely erase one's actions from history. I would like to give the credit for such a bad writing to D&D, but I fear that this was Martin doing.
  3. Alhazard

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I don't get the need to destroy Wallis' mind. I mean: couldn't he still be by his side with a sane mind? Couldn't be Wallis the one to hold the door? Was really needed to destroy his mind? Or is all this added just for shock value? I'm strongly leaning toward the second. Also: Bran climbs a tower using some roots --> his dad and maaany people end killed. Bran touches some roots in the cavern --> his wolf and many people dear to him end killed. Boy should stay away from roots.